One Direction take it the human being by storm once they released their first single, “What makes You Beautiful” in 2011. The team had to be on the popular singing competition, X-Factor. The guys had actually all to win out together solo artists, however when they were grouped together, it was an prompt success. Since the band damaged up, the guys have actually been pursuing success together solo artists. Liam Payne exit his first single, “Strip that Down,” in 2017. His debut album adhered to in 2019. Payne ultimately made it as a solo artist, ~ a an overwhelming childhood and a whirlwind music career through One Direction. He additionally happens to have actually a yes, really weird phobia–which apparently isn’t that strange among the Hollywood crowd…

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(L-R) Liam Payne, luigi Tomlinson, harry Styles, and also Niall Horan | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Liam Payne overcame a challenging childhood disease

Liam Payne to be born in 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, follow to Live Biography. Payne flourished up in England through his parents and also two enlarge sisters. Unfortunately, his childhood was daunting due come a clinical problem. When Payne to be a young child, he was constantly in and out the the hospital, where he underwent many tests. By the time he was 4 years old, the doctors found that he had actually a trouble with among his kidney — it was scarred and also dysfunctional.

Sadly, he came to be accustomed to the day-to-day shots the painkillers the were essential to aid him lead a comfortable life. Miraculously, the singer got wonderful news in 2012. After having actually a program ultrasound to inspect on his kidney function, the learned that his negative kidney was currently functioning normally. He was ecstatic v the news and looked forward to leading a normal, comfortable life. 

From being bullied come One Direction

What a journey… I had actually no idea what we were in for once I sent this text to mine Dad ten years earlier at this specific time the tape was formed. Many thanks to everyone that’s sustained us over the years and also thanks to the guys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection

— Liam (

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As a child, Payne was the target of regular bullying from his peers, Hello newspaper reports. He began boxing together a technique of self-defense. He soon prospered to love it and continued boxing because that years. Although he always loved music, Payne was also really interested in sports once he was farming up. He enjoyed cross-country running, and was part of the Wolverhampton and Bilstic Athletics Club. He attempted to do the English nationwide team for the Olympics in 2012 however was inserted on the to make reservation list. 

His path to the music market wasn’t smooth, and his large break didn’t come easily. He started his entertainment job at 12 years old, together a member of the Pink Productions Theatre Company. He to be charming on stage, and audiences appreciated his performances. When Payne to be 14 year old, he auditioned for the X-Factor. Payne sang Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” however the judges were unimpressed and Simon Cowell said he come ago in 2 years. He returned two year later, performing “Cry Me a River.”

The judges were much more impressed this time around, and Payne obtained a standing ovation. He endured the early on rounds, only to be reduced again as a solo act. Guest referee Nicole Scherzinger known his potential, however, and offered the a golden opportunity. Payne joined a group with 4 other contestants who hadn’t made it, and also they ongoing to contend as a band. They perfect in third place and were offered a contract through Simon Cowell’s Syco record label. One Direction quickly came to be a popular boy band across the globe.

The One Direction celeb has an worry with spoons

We’ve every heard around some pretty weird phobias. Apparently, there’s a most celebrities the end there who have actually them. Christina Ricci is fear of houseplants, Matthew McConaughey steers clear of revolving doors, and also Rita Ora is scared of toilets. Liam Payne made the list of wacky celebrity phobias–the English singer has a are afraid of spoons. Although, come say he’s “afraid” that spoons may not be specifically correct–it’s an ext of one “aversion” to spoons. 

Payne explained that the wasn’t always the best-behaved student once he remained in school. One of the punishments because that his less-than-stellar habits was to to wash dishes in the school kitchen. What were the dirtiest things that turned increase in his sink? Spoons. Follow to People, that said, “I had to to wash all this nasty spoons and also then it’s just stuck with me after. Ns don’t recognize what civilization are doing through their spoons, i don’t want to know!”