The V-Star 1100 practice it’s a classic, booming, big torque cruiser v a little something extra. Begin with an air-cooled V-twin because that effortless cruising, a 17-litre tank for all-day junkets, full rider floorboards, and also much more. However when you include an adjustable windshield, passenger backrest and leather next bags, and you’re all set to roll for the lengthy haul. V an extra-long wheelbase, you have the right to really stretch out — similar to the road in front of you.

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Key Features

Long, low, stripped under to the bare beautiful essentials and powered by a contemporary OHC V-twin, the V-Star 1100 custom goes as good as the looks.With a seat only 27.2 inches indigenous the pavement, the practice is long and low, perfect because that a plush ride.Classic rigid-look rear end serves up 4.5 inch of behind wheel travel damped through a covert preload-adjustable shock.Special Midnight 1100 practice is decked the end in shiny Raven paint with blacked-out contents throughout.


65 cubic-inch (1063cc), air-cooled, SOHC, 75-degree V-twin is tuned for impressive low- and also mid-range talk — maximum speak is got to at only 2500 RPM — for exceptional all at once cruising performance.Forged lightweight pistons carry out greater durability and reduced vibration and reciprocating mass.Ceramic-composite, cylinder-bore plating guarantee superior warmth dissipation for far better cooling and longer engine life.Thick cylinder cooling fins enhance the stylish watch while boosting cooling efficiency.Dual, heated Mikuni 37mm carburetors through throttle place sensor attribute a steady pulley, electronic fuel pump and handy side-mounted air filter to ensure continuous fuel flow, an excellent throttle response and optimum strength throughout the rev range.One-way cam, clutch-type starter decreases mechanical noise during starting.Low-maintenance obelisk drive delivers premium reliability and also smooth cruiser drive quality.Two-into-two exhaust system with twin shotgun-style staggered pipe play impressive V-twin music and also simplify aftermarket conversion.


Low-slung, large-diameter, strict double-cradle frame with 33-degree creates strong, stylish maker with precise, predictable handling.Long, 64.6-inch wheelbase produces a long, short retro profile, with spacious ergonomics for added rider comfort and an excellent handling.A flat, drag-style one-inch handlebar reinforces the tradition performance theme.41mm telescopic fork v 5.5 customs of take trip smoothes out the bumps.Narrow tires on an 18-inch spoked front wheel looks the part, if a 15-inch fatty out back under a kicked-up fender completes the look.Tucked-out-of-sight, link-type, preload-adjustable solitary rear shock v 4.5 inch of class-leading take trip for a short profile that gives up a plush ride.Large-diameter double front disc brakes and also a single rear disc provide strong, confidence-inspiring avoiding power.

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Additional Features

Low-profile separation tandem seat and also passenger pillion are comfortable and also stylish.Industry-leading Star household fit and also finish functions rich, lustrous paint and extensive chrome accents that create a timeless machine.Large, 4.5-gallon teardrop fuel tank looks right and also goes a long way between fill-ups.Eye-catching, tank-mounted speedometer designed v a big face because that easy reading of tripmeter/odometer displays and turn signal, neutral, high beam, low oil and engine diagnostic indicator lights.Locking compartment under side cover provides secure warehouse for tiny items.Chrome 12V 60/55-watt halogen headlight look at incredible and helps maximize nighttime visibility.Maintenance-free 12V 14AH battery ensures dependable, no-hassle starting.



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