If you’ve ever before seen a mime walking roughly Durango, there’s a an excellent chance it’s Ben Dukeminier performing together Jacque the Joker. The 23-year-old Dukeminier has been miming for nearly eight years. He has recently performed together a mime v Durango tape Hello, Dollface, and also the Imaginario Circus. Us sat down through a ridge of mime inquiries for Dukeminier, prior to he placed on his makeup, prior to he ended up being Jacque, while he can still prize audibly.

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What’s it prefer performing together a mime?It’s a lot choose improv. You simply kind of need to take her ego completely out of the equation and also then it is in very good at analysis people. Because you deserve to see it in part people’s eyes, they desire to play. And also then some civilization are terrified. People who room terrified, probably (I) perform a small thing through them to shot and rest that obstacle – due to the fact that that is a thing; you can break that barrier. However if they’re simply not having actually it, you leaving them alone ... People who want to play really desire to play due to the fact that they realize they want to put you in a box, they desire you to copy them, they desire to dance through you. They just want to have actually fun.

What is the most challenging thing for you as Ben once you’re playing Jacque?To remain in character at all times and also being certain not come vocalize any type of kind of sound. Sometimes there’s points that space absolutely hilarious and also everyone’s laughing, and also you’re laughing but you can’t laugh. So you’re stop a laugh in, but you deserve to feel the contraction in your ribs and also your abs. Maintaining your mouth close up door is the hardest part.

Have you ever slipped up and said something?No, I’ve never slipped up and also said a word on accident. I’ve had to once for a director, speak to them because they had a really pertinent question that ns couldn’t mime to them and also it was very important to answer the question. And it freaked me out. I’ll never ever do that again. Due to the fact that when you different the character and also the person, they’re two separate things. Like, i feel all emotions: anger, joy, sadness, all of that. Where Jacque just feels joy. The does not understand what sadness is; that does not know what anger is; the does not understand what envy is ... He knows joy. Also if I’m pretending to be sad, (Jacque is) still doing the in a joyful way.

So when I talked – since Jacque doesn’t have actually his very own voice – it was me talking through the character. The method I do acting is an extremely method, so I’m no longer Ben, I’m Jacque. And then for Ben to popular music in because that a moment, since Jacque to be not ready for that, that rattled me for a great two hours.

How did it make you feel?It made me feel together if i was wearing someone else’s skin pretending to be someone i wasn’t. It was very surreal, sort of out-of-body experience.

How perform you get much better at her craft?I ~ do so to host things every the time. I’ll choose up something and also feel the weight and then put it down and also pretend to choose it up and feel its weight and put it down so the I get the right dimensions so as soon as I relocate it watch fluid, it looks real, the looks prefer there’s actually weight in my hand. And then sit in the winter for hours doing face exercises, making certain I’m always smiling, making certain what my eyebrows space doing, making certain what mine scowl look at like and what the feels like.

What are some bizarre points that have happened to you if miming?I’ve done every little thing from knife fighting with world to run parties in the middle of main Street to being placed in a box to climbing irradiate poles. Ns mean, everything.

I found, believe it or not, world like to rub butts through mimes. Why? I’m no sure. Every time ns go dancing, someone, somewhere desires to obstacle their target on mine butt. I don’t understand why. It’s a thing. I did not realize once I signed up.

A typical misconception: human being think the mimes can’t touch you. They’re like, “Oh no, he’s not allowed to talk and also touch you.” I’m like, “I’m only allowed to not talk ... That’s about it. Every little thing else is free game.”

I’ve to be groped. I’ve to be slapped. I’ve to be carried. I’ve sat down and also had dinner with human being at a restaurant. ... It’s simply amazing what you can get away with.

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I’ve climbed one of the street irradiate poles if an officer was parked ideal there just waving in ~ me as I’m King Konging and also swatting at invisible planes and they’re all just laughing.