What are eight locations to which Huck and Jim take trip along the Mississippi in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
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as soon as Huck and Jim team increase on Jackson’s Island (1), tiny do they recognize where their travels will certainly take them. However when castle hear that there space bounty hunters make the efforts to capture Jim, Huck and Jim automatically get ~ above the raft and also head under the Mississippi River.

travelling on the...

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When Huck and also Jim team up on Jackson’s Island (1), small do they know where your travels will certainly take them. However when lock hear the there are bounty hunters trying to record Jim, Huck and Jim immediately get ~ above the raft and also head down the Mississippi River.

Travelling top top the raft through night, and also hiding throughout the day, Huck and Jim spend the next couple of job getting worked out on the raft. They prevent at small villages to buy, “lift,” and “borrow” food. ~ above the 5th night they pass the city of St luigi (2), which is all lit up also at 2 am, living up to Huck’s expectations.

The arrangement is because that Huck and Jim to take trip down to where the Ohio river meets the Mississippi flow at the city of Cairo (3), and then castle will obtain on a steamboat and head north up the Ohio to the cost-free states. Yet a thick fog hides the meeting of the rivers, and they miss out on their possibility to head north. So instead they proceed south on the Mississippi.

When a steamboat crashes into them, they jump overboard and can’t discover each other. Huck renders it to shore, staying with the Grangerford family members in a Tennessee city (4). After a shootout with an additional family, the Sheperdson family, Huck rushes back to the security of the river, happy come reunite through Jim.

A pair of con men, the "king” and the “duke,” join Huck and also Jim ~ above the raft. They decision to progressive money by stopping in little towns and also swindling the gullible civilization of their money. Very first they avoid in a small Arkansas town, Pokeville, attending a religious camp conference (5). The king pretends to it is in a reformed pirate, raising money for this reason he can assist other pirates to reform their ways.

Then they stop at an additional Arkansas village, Bricksville, where they carry out the royal Nonesuch, swindling yet another town of their money and also pride (6).

Next they wind up at the residence of Peter Wilks, who has recently died, and also the con men, pretending to it is in the brothers of Peter Wilks, try to stealing the money belonging come the 3 Wilks girl (7).

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And finally, after every that, they finish up at Silas Phelps’ plantation, where the fight it out betrays Jim, marketing him to Silas Phelps because that “forty dirty dollars” (8).