bother Potter: 10 Quidditch moment The movies Missed the end On Quidditch is a big part that life for Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Yet in the books, the sports is featured way more than in the movie.

when you think of bother Potter, you can"t assist but also think around Quidditch. It"s the magical game that has actually made its means over come the actual world, also if participants can"t paris on broomsticks like they do in the novels and movies. And also it"s a far-ranging part that the wizarding community, their very own answer to the likes that football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, no to mention an extremely prominent in ~ Hogwarts.

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Quidditch is presented in the movies however nowhere close to as much as that is in the books. We currently take a look at 10 moments entailing the sport that the blockbusters didn"t display us.

Sure, the Prisoner of Azkaban shows Harry falling turn off his broomstick ~ Dementors do their means onto the key - much to the rage of Albus Dumbledore. The movie additionally gives us a scene wherein Harry is notified that Gryffindor lost the enhance to Hufflepuff, prompting the to feel angry and also hurt inside.

But the film doesn"t actually reveal that Cedric Diggory to be the one who beat Harry come the gold snitch. If unimportant at this stage, Cedric goes on to end up being a significant character in the next book and movie, the Goblet that Fire, and it would have actually made feeling to give him an arrival this time around.

after Harry"s fall following the intrusion of the Dementors, it"s usual knowledge the the Boy that Lived isn"t a pan of the Azkaban guards. And, in bespeak to exploit this, Draco Malfoy decides come play a distasteful prank top top his opponent in the next enhance in the 3rd book the the series.

Draco, Crabbe and also Goyle all dress up together the claoked creatures - however their decision to do this backfires spectacularly. Take care of is may be to actors a Patronus charm that sends them paris backwards, having been taught how to protect himself by Defence versus the Dark arts teacher Remus Lupin. This isn"t shown on screen, though.

The very first time we see Cho Chang in the movies is in the Goblet that Fire, once it"s clear Harry has actually a rather huge crush ~ above the Ravenclaw student. But, in the resource material, Potter"s feelings actually manifest a year formerly in the Prisoner that Azkaban.

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Harry and Cho finish up battling it the end on the Quidditch pitch, with the 2 students both Seekers. And it"s the Boy that Lived that reigns supreme, edging the end Cho on his Firebolt broomstick to finish the match and also send the stadium into ecstasy.

7 Gryffindor success The Cup

Not only is Harry"s capture of the snitch versus Ravenclaw enough for Gryffindor to success the game, it"s additionally the minute that guarantee they finish their agonising wait because that the Quidditch Cup.

Fans don"t ever before get to watch this play out on the huge screen but, in the books, it"s a joyous moment. Take care of is mobbed if captain Oliver wood breaks down, delighted and emotional about winning the cup in his final year in ~ Hogwarts. It"s also the only time Harry self wins the trophy, with countless incidents robbing that of an ext glory in the years that follow.

Quidditch is off the agenda for hogwart in the Goblet the Fire book and also movie, with the school instead hosting the famous Triwizard Tournament. That"s not to speak it doesn"t get any type of mention, however.

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Before Harry"s 4th year at hogwart he, in addition to the Weasleys, get to watch the Quidditch civilization Cup final between Ireland and also Bulgaria. In the movies, they present the build-up to the match and the consequences but no the actual game himself. Consequently, this means there"s no Veela, no Viktor Krum capturing the snitch and also no sight of Ireland lifting the trophy.

5 Weasley Is ours King Chants

through Oliver hardwood gone, Gryffindor find themselves on the lookout because that a new Keeper when Quidditch returns in the Order the the Phoenix book. And also Ron Weasley gets the nod, despite being fairly erratic and also leaving much to it is in desired.

When Ron"s nervousness threats to engulf him, Slytherin student bombard him through mocking and also abusive chants. The most famous is "Weasley is ours King", a rather crude, rhyming track that renders the Gryffindor student feel even much more unsure of himself. This is just one the a few things from the book that didn"t do its means into the movie the the same name.

Gryffindor manages come beat Slytherin in the Order of the Phoenix book, in spite of Ron"s dodgy performance together Keeper. However, your triumph prompts much more mockery native Draco Malfoy, that antagonizes people to such an level that Fred and also George Weasley, and Harry himself, have to be restrained native beating him come a pulp.

This delights the knevish Dolores Umbridge, who then proceeds to ban the trio in a crushing blow. Fred and also George would later on secure the return of their banned broomsticks, torment Umbridge and fly far from hogwart - leaving the ministry of Magic employee plenty of pranks as a parting gift.

3 Ginny Wins The Cup

with Harry banned, Gryffindor find themselves urgently in need of a Seeker. And, having actually seen Fred, George, Ron, and also Charlie Weasley all offer the sport a an excellent go, new captain Angelina Johnson opts to recruit another member that the family in the type of Ginny.

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Ginny is actually pretty good, too, and lands them the cup through a brilliant performance in the final game against Ravenclaw whereby she grabs the snitch from under Cho Chang"s nose. And that"s no the only time she walk this. We"ll get to that...

when Dolores Umbridge pipeline Hogwarts, Harry"s half gets overturned. And, in a substantial boost, he"s offered the respect of gift Gryffindor Quidditch Captain for his sixth year in ~ the castle.

He"s left with a problem, though, when he"s compelled to pick between close friend Seamus Finnigan and Dean thomas for the place of Chaser. Dean eventually gets the nod, miscellaneous Harry pertains to regret as result of his feelings of love for Ginny (Dean"s girlfriend at the time) and Seamus is far from happy about it. The 2 friends are certainly much more prominent in the books, v their display screen time drastically lessened throughout the movies.

1 Ginny Wins The Cup (Again)

Harry"s time together Gryffindor captain is finished when that receives another ban. This time it"s deserved, v Severus Snape forbidding the from the sport after the Boy who Lived uses Sectumsempra, nearly murdering Draco Malfoy through accident in the process.

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Ginny, in his absence, switches from Chaser come Seeker and delivers the trophy as soon as again. Between the celebrations, the duo exchanges their first kiss in former of Ron, who reluctantly provides them his seal the approval. This is different in the Half Bood Prince movie, through Harry and Ginny instead having their kiss in the Room the Requirement.