Growing significantly in popularity, the garden tub is a big soaking tub that gives a level that relaxation unrivaled to plenty of bathtubs ~ above the market. However what exactly is it? How big of a bathroom carry out you have to accommodate one? how expensive have the right to they be and also perhaps, many importantly, is it the right bath tub for you? even if it is you room renovating a brand-new space or an currently bathroom, right here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind must you desire a garden tub.

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What Is a garden tub?

A garden bath tub is a soaking tub, constantly freestanding, oval shaped and also deep sufficient to submerge your whole body inside. Farming increasingly in popularity, this format of tub is a more luxurious alternative to the an ext standard bathtub choices on the market. With the increased space, you no longer have to fear of having your legs or eight exposed during bathing, which an unified with the excellent heat retention of certain materials, do for a longer, much more pleasurable soak. For dimension comparisons, soaking tubs room quite similar to things such as warm tubs and jacuzzis. For the benefits of lull however, there room a couple of drawbacks to it as well, namely size and price.


History that the garden tub: reason for the name and also popularity in Europe

Garden tubs began use in the beforehand 1700’s through the French elite and aristocracy. Ago then, they were actually inserted in or above the garden so the user could admire their landscape and also scenery while castle bathed, therefore the name. Consisted of of zinc, these bathtubs were quite lavish and also adorned with many decorative flourishes. The drained water supplied for bathing to be then routed earlier into the gardens to carry out water because that the plants. The English took this idea and also began incorporating these bathtubs for home use, v the general idea of place them close to windows or lively scenery.

Garden vs Standard tub comparison

To begin with, a garden bath tub is much more comprehensive and deeper 보다 a traditional bathtub, because of it’s oval design, make it fairly large, and also thus, inquiry a succeeding amount of an are to accommodate it-something plenty of homes can not handle. In addition to it’s durable size, the overall broad design likewise limits much of an choice to affix a shower on it like many bathtubs today. Finally, the price for a garden bathtub compared to a traditional alcove or freestanding bathtub is usually much higher, through peaks of around anywhere native $3000-5000, this there is no the price of installation. That course, there space plastic garden tubs available for about $500-1,000, however these often tend to it is in cheap, together the product does not retain heat an extremely well and will be significantly less durable, causing you more money because that replacements in the lengthy run. Garden bathtubs make up for this negatives by having actually a deep enough water capacity to seat and also submerge a human being completely, making that much an ext effective in giving a depth soak contrasted to a normal bathtub which top top average, no have almost a large water volume for soaking. This proves helpful for medicinal soaks or therapeutic relaxation together it offers a much much more thoroughly be safe environment compared to your typical bathtub.

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Garden tub materials

Garden tubs come in a wide selection of materials, yet the main ones of keep in mind are Acrylic, Enameled actors iron and stone resin. Enameled cast iron is the most popular choice due to it’s great durability, easy to clean surface and also stellar heat retention, though it carries the an unfavorable of being rather heavy, adding an ext stress to installation and floor weight as soon as it is full. Actors iron is also not malleable or flexible, making that so the designs obtainable are quite restricted due come the product itself. Acrylic top top the other hand, is fairly flexible and also comes in plenty of different shapes and designs come suit her fancy. The drawback come this is the acrylic bathtubs execute not have such great heat retention when compared to cast iron or rock resin. The material additionally isn’t as sturdy as actors iron or stone resin, meaning it will show heavier indicators of wear end time. Rock resin enjoys the happy medium between these two, offering fantastic heat retention, and additionally being flexible enough to shape into a myriad the designs and shapes for your bathroom needs.

How much does it expense for a garden bathtub – bath tub and installation

Due to its robust size, garden tubs end up being on the pricey end of the spectrum when pointing out bathtubs. A usual or traditional garden bath tub has a beginning price of about $2,000, there is no installation costs factored in. This of course can quickly shoot increase to roughly $5,000+ based on the material used, do this bathtub quite out of reach for those on a budget. Environment is additionally a huge factor in pricing together these bathtubs are fairly large, adding to install difficulties, i beg your pardon a professional is advised, adding around $1,000-2,000 to your initial cost.

How large is a garden tub?

Your typical garden bathtub is around 42 customs wide, 60 inches long and also 24 customs deep. (3.5 ft wide, 5 ft long, 2 ft deep)This of course is about the dimension of a traditional oval garden tub. However, top top the high end, they can obtain much, much bigger with some bathtubs running together high together 70 customs wide, 70 inch long, with a water depth the 30 inches. (5.8ft wide, 5.8 ft long, 2.5 ft deep), i beg your pardon in size is actually quite similar to a jacuzzi, which is basically a garden bath tub with mounted jets.


Do lock come in any kind of other shapes?

Garden bathtubs come in a variety of different shapes, though the main point similarity in every one of these shapes is the they are oval or rounded in some way. This that course comes from a more contemporary design that provides you with much more water depth similar to a basin, permitting for complete submergence while bathing. The also method that the bath tub is perfect on every sides favor a standard freestanding bathtub, offering you full access to every sides the the tub. This style however, if assisting girlfriend in achieving better water depth, also means that a shower isn’t yes, really viable unless you have sufficient room come accommodate both the tub and a larger enclosure, as the typical garden tub design does no flush neatly versus the wall like classic freestanding bathtubs do. However, rather of a shower, most garden tubs CAN be fitted through with water jets and also pressured streams, adding much more to develop a jacuzzi effect.

Garden tubs are great way come relax and unwind, providing you the lull of a hot bathtub in your really own home. They room also an extremely expensive, take it up the bulk of your bathroom and also require around twice the amount of water the a normal bath tub will require. Because that those who are on a tighter budget, consider a regular freestanding tub instead.