I’ve read the Charles Dickens book, A Christmas Carol, and also have seen plenty of different movie versions end the years and also I always wondered why Jacob Marley had actually that bandage tied around his head. I don’t recall anything around him having actually a this ache.

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I have actually seen countless movie version of A Christmas Carol where the personality of Jacob Marley unties the bandage and his mouth autumn open and he screams. The scene/image always scared the beejezus the end of me once I to be younger, even in the cartoon versions, yet I can never figure out the reason why he to be wearing the bandage, or why the untied it.

I haven’t review the book in plenty of years, is there an explanation?

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No toothache. He’s dead. His jaw is bound up because it’s unable to do slack, as a corpse’s does. However he has to untie it come speak.

(We won’t demand too lot logic or fidelity to real life once it pertains to ghosts.)

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Was it common, ago in the 1800’s come tie increase dead people’s heads? It simply seems weird. I’ve never seen anything like that (regarding ghosts, or corpses).

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http://radicalreference.info/node/1168Here is a discussion around “What killed Jacob Marley” and other things about his death and his times.It provides some exciting info.

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As much as i know, it’s still done. Simply not tied. The muscle of the jaw still relax in ~ death, in most cases, and the mouth still drops open, just as it did in the 1800s. As much as ns know, an elastic band is used, and also it go right around the head together the bandage or kerchief did because that Marley. Once rigor mortis sets in, that isn’t needed.

Do I have that right? That’s mine understanding. Who else may have an ext current knowledge or much more professional language 보다 mine.

I’ve additionally never been also clear top top what a bandage does for a toothache.

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From the story:

“Though that looked the phantom through and through, and also saw the standing prior to him; though he feeling the chilling affect of its death-cold eyes; and marked the really texture of the urgent kerchief bound about its head and also chin, which wrapper he had actually not it was observed before; he to be still incredulous, and also fought versus his senses.”

The illustrator that the first edition portrayed Marley through the kerchief, and also apparently so has everyone excellent since.