Lions stayed in the westerlands and also have been hunted to die out or close to it. The Clegane brothers' grandfather saved Tytos Lannister from part lions. A few lions were preserved in cages at Casterly rock in current history; it's unsure if they continue to be there at the moment of the series. White lions live in Essos at the moment of the series.

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Direwolf takes it. They acquire as big as ponies and are an extremely intelligent. The lion has actually no chance, specifically if the a pack of wolves/direwolves (Remember the direwolves deserve to join a wolf pack and also take that over).

Dire wolf is around twice the dimension of a lion but the dire wolf gets its toughness from a load so it would be a tight complement 1v1. I think the the dire wolf would win because of size/weight/reach.

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the fill survives." --Ned

We talk Westeros version or planet versions? In Westeros, sounds prefer dire wolf would certainly win. Top top Earth, Direwolves space extinct however got to be 150-200+ pounds native fossils we’ve found. They weren’t super large but castle were greatly built. Lions walk 380+ pounds ~ above average. Masculine lions manes do them tough for other predators come fight. The typical killshot for a wolf or huge cat is the neck bite. The lion’s mane renders it extremely complicated to seize the neck because that that. I m sorry is why they have it. The masculine lion’s duty is to protect the pride and fight hyenas, rogue males,etc… You additionally get part super large lions. A lion shoot in Angola as soon as was practically 700 pounds.

Having been somewhat close to two timberwolves and also a lion…they both scared the poop out of me. The lion was means bigger.

Like historically? Maybe, if you go means back, yet none have been mentioned.

If you mean currently, there are just the ones indigenous the an initial episode.

If it's 1v1? Lions. Bigger and would swat a direwolf away v one swing. Yet any more direwolves get added to the mix? Direwolves since they seem like really adept fighters as soon as in large groups and also they fight with a ferocity lions can't match.

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