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White Diamond - Lux sport - Eibachs - FE3 - MightyMouse mode - V-Sways - huge links - R1 Drilled & Slotted Rotors - hawk Pads - catch Can - TB Bypass - G&G Air crate C.A.I - LED Interior/Exterior - 6000k HID Lows and Fogs - 20\" MSR 085 - Falcon FK452 - WD Grill - WD G&G Eyelids - WD DRL -WD Sidemarkers - 20% tint - much more to come........**any1 hav XM Radio materials they arent using??**
You may be able to fit lock on your car, but I don\"t recognize that I would advise wheels that large on the CTS. I have 05 cts 3.6l v6 with 20\" vogues and sometimes transforming makes the transmission feel choose it\"s walking to break (even just parking in mine parking garage). Simply my opinion though, i am not a mechanic so i don\"t understand if that size wheels deserve to actually ache the transmission but it sure feels like it.
Thanks adometrius for your opinion and I know I always wanted to placed 22\" on my cts however if it\"s gonna reason some difficulties like transmission problems or struts or anything prefer that ns wanna avoid that and maybe go through 20\" however just wanna recognize if anyone had difficulty with 22\" prefer ghettomike saying the it usage to be common ago awhile but now with the newer models are common however thanks for her opinion and that\"s why i wanna save searching an ext info below in the cadillac forum thanks----------
22s usage to be common on the 03-07 cts. Then civilization stopped act it.i run 20s, and also like them. Lots of 08-current cts\"s operation 22s now
Thanks ghettomike and also by any chance you know what they usage to run on 22\" v tires and also if they had actually problems?? ns been make the efforts to search on the cadillac forum about owners through 22\" top top the very first gen cts however just haven\"t come throughout any owner.

Thanks Blayne for the an answer and her right around the look ns want however I don\"t desire to mess up the cadillac watch is the I view alot of various other cars through 22\" and also I thought perhaps my automobile would look an excellent with no problems yet now ns don\"t understand if ns wanna even put 22\" maybe go with 20\" with a lowering kit therefore how around on 20\" what\"s the ideal tire collection having low agree tires ??!----------

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