Let"s i think something favor a pair of tweezers, since that"s strangely what resulted in this psychological exercise.

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Does the metal ever actually permanently change its shape? Stainless stole is relatively malleable, yet in this situation even v tweezers organized closed, is there ever before a point where removing this constriction would an outcome in no readjust in shape (i.e they stay closed permanently till bent back)? Is over there a mathematical means to specify how long this would take? would it just stay in stress and anxiety forever unless an ext force was included to reshape the metal?

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I would certainly guess you"re thinking about the phenomenon referred to as creep.

Your item of steel is made up from crystals in which every atom has actually a well identified position with respect come the atoms roughly it, and also it bring away a many of power to do an atom jump completely out the its position. When you elastically deform the steel you displace atoms really slightly, however when you release the steel the atoms return to their equilibrium positions and also the metal returns to its original shape. Irreversible deformation happens as soon as you use so much force that it makes some that the atoms jump fully out that their original locations and also into brand-new positions.

However even under small deformations it is feasible for atoms to move leading to the deformation to end up being permanent. Metals normally contain defects in their crystal structure dubbed dislocations and the atoms near a dislocation space generally an ext mobile than atoms in the remainder of the metal. Under even small applied forces movement of atoms at a dislocation can reason the dislocation come move and also the steel to permanently deform.

Alternatively, at any kind of temperature above absolute zero the atoms in a metal have some thermal power so they room vibrating around their equilibrium positions. As you increase the temperature the atom vibrate an ext and this provides it much easier for them come move. The evident extreme instance of this is melting, wherein the atoms vibrate so much it breaks down the consistent crystal lattice and also becomes a liquid. However even listed below the melting allude increased temperature can permit atoms come move and this can cause a little deformation to become permanent.

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To what level creep happens, and how fast, relies on the kind of metal and how the metal has actually been treated. Obviously your tweezers space designed to be flexible and will have actually been made from a steel that does not creep readily.