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Apathetic means uncaring.

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It’s an adjective form of apathy—the state of no caring. That can likewise mean the absence or suppression of emotion or passion.

Apathetic is especially used to describe civilization with a lack of attention or concern about things, especially those the others discover important or exciting.

Apathetic often way about the exact same thing as indifferent, yet it’s more often provided in the paper definition of someone’s absence of activity when action is needed.

The word apathetic is frequently used in a negative method to slam someone as being irresponsible or insensitive. As soon as someone is accused of gift apathetic, that usually means the human being making the accusation thinks the apathetic human being should treatment more—or at all.

Example: her generation is astoundingly apathetic—it’s choose none of friend care around any of the large problems in the world!

Where does apathetic come from?

The very first records of words apathetic come from roughly 1740. Its base word, apathy, comes from the Greek apathḗs, an interpretation “unfeeling,” native a-, “a absence of,” and also pathos, “feeling.” The same root creates the communication of words such as empathy and also sympathy, and apathetic is made into an adjective in the same way as empathetic, sympathetic, and pathetic.

Describing someone together apathetic doesn’t necessarily median they feeling nothing. Yet it’s most typically used to describe someone that doesn’t care enough to execute something, especially in a case that calls because that action. In this way, people considered apathetic are often to have actually an purposely indifferent mindset that they’ve embraced in order to avoid handling problems, acquisition on challenges, or getting involved with challenging situations.

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What are some other creates related to apathetic?

apathetically (adverb)

What space some synonyms for apathetic?

What space some words that share a root or word element with apathetic

What are some words that often get offered in pointing out apathetic?

How is apathetic provided in genuine life?

The indigenous apathetic is usually used in a way that’s an essential of the people it’s provided to describe—even when people use it to themselves.

being also passionate, being totally apathetic – I'm just praying for a balance, a happy median, a sweet spot

— Cyn (
cynthialovely) June 6, 2017

I doubt that's how it starts. Someone does wrong, feeling bad around it, doesn't make changes to resolve the situation, then grows exhausted of emotion bad. They become apathetic towards their very own feelings the wrong. And one day, they simply smother the spark and also go "So what?"

— one arch top top (
anarchonbury) September 3, 2020

#WritingCommunity, carry out y’all go thru durations where she just completely apathetic around writing? i haven’t to be able to gain anything far-ranging done on one of two people WIP in like 2 wks. All i feel favor doing is reading scripts and also watching shows, am i a lazy lump or is this normal?

— Taylor Coriell (
frecklysoprano1) respectable 31, 2020

Try using apathetic!

Which that the following words is not a synonym of apathetic?

A. IndifferentB. InvolvedC. UnconcernedD. Detached

Words pertained to apathetic

uninterested, callous, passive, stoic, laid-back, indifferent, blah, cold, cool, could treatment less, emotionless, flat, impassive, insensible, languid, moony, stolid, unconcerned, unemotional, unfeeling

How to usage apathetic in a sentence

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British beer-selection.com interpretations for apathetic

/ (ˌæpəˈθɛtɪk) /
having or showing little or no emotion; indifferent

Derived creates of apathetic

apathetically, adverb

Word origin for apathetic

C18: native apathy + pathetic

Medical meanings for apathetic

< ăp′ə-thĕt′ĭk >
Lacking interest or concern; indifferent.

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Other words native apathetic

ap′a•thet′i•cal•ly adv.


sanguivorousadjective | SEE DEFINITION
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