WhenTanya Tucker climbed to fame in ~ the age of 13 v her hit track "Delta Dawn," she confirmed that she had a voice and also wisdom past her years. Yet at least one song verified to be semi-controversial becauseTucker recorded it when she was only15 year old.

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"Would friend Lay v Me (In a ar of Stone)" to be the title track to Tucker"s 3rd album, which featured "Let Me it is in There," a cover of Kris Kristofferson"s "Why Me Lord" and theEd Bruce-penned "The male That Turned my Mama On."

Though the tune hit No. 1 in 1974, Tucker says she was sometimes told no to perform the tune since of what some considered to it is in suggestive lyrics. (If my requirements were strong would you lay through me, must my lips flourish dry would you wet them dear/ In the midnight hour, if mine lips were dry, Tucker sings ~ above the nation classic.)

"I was playing the ft Worth livestock Show and Rodeo...I met through the guy who to be booking us -- mine dad and I -- in his office. He claimed "this is a family show...I can"t allow you execute ,"" Tucker told Wide open up Countryahead the the release of she 2020 live album Live from the Troubadour."So i couldn"t perform the song."

Country singer Tanya Tucker, 15, is presented in might 1974. Tucker, who began singing at age 6, videotaped her an initial hit, "Delta Dawn," at age 13. (AP Photo)

Who composed "Would friend Lay v Me (In a field of Stone)"?

But Tucker describes that the song, composed by outlaw country singer David Allan Coe, was written not about a salacious tryst, but around something much much more wholesome:wedding vows.

"Years later, I acquired to know David Allan Coe nice well," Tucker says. "He stated he wrote that song about his brother"s wedding vows. So once you hear to the in that way, the song is not a dirty song."

Tucker says she tho considers the track to be one of her best.

"Those to be some hefty words and it"s the perfect wedding song," Tucker continued. "But us really needed the money so us didn"t carry out that track ....It"s among my best songs."

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The song, i beg your pardon was produced by Billy Sherrill, offered as the opening track for Tucker"s when I"m Livin" Tour.

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"I was curious about these tinyclubs that we were plan to start off the tourism for . Ns thought, "man, I have actually no idea just how to start this show," Tucker says. "I"ve done it forever, yet it began out with "Trouble." and also said, "No, you"ve got to start with "Would friend Lay with Me." I believed "Oh mine God, are you serious? i don"t understand if it will certainly work." frank is Lee Ann Womack"s husband and he"s among the great producers...I said, "Okay, it"s walk to be you. You"ll have to pay . I was simply kidding him...but it functioned -- doing every the old songs first and climate going in to the new. There"s 50 year of music there, friend know?"

Over 20 years after Tucker recorded "Would girlfriend Lay with Me (In a field of Stone)" she heroJohnny Cash cut the tune for his album American III: Solitary Man.