Dragon ball GT: 10 Fights goku Should have Lost countless Dragon ball GT"s fights caused victories for goku that either made no sense or to be riddled with plot convenience.

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Fans" opinions that Dragon ball GT are mixed, to put it lightly. It"s no all bad, as Super Saiyan 4 was great design, and also a few of the villains like Baby were pretty entertaining. However, by and also large, it"s hated, and a big reason why is due to the fact that of what castle did come Goku. He"s the only one that does something (with Pan standing near him).

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Worse 보다 that, the gimmick of turning him ago into a child to relive the Dragon sphere days was awful. That shouldn"t have ongoing the length of the series as the did. The fights weren"t much much better as countless of them caused victories for goku that one of two people made no feeling or to be riddled through plot convenience.

10 Ledgic would have actually been the perfect human being to give Goku a setback while the adjusts to gift in a child form again

that isn"t the Ledgic is a specifically strong opponent. He"s a starter villain for a reason, after ~ all. The reason Goku should have actually lost has actually less to do with that and more to execute with Goku becoming a boy again.

Ledgic would have been the perfect person to offer Goku a setback while he adjusts to being in a child form again. Instead, the only concern Goku ever before has together a kid is that he can"t prompt Transmission and also at times has actually stamina issues. It makes the whole transformation pointless and stupid.

9 son ogong wouldn"t have actually been able to beat the production had Luud totally absorbed world rather than just storing them inside of him

Anime Dragon ball GT Luud Overheats Angry
Luud had an horrible design, looking prefer a large metal baby. The doesn"t change how an effective a gift it was, one that took very certain conditions to be able to take down. After the had soaked up Pan and also Dolltaki, the an equipment god was unstoppable, requiring Pan and Goku come strike its love at the same time.

While they take it a few attempts to carry it down, son ogong wouldn"t have actually been able come beat the production had Luud fully absorbed civilization rather than simply storing them within of him.

8 for a being that was supposedly stronger than Buu, general Rilldo was certain handled relatively easily by supervisor Saiyan Goku

It"d be one point if son ogong was getting help the entire fight, however it was mostly simply the two of them. Rilldo continuous kept having actually to change to keep up through Goku, that as a kid, have to be weaker 보다 his adult form.

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It"s the biggest issue with the gimmick of son ogong as a child. Hardly ever did it ever come into play during fights. He was just normal Goku, just smaller.

7 had actually it no been for the timely come of Kibito Kai, Goku should have been left turn off biting the dust against Baby Vegeta

Super Saiyan 3 son ogong vs baby Vegeta
as soon as they very first fought, goku at lengthy last had worries holding a kind because he to be a kid, at sight Saiyan 3 gift too much for him. It brought about Baby Vegeta whopping increase on the in a struggle that have to have ended with goku biting the dust had it no been for the timely arrival of Kibito Kai.

The convenience gets even worse as soon as they battle again, and Goku have the right to turn right into a golden Great Ape and eventually a supervisor Saiyan 4 due to the fact that he looked in ~ the planet (blutz tide from the being similar to a moon). It was all simply a means to expose the new Super Saiyan form.

6 Goku utilizing Super Dragon Fist doesn"t readjust the reality that he had actually no service winning versus super 17

It"s a common thing in shonen and also something the will never make sense; A hero will be acquiring handled by a villain while in your most an effective state, as soon as suddenly lock are required into your weakest form and regulate to pull out the victory, normally because of the power of friendship.

Friendship doesn"t pat a function here, only an excited android and a legitimately cool callback to Dragon Ball. Goku utilizing Super Dragon Fist in a method similar to just how he defeated King Piccolo to be nice fan service but doesn"t readjust that he had actually no organization winning.

5 fury Shenron was win by rain...

Battles had tendency to have exceptionally lame end in Dragon ball GT, couple of living as much as expectations. None room worse 보다 what happened to rage Shenron. He"d taken complete control of the fight, having actually drained power from the entire city to spread out slime transparent it.

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He had actually Goku and also Pan top top the brink of death when that rains, causing his slime body to short circuit. That"s right, among the 7 final negative guys the the collection was to win by rain. It"s an example of the writers writing themselves right into a corner.

haze Shenron is the weakest the his brothers, bar none. That cried the end in pain when a brick fell on his foot and should have actually been basic pickings for Goku. He had actually a trump card, and also that was the fact that his pollution aided weaken those roughly him until he was able to gain the leaf on them.

Goku and also Pan room able to piece him of the ability, but only because of the actions of Giyu, a device mutant who befriended them previously in the series. It"s no as egregious as other moments in the series, yet for once Goku should have been punished because that toying with foes.

3 after ~ Eis Shenron slashed Goku across the eyes to blind him, It have to have provided Eis more opening to strike

The fight chin is fine, v Eis surrendering ~ Goku controlled to outclass him in their fight. It"s among the better fights in GT together Eis continually offers underhanded strategies to obtain the top hand against a stronger opponent.

The issue an ext lies in ~ the end when Eis"s surrender is revealed together a trick, permitting him to cut Goku throughout the eye to blind him. It should have provided him more opening come strike, or at least had Nouva stepped in. Instead, son ogong impales him with a punch because his ki senses space so high.

2 regardless of other dragons having combated Goku at Super Saiyan 4, namely Eis & Nuova, Syn Shenron was somehow currently getting totally overpowered by Goku

Syn Shenron was the alpha and also omega that the shadow Dragons, the the strongest of the seven. He rightfully began kicking Goku"s tail in ~ the start of the fight as goku was worn down and also blind. The other Saiyans quickly arrive to help with the stamina component of Goku"s problem, but not the truth that he"s blind.

Despite various other dragons having dealt with Goku in ~ Super Saiyan 4, specific Eis and Nuova, Syn to be somehow currently getting fully overpowered by Goku. Not to cite Goku was still blind, something the seemingly walk not impact the Saiyan.

1 The fight against Omega Shenron is just a mess of fluctuating strength levels

The entire fight is filled through moments the don"t do sense. First, son ogong randomly regains his sight and also proceeds to dominate Omega, forcing him come regenerate native a Dragon Hammer the seemingly eliminated him.

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Once ago in the fight, Omega starts conquering not just a tiring Goku however a recently arrived Vegeta together well. Eventually, Gogeta comes into play to take the top hand for a while, yet the fight is a chaos of fluctuating strength levels.

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