If her cat is licking glass you might be wondering why this is happing and also if there is something you deserve to use to stop this (click below for my finest solution, on Amazon #Ad)…

Why does mine cat lick glass?

Your cat might lick glass for numerous reasons. The most usual reasons are it enjoys the water residue on the glass or loves the feel and also texture that the glass itself. If that the former, you can easily assist to do it protect against by offering more water, or water in different formats, such as a water fountain.

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Use this to assist stop her cat licking glass

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So, currently you know. But, why carry out some cats like licking water from glass? could your cat be stressed out? Why carry out they lick mirrors as well? Keep analysis for these answers, and also much more…

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1 Why does my cat lick glass?
2 usage these to assist stop her cat licking glass
3 How have the right to I avoid my cat from licking glass?
3.1 01. Offer much more water
3.2 02. Move to wet food
3.3 03. Usage a water spring
3.4 04. Relocate the cat native the room with the glass
4 Why do some cats favor water native glass?
5 might your cat evaluate the feeling of the glass?
6 deserve to a cat licking glass disrupt her sleep?
7 can stress reason a cat come lick glass?
8 Why does my cat lick mirrors?
9 Why does my cat lick for this reason much?
10 deserve to a cat get obsessive through licking?
11 exactly how do you solve a cat’s pica?

How can I stop my cat native licking glass?


A white cat licking a glass.

In this section, ns will provide you part suggestions on how you deserve to prevent her cat native licking glass. You may need to try a pair to see exactly how your cat reaction t uncover the perfect enhance for your situation.

01. Offer much more water

Firstly, the easiest way is to sell your cat much more water. This is assuming it is not acquiring enough and feels compelled to attract the moisture turn off glass objects.

02. Switch to wet food


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If you are right now feeding her cat dry food, you may want to take into consideration offering wet food. This will certainly be advantageous since it will offer much more water in the meal and also may aid your cat feel fulfilled.

If girlfriend are at this time using dry food, part of your problem might be that it is not getting sufficient water. And, this can be a rapid fix.

03. Use a water fountain


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If you are afraid that your cat is craving much more water, and you room offering sufficient water in its bowl (click right here if the guarding this). Then a water spring is a good idea. This will sell flowing water to her cat, i m sorry they often tend to appreciate.

Why execute they evaluate the flowing water? Well, the an instinct to respect flow water from their ancestors. The idea is flowing water is viewed as fresh and also safe, quite than quiet water that might be stagnant or dirty.

04. Move the cat from the room through the glass

If all falls short you could think about moving your cat native the room with the glass. Depending upon your home setup this may, or might not it is in possible. But, if the is girlfriend could shot it. I will be honest, cats space stubborn, so you may struggle with this option.

Why execute some cats favor water from glass?

Cats might prefer the water native glass because of exactly how it tricks down it. Meaning, the favors the circulation of herbal water and triggers your instinct to look for fresh flowing water. This is inherited from its wild ancestors that resided in the wild and used this as a survival protocol.

Why? Well, as stated earlier, flow water is reputed safe water due to the fact that it is seen as fresh and also natural as result of the way it flows.

Could her cat evaluate the emotion of the glass?

If her cat is liking glass and also when you inspect it there is not lot water there, or no one at all it could just genuinely favor the texture of the glass ~ above its tongue. Alternatively, it could be the cool temperature of the glass that renders it evaluate it.

Typically, this deserve to be harder to fix due to the fact that just giving them much more water, or a fountain won’t help, because they desire the actual glass, not the water.

Can a cat licking glass disrupt her sleep?

One of the troubles with glass licking from cat is it have the right to disrupt your sleep. This deserve to be due to the fact that it chooses to perform this late in the night, or at an early stage hours of the morning once you are in deep sleep. The difficulty is your tongue is fairly rough and also can make unnecessary noise.

If this is the case, and your cat sleeps in, or under her bed in ~ night, it’s worth banning your cat from her bedroom at night. Or, depending on what glass object it is, taking that the end of the bedroom. But, if the a glass window, the last will no be an option.

Can stress cause a cat come lick glass?

A stressed-out cat deserve to sometimes lick (what about your hand? click here) glass or various other random non-food objects. This stress and anxiety can be led to by numerous things. Some o the most typical ones are alters in your residence that unsettle the cat. Because that example, a brand-new home altogether, or brand-new people in her home.

This is why you might see your cat attacking your friends, this is anxious habits that deserve to spill the end in plenty of different means like licking glass.

Why does mine cat lick mirrors?

If you have seen your cat licking your mirrors it could be its attempt to lick that is cat friend. The problem is cats don’t recognize mirrors, and until they attach with the winter (what around scratching it? click here) castle think it’s an additional cat. If this is not the case it might be due to the fact that it genuinely enjoys the feel of the mirror.

This is similar to what I declared earlier, wherein they might appreciate the mirror’s temperature or feel, remember?

Why does my cat lick therefore much?


A white and also black cat licking its own nose.

Some cats seem to lick a lot because they want to display their love. This is since licking and also grooming in this way is synonymous with love and affection. Why? Well, together kittens their mom would groom them. And, they would groom other littermates.

This is why you might see her cat licking and grooming itself on you, it is a method of showing affection and love.

Can a cat acquire obsessive v licking?

Some cats can gain too obsessive through licking. And, if it gets too much you might see them develop conditions like alopecia. They might be over-grooming as result of stress or some other form of anxiety.

How carry out you solve a cat’s pica?

Pica is a condition where a cat will certainly eat non-food items. This is why you may see castle licking weird items favor glass, plastic toys, noodle wool, etc. To prevent it girlfriend can try several methods such together offering alternate items to play with, offering your cat an ext of your quality time, remove the offending items completely, etc.

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Truthfully speaking it is not an overnight resolve it will call for some trial and also error to see how your cat responds and also may require some input from her vet for more advice.