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bareyesI"m new herePosts: 1Joined: Wed 18 Feb, 2009 13:19
Hi, please help. We"ve had a lot of rain lately and every one of a sudden, my pool pump keeps tripping top top the main breaker every 30 minutes. Any kind of ideas ~ above what reasons this problem and also how to fix it?

LarryPool forums AdminPosts: 370Joined: Thu 09 Dec, 2004 20:19My Pool: swimming pool ProExclusively tiled concrete pools
It sounds prefer your pump is drawing much more current than it go previously.If you think the problem could be concerned the rain, then take into consideration this:the pump"s motor or bearings have begun to rust bring about the engine to strainthe circuit breaker or heat overload protector might be short circuiting due to the fact that of water or corrosiondebris indigenous the rain has worked its way into the pump"s impeller housing, leading to the engine to overwork
Just a thought as mine provided to perform the same- it would expedition after to run for a short while.... Check to make sure the wires attached to her breaker are very well connected. My electric engineer uncle was visiting once the breaker tripped, for this reason he take it the breaker out and turned the screws stop the wires in ~ tight together he can get them. They had actually not been noticably loose, however he tightened them down as hard as the could. This squashes the wires providing an ext surface contact area for a far better connection. The was 2 years ago and it hasn"t tripped since.
TobertI"m brand-new herePosts: 2Joined: Wed 29 Apr, 2009 03:09My Pool: Pebbletec ... Functioning out the rest as ns learn.Location: Phoenix, AZ
I just got my pool and additionally just discovered these forums.I"m currently in the middle of a large project to replace all the wiring to mine pool due to the fact that the old persons rotted out and started tripping the (ancient GE 15 amp) breaker. I should have actually said "breakers" there, however apparently a crafty electrician rewired the booster pump to operation off the very same leads together the key pump as soon as the booster"s wires shorted the end somewhere underground. The wires were run through metal conduit and I"m told the Phoenix has actually some that the highest possible soil acidity in the country and also eats conduit in a pair years.If the previous much more likely and also cheaper suggestions don"t work, you could need to test the strength leads for shorts. You"ll require to check for both grounding and also cross-lead shorts. In mine case, ns think the wire had rotted far to the suggest where resistance would go increase after running for a bit and also the breaker would throw. I"m lucky i didn"t burn the pump up.If you have actually no idea exactly how to do this, discover somebody that does. 220 volts AC (or also 110 for the matter) is not something to be trifled with.I should be able to finish the surroundings tomorrow with all-new wiring because that both pumps and also the lighting. The brand-new wire is going into 1" PVC conduit, therefore it need to last much much longer this time. That reminds me, i should obtain the camera out ...
not a swimming pool guy

Pool pump breaker keeps tripping

Postby not a swimming pool guy » sat 02 May, 2009 08:29

My answer may not aid you specifically but I"m posting to help others searching this price too. Ns recently set up a preventive pump I had in my melted for 3 years, the ran for about 5 seconds and then would expedition the breaker. I dubbed an electrical motor shop and they graciously i agree to carry out a business call, give thanks to God. Therefore no disconnecting the motor and pump because that a bench test. Lock cleaned the points and it was good to go. Appears that the points to be sticking and causing the motor to desire to continue to be in it"s early stage "rev that up" mode to gain the motor approximately speed. This was causing the motor to draw too much amperage for also long, tripping the breaker. Hope this help, let"s walk swimming...

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Pool pump breaker keeps tripping

Postby Guest » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 14:03

I had the very same problem. After reading this short article I check the wiring leading to the circut breaker and also noticed that it had overheated and no longer had a an excellent contact. Ns reconnected the wiring to the circut breaker which fixed the problem.Thanks because that the tip.
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