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“As ns traveled over Qin mountain one morning,I met 2 fairies, the brightness and beauty,Riding on a white deer.I realized they were immortals,And kneeled and begged because that the Dao.‘Go west and climb the Jade Terrace,There space gold pavilions and also corridors.’They offered me an immortal elixir.‘Your longevity will enhance that that gold and also jade,And you will never reach senility.’”—Cao Zhi, Han empire poet,as quoted in realms Ascendant: Time framework 400 B.C.–A.D. 200 6. “Your longevity will match that the gold and jade” way (1 point)the poet will rotate to stone.the poet will turn to metal.the poet will never ever die.the poet will certainly be wealthy.7. What have the right to you conclude indigenous this poem? (1 point)The Han go not think in fairies.The Han thought in magic.The Han craved wealth.The Han traveled over Qin hill daily.8. You have the right to infer from the city that the Han human being highly valued (1 point)gold and also jade.brightness and beauty.traveling in the mountains.white deer.9. The line: "you will never ever reach senility” means (1 point)the poet will never die.the poet will certainly never gain old.the poet will never ever be rich.the poet will never see fairies.10. What does the poet want from the fairies? (1 point)goldjadethe Daothe pavilions11. Ancient Chinese believed their gods needed ____ to store them happy. (1 point)offerings that foodblood sacrificesofferings the moneyofferings of photos of food12. "_____" pay their rent by providing the landlord a section of their crops. (1 point)Tenant farmersAll farmersSubsistence farmersnone that these13. The Zhou dynasty declared this principle provided them the best to rule. (1 point)Divine appropriate of KingsMandate of Heavenpopular mandatenone of these14. The belief that civilization pass through numerous lives is referred to as (1 point)saturation.consternation.reunification.reincarnation.15. Which flow empties right into the Arabian Sea? (1 point)IndusNileGangesPataliputra16. Crucial writer from the Gupta period was (1 point)Krishna.Buddha.Kalidasa.Aesop.17. Wu Wang led a rebellion against the _____ since they to be so cruel. (1 point)Xia dynastyShang dynastyZhou dynastyQin dynasty18. Zhang Qian went to check out west the China. The brought ago stories the (1 point)the Trojan War.Greece.unicorns.the roman Empire.19. Military leaders with their own armies are called (1 point)generals.henchmen.warlords.vassals.20. Name two developments made by Indian mathematicians there is no which computers would be difficult today. (3 points)21. What preparation did young males make for taking the civil business test during the Han dynasty? (3 points)22. What is suttee? What go this exercise say about the relative values the men and women in ancient Indian culture? (3 points)23. Most males failed the civil company test provided by the Han dynasty. If a young guy did not pass, what might he do? (3 points)

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