A Christmas Kiss It was early Morning in Alfea. Generally the students are asleep, however not today. Now is Christmas Eve! Students and also teachers walked approximately the Alfea talking and putting the decorations. Today, however, Winx girls to be separated from every other, doing their very own things.Bloom was talking to Mike and Vanessa top top the phone. She would certainly leave the ground at the following day. This day is Christmas Eve´s Ball, (and winx´s and specialist´s very own party, later on in the night, ~ the party.) therefore she want to postpone the pilgrimage abou a day.Stella was in her room making outfits for the evening´s ball. She has actually just finished Aishas dress. Stella would leave to Solaria in ~ the same time together Bloom come Earth.Musa was in Alfea´s room cheching the microphones and also band tools work. Musa wouldn´t leaving Alfea in ~ all. Her father was visiting a childhood friend"s house, therefore Musa did not bother to walk to an north house.Aisha remained in Alfea´s room helping the other fairies v tables, chairs, etc. Aisha would certainly go to Andros in a pair of days after the party.Tecna was also in Alfea´s hall. She was testing the spotlight, and also helped Musa to examine the audio output. Tecna would continue to be in Alfea come keep firm to Musa.Flora to be the decorating the primary Faragonda´s office. She had actually Principal Faragonda´s special permission come decorate she office, because usually the office is no decorated. When the office to be decorated , Flora hurried to the hall, whereby was wait for her following work; decorating the Christmas tree. Flora took end the tree decorations, and also climbed to hight ladder to spread out decorations end tree branches. Flora would certainly leave Alfea in ~ the same time together Aisha.* POV Bloom, the Winx"s apartment *Bloom was talk to Mike and Vanessa in apartment. She had talked v them for half an hour for this reason it was time to stop."I have to go now, ns love you. Bye!" i told them, once the apartment´s door opened. I looked to the door, and my eyes widened in prior of the view.In the doorway was standing Flora and Musa, Tecna and Aisha, who helped Flora. Flora"s left leg was wrapped, and she to be jumping in one leg. Gradually the girls assisted Flora to lie down on the couch. I looked in ~ them amazed."What occurred to her leg, Flora?" ns asked her. She sighed."Just a little accident..." She stated modestly. Aisha looked come her, looking choose she would explode in ~ anytime."Just a tiny accident ?! I have actually never to be so worried around you than now, Flora !" Aisha yelled furiously."Calm down Aisha, don´t you check out that Flora is alright?" Musa said. Aisha sighed and gave Flora apologetic look."I"m sorry, ns was just so worried about you..." Aisha said to Flora."Hey, it"s okay. Don´t worry. I know you was scared, and also you had actually reason come be. "Flora claimed with a smile."What really even happened come you ?" us heard the sound indigenous the door. We looked at door, and also saw the primary Faragonda. In ~ the same time, Stella come out from she room to marvel the noise."Yeah, ns would favor to recognize also," She said."Flora was just going to explain to us." ns said. She nodded, and sat down. Flora sighed, and began come tell what occurred to she in the good Hall.* Flora"s flashback, Flora POV *"We great you a merry Christmas, we wish friend a merry Christmas... " ns was humming come myself. I simply picked up critical decorative bag, alongside me. I picked increase 6 big red decorate balls, 4 yellow balls and also 2 lengthy silver ribbon. I put the balls come a tree, and also slowly I started to placed on ribbons. When I to be done through ribbons, i took from the bag an ext decorations. After ~ a while, in the bag was only one ornament. It to be a big golden star. I got to the optimal of the tree, and put that on it´s place. Ns took the bag to mine hand, and began come descend under the ladder.Unfortunately, i was there is no noticing dropped one little ribbon come the middle of the ladder. When my feet fight the optimal of the ornament, my feet slipped turn off from a step. I started autumn backwards. Ns tried come reach out the ladder, however I failed. Because the try of record one the the steps had actually waved a ladder, i started autumn down quickly. Once I hit the floor , ns felt my head hit come something. My ago hurt and also my head started to spin. The critical memory prior to falling unconscious was Aisha screaming my name, and the vision of the ladder dropped on top of my left leg...* end of flashback, Bloom POV *"That"s terrible... " ns said. Ns felt sorry because that Flora. It"s devastating if you hurt your leg simply in Christmas Eve."Yes, that is. But now, space you allright?" Musa said."I"m ok. Nurse Ophelia gave me painkillers because that my back and my leg. "Flora said. Aisha walked come Flora and hugged her."Good. Say if you require anything.""I execute not require anything right now. I need to go to continue my work." Flora said, and tried to acquire up. Major Faragonda quickly came to the couch and pushed her back down."You"re not going anywhere. I"ll give the rest of your work to someone else.""But ..." Flora began protest."Flora , you have to rest. You"ve excellent quite sufficient work lately. "I said. All but the Flora nodded."Yeah Flora. You constantly take treatment of us as soon as we obtain sick. Now it is our revolve to take treatment