When ns was much younger, we didn’t have a fireplace in our house—and as such no chimney. Because of this, over there was always concern about how Santa would get us our presents. Despite this fear, every Christmas morning my 2 brothers and also I would wake approximately a heap of gift under the Christmas tree. We’d likewise find a set of boots prints on our deck leading up to the earlier door. Ns guess Santa has some lockpicking an abilities at his disposal.

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By the moment we moved right into a residence with a fireplace and a chimney, ns didn’t really worry about how Santa would obtain to united state anymore. Yet I never forgot those boots prints.

The history of Santa

Santa didn’t always shimmy down people’s fireplaces, just as the didn’t constantly fly a sleigh.

Our modern jolly Santa Claus is based on a 4th-century Christian saint and also Bishop, St. Nicholas. That was known for his piety and also kindness and particularly for his security of children and also sailors. He would certainly travel approximately in his red robes and give gifts to the poor. Legend has it that he dropped part gold coins down a family’s chimney, and they landing in a girl’s stocking.

Since at the very least the High center Ages, world have to be celebrating Christmastide. Pagans celebrated a number dressed in a long eco-friendly hooded cloak and also a wreath of holly, ivy or mistletoe. Festivities including merry-making, signing, and drinking became the an initial associations v the English “personification” the Christmas. Throughout the 17th century, writers safeguarded Christmas from the Puritans through personification. Father Christmas was basically banned however was restored again during the victorian era.

A tiny of this, a little of that…join with each other St Nicholas and the English father Christmas and also you gain the American “Santa Claus”.


The surname Santa Claus was first used in 1773 as a derivative the the netherlands St Nicholas, “Sinterklaas”.

In his 1809 History of new York, Washington Irving images Santa Claus as a thick-bellied Dutch sailor with a pipe in a environment-friendly winter coat. In 1812, Irving’s review of History of new York includes Santa using chimneys together an accessibility point to deliver the gifts himself, fairly than merely dropping them under the chimney. This is the first record that his act so. Irving also depicts St. Nicholas soaring over the treetops in a flying wagon. The contemporary Santa look was pretty much created after the anonymous publication of the poem "A Visit native St. Nicholas", well-known today as "The Night prior to Christmas", on December 23, 1823. Clement Clarke Moore, the declared author, defines St. Nick as a "chubby and plump, a ideal jolly old elf" through "a little round belly" with a “miniature sleigh” and also “eight small reindeer”. Here, he uses the chimney as a point of entry:

And then, in a twinkling, i heard top top the roofThe prancing and pawing the each little hoof.As I attracted in mine hand, and also was transforming around,Down the chimney St. Nicholas came through a bound.

From there on in, Santa squeezing his round small jiggling belly down chimneys came to be Christmas canon.

But Why Chimneys?

Today it’s basic to think that Santa would certainly climb under a chimney offered his stature and also for the sheer fact that, well, not everyone has actually a chimney. But the reality is, historically, fireplaces played vital role in the home and also played a pretty far-reaching role in folklore.


During the 1400s, a French scholar called Petrus Mamoris prospered concerned around a widespread id that witches can pass v solid objects to get in homes. To take it away some of the occult’s power, he offered a simple, helpful explanation: witches, elves, and also other miracle creatures actually entered homes via the chimney. This concept stuck and also spread. Renaissance-era fairy tales shown fairies showing up by the chimney. During this exact same period, people believed witches flew up their chimneys top top broomsticks to attend Sabbat meetings.

Throughout european folklore, the hearth and chimney serve as a sort of in-between space linking the earthly world with the heart world. There space a number of legends and creatures that utilize the fireplace and chimney to go into homes—for better or worse. The brownie the Scottish and also English folklore would come down the chimney in ~ night and assist clean. The Celtic Bodach (a form of Goblin) was claimed to creep down chimneys and kidnap children. Italy’s La Befana comes right into people’s homes the night before Epiphany via the chimney and may fill children’s shoes through either great things or negative things.

Eventually, coal and also wood stoves replaced open fireplaces in American homes; however, Santa’s Christmastide visibility didn’t waver. He simply squeezed down the range pipe. And also even though St. Nick shifted from gift a miniature, elven-figure to a large, heavyset person, that is magical, after all, so inquiries right into the practicalities of entry wasn’t yes, really a obstacle to belief. And also it still isn’t, for plenty of kids today.

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