In To kill A Mockingbird, why did Scout fight she cousin after the Christmas dinner at Finch"s Landing?
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Scout dealt with with her cousin Francis at Christmas due to the fact that he insulted her father because that defending Tom Robinson.

throughout the Christmas holiday, the Finch family visit the household homestead, Finch’s Landing, to check out Aunt Alexandra and also cousin Francis. Scout does no get in addition to either Alexandra or her grandson. Francis, who...

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Scout fought with her cousin Francis in ~ Christmas since he insulted her father because that defending Tom Robinson.

During the Christmas holiday, the Finch family visit the household homestead, Finch’s Landing, to check out Aunt Alexandra and cousin Francis. Enlightenment does not get along with either Alexandra or she grandson. Francis, that is eight, is an annoying tattletale.

Talking to Francis gave me the emotion of settling slowly to the bottom that the ocean. He to be the most boring son I ever before met. (Ch. 9)

Francis calls Dill a “runt” and also a stray dog, but really angers reconnaissance is once he repeats to her something that heard Alexandra say, call Atticus a “nigger-lover.” He tells her the Atticus is ruining the family name, and she wallops him. 

Uncle Jack sees the fighting in between Scout and also Francis and does not recognize what it is about. Because he told Scout he’d spank her if she swore, that does so. She gets upset at the unfairness the it, given what Francis claimed to her. All in all, Jack learn a point or two about children when he finds out what really happened in between the 2 of them.

The argument between Scout and Francis displayed how far the racism reaches. Atticus defending a black man is a suggest of contention within his very own family, come the suggest where his household considers that wrong because that him to do his job. Scout go not recognize what she father is law wrong, yet she does no tolerate Francis violation him. This event is just one of plenty of for her, and also things will obtain much worse later. She is about to uncover out that no everyone considers her father a hero.

We likewise find the Alexandra considers Atticus a traitor, if Francis reports accurately.

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“…Grandma claims it"s negative enough he lets you all operation wild, but now he"s turned the end a nigger-lover we"ll never have the ability to walk the roadways of Maycomb agin…” (Ch. 9)

Alexandra considers the Finches over everyone else. If Atticus considers being a good person defending an innocent man, Alexandra considers that a race-traitor. She is horrified the he would besmudge the family members name this way. Many world in Maycomb will currently look down on him, and on her, because he is defending a black color man. Scout additionally faces discrimination and also criticism together his daughter since of his choices. Atticus is mindful of this, however he quiet feels what he is doing is right and is trying come teach his kids to wake up for what they think in also when the is unpopular.