of you." Tecna said."Besides , you planted end a hundred trees in the woods of Alfea... " Aisha said."You help in Alfea´s library every weekend..." Musa said." You constantly clean up the entirety apartment as soon as everyone room lazy... " i said."You listen to and also comforted every time as soon as someone has hard time. " Stella said."And those space just tiny examples the you have actually done for Alfea and for others." Faragonda said."So you re welcome Flora, permit us assist you. Space you absolutely certain that you perform not need any assist ?" Tecna stated with a smile. Flora thought for a moment before she answered."Well, i should have to water my flowers, take a few letters to the short article office, pick up my flowers from Fredrekson, take it homework come Mirta, and also return my publications to the Alfea´s library..."So we visited our different ways. Aisha was watering Floras flowers. Musa and I saw Magix. Musa picked up flower from Mr.Fredrekson and I take it Flora"s letters to the short article office. Tecna take it homeworks to Mirta. Poor Mirta had a fever. Also Stella helped and took Flora"s books earlier to the library.Quickly all the tasks had actually been made, and also we came back to the apartments door. We opened the door and also entered in. Us creeped because we found out the Flora was sleeping on the couch. Us giggeled and also took photos of her. However, we gained bored an extremely quickly, so us let she sleep in peace.* Klock 17:00 *I remained in my room reading, as soon as there was a hit on the door. I ran to the door and also opened it. Comer to be Stella."Bloom, hurry up! You room late for schedule!" She said and pulled me out of the room."Stella, why the rush?" i asked. Stella stopped and looked in ~ me favor I"m crazy."The Ball. In the hour. Dressing. Make-up. Hair. "Stella said. Ns realized conveniently what to be going on. The sphere would start in an hour, and I to be still put on my usual outfit, I had no make-up ~ above my confront , and I had actually not a an excellent hairstyle! i ran ~ Stella. But when i passed through the couch, i remembered something. Ns turned and walked come the sofa. Flora to be still sleeping. Ns shook Floras shoulders, the she would certainly wake up. Slowly, she opened her eyes."Bloom? What"s going on ?" She inquiry sleepily. Ns smiled."Hey, sleepyhead. If you do not desire to miss out on the ball, ns would imply that you would go find your dress on Stella´s room and also put on make-up. The ball begin in an hour."I said. Flora"s eye widened. She immediately sat up and also quickly increased from the couch. Ns laughed and helped she to Stella"s room. Preparing for the party would begin.* Klock 18:30, in ~ the party , Flora POV *I sat on the bench in the an excellent Hall, glass in mine hand. I looked in ~ the crowd and looked for my friends. Finally, I found them.Bloom, Sky, Stella and Brandon were talk in other finish of the hall. Aisha was dancing v a boy. Ns looked at him for a long time, yet I go not acknowledge him. More than likely some male from Red Fountain, ns think. Musa was with Riven ~ above a buffet table, taking one more drink. I think that they had fight, because Musa litter Riven with icecubes. Tecna and also Timmy was on the bench a couple of feet away from me. I listened to your conversation. They talked about the technology. I should have actually known that.I sighed. I should have actually stayed in the apartment to keep firm to Kiko. In below I have actually nothing to do. This celebration will kill me! suddenly I feeling a hand on my shoulder. Ns liffted mine head and also looked up. Ns smiled when I experienced the hand was Helia´s . I relaxed as the sat beside me. Ns am conserved from being bored!* Stella POV, clock 21.10 *It was more than nine once we met Flora and also Helia end to the benches." for this reason ... Should we move to our very own party?" Bloom asked."Yes, we should. The sphere is over." skies said. We all nodded."So it"s resolved then. Let"s go." Musa said and started to walk out of the room. Everyone started to follow her. A couple of seconds later on I heard a voice behind me, and also I turned to look in ~ the speakers." space you sure you don´t want to me carry you ?" Helia inquiry Flora."No, thank you. I"ll be fine. "Flora said and looked over Helia´s eyes. Then Helia started grin slyly. Flora"s eye widened."Oh no... Don´t you dare! " Flora said, and also turned away. However, Helia ordered Flora on come his arms like a bridalstyle." five , I"ll already dare." Helia said when Flora started to laugh."Helia seriously, put me down!" Helia smiled and also kissed her to the lips. As soon as they broke apart Helia grinned."Never "* No- one POV, the Winx apartment *After the party, the girls and also specialist concerned the girl apartment to celebrate. A short time later the Pixies pertained to celebrate Christmas."So now what? need to we give gifts now, or what need to we do? "Stella said. Everyone laughed a little of time."I think us should offer Christmas gift first. That agree?" Bloom said. All raised their hands."So Christmas gift first. I"ll walk first." Aisha said, and dug out 11 gifts. Everyone took present, and also opened it. Once Aisha´s presents had been opened , everyone began to give their gifts. Soon it to be Flora"s turn to give her gifts."I understand that my presents are not any kind of luxury, yet i hope you prefer them." Flora said, and gived she gifts. All opened their