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Potential shoppers should think about size when in search of the finest mattress—room dimensions and who the bed is expected for are far-ranging factors in finding the appropriate mattress because that the bedroom. Two sizes in particular—queen and also twin XL—differ substantially in size and versatility. A queen size is much better for solitary adults and also couples, while a twin XL is better suited to the solitary person.

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What’s a Queen size Mattress?


A queen dimension mattress is the most popular mattress size since of that is versatility. In ~ 60 inch by 80 inches, queen size beds carry out extra sleeping room and much more legroom for solitary adults and also are a an excellent mattress because that couples with tight budgets or minimal living space. Queen mattresses are likewise excellent choices for guest bedrooms due to the fact that they can accommodate one or two sleepers.


The conventional queen dimension is also easily accessible in Olympic queen and split queen variations.

Olympic Queen Mattress

A variation of the queen bed is the Olympic queen, measure 66 inches by 80 inches. The extra broad provides much more room because that couples and also luxurious an are for solo sleepers. Olympic queen beds are frequently found in RVs and also trailers.

Split Queen Mattress

Though no as accessible as split king, split queen mattresses space two different beds put together. Each bed provides 30 customs of an individual space, no as lot room together a break-up king, but couples with smaller sized bedrooms may prefer this mattress size.


The cost for a queen dimension mattress ranges in between $500 come $3000. Potential shoppers have the right to expect come pay much more for natural, necessary materials and sleep technologies, like a zoned assistance system.

Recommended Room Space

Queen size beds room excellent enhancements to master bedrooms and guest rooms measuring at least 10 feet through 10 feet. This room size enables for a bed frame, furniture, prefer nightstands, and walking space.


Best for solitary sleepersGood for couplesExtra space


More expensive than a twin XLHeavier, more difficult to move

What’s a pair XL dimension Mattress?


A twin XL dimension mattress is comparable to a standard twin but gives 5 customs of extra length for more leg space—the perfect dimension for high people. Twin XL bed are tiny and compact—measuring 38 customs by 80 inches—easy come move and also fit in most tiny bedrooms. Twin XL beds are additionally standard in college dorm rooms, make them appropriate mattresses for adolescents and single adults.

Twin XL dimension beds space perfect sleeping choices for children too large for a crib mattress. Their little size accommodates cultivation children and fit bunk beds.


The cost for a twin XL size mattress is about the very same for a twin, varying between $100 on the low-end and $2000 top top the high end. Price depends on the mattress thickness and the variety of layers the mattress consists of (more material, greater price tag). The price is also influenced by distinct features, like cooling technologies.


Recommended Room Space

The best room size for a pair XL mattress need to measure 7 feet by 10 feet come accommodate additional furniture, choose a nightstand and also dresser, and administer walking space. For families with much more than one child, bunk bed are an excellent option, utilizing restricted space.


Fits most bedroomsPerfect because that children’s room


Too small for couples

Other Mattress Dimensions

If a queen or pair XL is not the appropriate size because that you, various other mattress sizes space available, consisting of twin, full, king, and also California king.

Twin Mattress

Twin size mattresses space 38 inches by 75 inches. Your small, compact size renders them straightforward to move and a an excellent fit for most bedrooms. Plus, since they’re smaller sized in size, they’re an ext affordable. Twin beds are great choice for children and single adults—both pair XL and also twin mattresses are additionally compatible through bunk bed frames.

Full Mattress

Full dimension mattresses (also well-known as dual beds), measure 54 inches by 75 inches. Full beds provided to it is in the most well-known mattress for couples in the 60s, but due to the fact that the climb of queen mattresses, full mattresses are now considered better for solo sleepers. Full size beds are best for teenagers and single adults.

Full XL Mattress

Full XL mattresses are 5 customs longer, measuring at 54 customs by 80 inches. Complete XL bed are great for tall, single sleepers—the extra lengthy mattress gives more legroom because that tall sleepers come stretch out.

King Mattress

King dimension mattresses space 76 inches by 80 inches—the biggest standard size available. King size beds are ideal for couples, offering 38 customs of personal space. Due to their large size, king bed are an ext expensive, challenging to move, and also may just fit inside big master bedrooms.

Split King Mattress

Many couples favor a separation king end a standard king because the split king option is the equivalent of 2 twin XL mattresses inserted side by side. Couples can have a bed suitable to their personal preferences without having actually to compromise. Plus, if paired v an adjustable base, couples can also have the included benefit the elevating your head and feet without disturbing your sleep partner.

California King Mattress

California king dimension mattresses are 72 customs by 84 inches—similar come a conventional king size, but longer and also narrower, do a Cal king bed perfect for tall couples. A California king bed provides 36 inches of an individual space to every person, less than a king size but providing an ext legroom.

Split California King Mattress

Split California king mattresses space two different beds put side by side, offering 36 inches of personal space to every sleeper. Because that luxurious comfort, include an flexible bed frame—each person have the right to elevate their head or feet there is no disturbing the other sleeper. A split California king mattress is not as available as a typical California king bed.

Other points to Consider

How much bigger is a queen than a twin XL?

A queen mattress is 60 inch by 80 inches, when a pair XL bed is 38 customs by 80 inches. A queen dimension bed provides 22 inches much more width 보다 a twin XL. This makes it the perfect option for single sleepers feather for an ext luxury sleeping space, or couples ~ above a budget.

Is a 6-inch mattress special enough?

Mattresses thinner 보다 8 customs won’t administer the ideal amount that support since of the layers castle lack. More thickness mattresses will certainly offer better support, especially for plus-size sleepers and also stomach sleepers who need a firmer surface for much better support. Diluent mattresses room also more likely come wear under prematurely.

Do 2 twin XL beds make a California king?

No, 2 twin XL mattresses do not make a California king bed. Half of a California king mattress does no equal any kind of standard mattress size. However, two twin XL mattresses next by side space the exact same size as a continuous king mattress.

Can I placed a pair XL mattress on a twin frame?

A twin XL mattress’s extra 5 inch will stop it indigenous fitting into a twin size frame. Also if the material is flexible sufficient to squeeze out in, act so will certainly likely damage the mattress.

Similarly, twin dimension sheets won’t right a twin XL mattress. However, friend might be able to use twin XL bedding with a twin dimension mattress, back the equipment sheets may bag a bit.

Is a separation king bigger 보다 a king?

No, a split king bed is the very same size as king mattress. The difference between the 2 is the a split king is split into two mattresses, when the king mattress continues to be whole. A break-up king is fantastic option for couples who don’t re-superstructure comfort preferences or plan on using an flexible bed.

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Queen and also twin XL mattresses space excellent choices for any kind of sleeper. Pair XL beds are the preferred an option for kids and single adults; queen dimension mattresses are popular among solitary sleepers and couples. The mattress size you pick should be based upon room dimensions and also who the bed is for, making sure it offers enough an are for a comfortable night’s rest.