You space too beautiful mine dear, to it is in true and also I to be a fool because that beauty Fooled by a feeling That since I had discovered you
I could have tied you come me. You are too beautiful because that one guy alone One lucky fool to it is in with as soon as there space other guys With eye of their very own To view with. Love does no stand sharing not if one cares have actually you to be comparing my every kiss v theirs?
If on the other hand I"m faithful come you It"s no from a sense of duty You room too beautiful and I am a fool because that beauty.

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My favorite ray Charles song is his cover of with a small Help From mine Friends the they used for the template to the Wonder Years.

I love the truth that this is completely Ray Charles and not, IN FACT, Joe Crocker. Maintaining it genuine on YouTube. Love it. :P

To my daughter now she turns 11 i love friend so much and there is nothing more beautiful in this life come me as beautiful as you

Great song, yet this video should be eliminated for YouTube due to the fact that this is a recording of Joe Cocker, no Ray Charles. Do better, please.

Joe Cocker, because that sure. He began his career imitating beam Charle"s format in playng and also singing, but Ray never ever recorded that song.

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Ray Charles you are so beautiful to me reminds me of my brothers trai miquels provided to song this track to his sister christashia dawn reason

My friend send this come me yesterday. Make me cry. Therefore thankful that he loves me this much and that I have actually him in mine life

What this girl require Jesus no sex. So i m really sorry to listen that. You guys watch to develop up her faith

John nurse ns hope it happens because that you.lost mine husband wait for the mr to send me my husband also.good lucky God bless friend always.and yes this is a beautiful song.