Why carry out Magnets Stick come Refrigerators?

In daily life, we regularly put part cute tiny objects top top the side of the refrigerator come decorate it. We all recognize that the reason why these little objects deserve to be attached come the frozen refrigerator is the they have a magnet in them. Yet why perform magnets stick to refrigerators? What space the working principles of the refrigerator magnet? Let’s uncover out.

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Why do Magnets Stick come Refrigerators?

When the magnet is attached to the side of the refrigerator, the gravity of the earth will “pull that down”, so the magnet must have a pressure to get over gravity, so whereby does its force to conquer gravity come from?

Let’s an initial analyze the anxiety state that the magnet. As soon as the magnet is attached come the next of the refrigerator, it is in a revolution state. According come Newton’s first Law that Motion, the merged external force of an object at remainder is zero. 

After a straightforward analysis, we have the right to conclude that in this state, the magnet receives four forces, namely the electromagnetic force between the magnet and also the next of the refrigerator (these are two forces), the heaviness of the earth, and also the friction between the magnet and the next of the refrigerator.

Therefore, we can draw a conclusion the the phenomenon the a magnet will certainly not autumn off once attached to the next of the frozen refrigerator is because of the balance that the forces. The reason for this phenomenon, in the final analysis, is the an outcome of the interaction between gravity and electromagnetic force.

So where does the electromagnetic force of a magnet come from?

Here’s a short explanation.

An atom consists of a nucleus with a positive charge and also an electron with a an unfavorable charge. Inside the atom, the electron constantly move roughly the nucleus and spin in ~ the same time, due to the fact that the moving charge will generate an electric present and also a magnetic field, therefore this movement of electrons will generate a magnetic field.

In many substances, because of the disordered activity of electrons, this magnetic effect produced by electrons will certainly cancel each various other out, so that they do not exhibition magnetism. However, there is a very solid interaction between the electrons of ferromagnetic substances-“exchange coupling“, which makes the magnetic field generated by them spontaneously merged in a little area. We contact these tiny areas “magnetic domains“. 

What are the working values of the magnet?

As have the right to be viewed from the above picture, for a ferromagnetic substance, that has plenty of magnetic domains. In general, these magnetic domains will not be arranged in the exact same direction, for this reason they will not show magnetism as a whole.

However, if we put a piece of ferromagnetic substance right into a sufficiently strong magnetic field, climate these magnetic domain names will be drawn in the same direction under the action of an outside force. In this case, the ferromagnetic problem is magnetized and becomes a magnet.

What are the working ethics of the magnet?

It should be mentioned that because of the extremely strong “exchange coupling” in between the electron of the ferromagnetic substance, ~ the magnetization of the ferromagnetic substance, also if the external magnetic ar is removed, the inner magnetic domain names will continue to be consistent, so that in the macro it mirrors magnetism.

According come quantum theory, the magnetic domain inside the magnet (permanent magnet) is the an outcome of minimizing energy, which method that as lengthy as over there is no outside force intervention, then the magnet will constantly have magnetism. This is why the magnet is attached come the side of the refrigerator and also will not autumn off for decades.


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