presents, and gasped with delight.Bloom got a red scarf, Musa acquired the violet scarf, Aisha obtained a light blue scarf, Stella gained an orange scarf, Tecna obtained a dark blue scarf, Sky received a yellow scarf, Brandon obtained a brown scarf, Timmy gained a eco-friendly scarf, Riven acquired a gray scarf, Nabu obtained a black scarf and also Helia obtained a turquoise scarf. The girls got likewise Friendship Bracelets and also Specialists got silver watches with namegraving on that ."Flora ... This is amazing. Go you make these scarves every by you yourself ? They room beautiful ! this Friendship arm bands are likewise great." Tecna smiled."And where did you gain these watches? I thought Linphea-watches are an extremely expensive, due to the fact that there room only few great watchmakers in Linphea. " Timmy claimed surprised. Flora laughed." yes , i made this scarves through myself. Knitting has been my passion forever and always, thanks to my grandmother. She taught me how to knit , and also much more. Ns loved her since she was so lovely and wonderful. But when ns was 10, mine grandmother died. Then ns made a promise come myself that ns would never ever knit again. However, a year ago, mine mother uncovered a letter handle to me when she was cleaning. It to be from mine grandmother. She had actually written that just prior to her death . In her letter, she motivated me continue knitting, what ever happens. I was for this reason touched, so I determined to knit again. As a result, are these 11 scarves. "Flora called to she friends. All of the girls had tears in her eyes."Yeah, yeah, What a emotional story. What about these the town hall ?" request Riven annoyed." Well, let"s simply say that Friendship has magic. " Flora said, and smiled. All the faces was in surprised expression once they looked at Flora."Okay, okay, I"ll describe it come you . Once I to be on holidays il Linphea last summer, I conserved the boy from drowning. Ns was wade in the woods, and walked over the coast of small lake. Over there were two children, a small girl and also an larger boy. The young was swimming, if the girl was on the beach playing v her dolls. I waved to them prior to I continued my stroll. ~ I had actually walked for a quick time, i heard screams behind me. I turned, and also I noticed the the shouter to be the same girl that had been in the beach. She asked for my aid crying: A young was drowning. I ran quickly earlier to the beach through her, ns took my shoes off, and I jumped into the water. Ns swam easily over to the boy, and also pulled him to beach. Soon, to coast ran around thirty-year-old woman. I realized quickly that she to be Katara. (AN. Katara is just one of the most well-known singers in the magic dimension. Her genuine name is Sandra, and also she is likewise from Linphea.) Well, many thanks for Fred´s, Katara"s son, rescue she invited me to her residence for dinner. There ns make friends with her, her husband Alex, Fred, and also her daughter Cornelia. Just before I left , Katara promised the if I ever before need something, she"ll help. "Flora defined to everyone."Wow . However now it"s my revolve to offer a present to you. Merry Christmas, dear." Helia said, and gave a gift come Flora. Flora tore the wrapping record carefully, and also opened the gift. Inside, there was another, a second smaller box."Open them." Helia called . Flora ongoing opening the package. Soon, there was only little package. Curiously, she opened up it. Once she experienced what was inside, she gasped in confusion. Inside was a small black velvetbox! Helia took it , obtained up from the couch and also knelt in front of the Flora. He opened up the box and also revealed a beautiful silver- ring."Flora , girlfriend have constantly been my true love and also soulmate. I recognize that ours destiny is to construct our very own path, yet I want us to perform it together. I love you, I will certainly not leave you ever, for this reason that"s why ns ask you, Guardian Fairy Flora that Linphea, will certainly you marry me ?"* Flora POV *When I opened the package i gasped in surprise . Inside was a little black velvetbox! Helia easily took the , acquired up from the couch and also knelt in front of me."OMG ! Is he proposing? that asks me come marry ! that asks me to marry ! OMG!" i thought as soon as i looket to Helia´s eyes."Flora, friend have always been my true love and soulmate. I understand that ours destiny is to build our very own path, yet I want united state to execute it together. Ns love you, I will certainly not leave you ever, for this reason that"s why ns ask you, Guardian Fairy Flora that Linphea, will certainly you marry me ?"I looked in ~ my friend shocked expression on mine face. However, the shock quickly readjusted to tears that joy."Yes ! Of course I will certainly marry you!" i said and kissed Helia. As soon as he put a ring on mine finger, every the others in the room were broke into shouts and cries. After the , without anyone noticing me and Helia lifted come the balcony to look at the nightsky.

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As soon as we were looking at the sky for a moment, Helia leaned over to whisper something to me."Merry Christmas, my beautiful flower." ns smiled and also whispered something come him too."Merry Christmas, mine brave knight." as soon as I whispered those words, i kissed Helia a long time with lots of passion in it. That kiss to be a real and truly A Christmas Kiss