Have you ever thought about your golf towel? probably only if girlfriend forget one, does it really come to mind. You know that value of maintaining your clubs clean during and also after her round, but any type of old piece of fabric will carry out right? Yes, any kind of ragged item of towel can wipe the dirt off your clubs or clean your golf ball, yet why not execute it in style? Uther Golf Towels have the right to spice up your golf towel life with among their numerous awesome choices.

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By now, you have probably provided or own a waffle microfiber towel. They aren’t golf exclusive, they are in her kitchen, bathroom and garage. Uther uses a waffle knit microfiber towel as their base product and then flavors it up v cool patterns and designs in 2 various sizes. There is the old institution clip-on dare towel dimension 15″ x 24″ trifolded or the modern tour towel through putter slot at 20″ x 40″. Uther sent out me a pair of every to try each size and match various patterns to my golf bag. All of the towel feature sublimated prints which means the front side reflects off their fads while the earlier remains white. These towels space lint complimentary and won’t scratch your sunglasses for this reason they room sturdy for clean clubs, however gentle for her face.

The Uther Tour Towels has actually a slot in the center so you deserve to loop the on her putter. This is the typical usage so the you have it with you to clean her golf round on the green. The huge size hangs under nicely top top the bag so the you deserve to clean your irons or woods without taking it turn off the putter. I favored the dark patterns for hiding dust or mopping up spilled coffee (not mine) ~ above the dare seat. Even after 18 feet of clean dirt, there is quiet plenty of unused room to wipe the sweat off my face with out applying dirt.

The Uther Cart bath towel is smaller, trifolded and also clips to her bag via carabiner. That is constantly there and ready come go. While it isn’t as large as the tourism towel, that hangs nicely on the next of the bag, out of the way until you require it. It is still big enough gift trifolded that after 36 holes there was still some clean towel space to wipe turn off my sunglasses.

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Uther Towels are priced similar to other golf towels, yet look therefore cool. They yes, really spice your golf bag and permit you to express your layout without a major investment. I have actually an every white Vessal bag so I deserve to use virtually any Uther Towel and it will certainly look great. Depending upon your golf bag, friend should be able to find a pattern and size that will certainly suit your taste. Why not Spice Up your Golf Towel? A quality towel, at a normal price with impressive style, the is Uther Towels.For an ext information: www.uthersupply.comQuick Hits:+Waffle mircofiber towel+2 sizes+Awesome styles+Fair price
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