We all understand cats are an extremely flexible and also nimble. No matter what place they room in when they jump or fall off a tree, they always land on their feet.

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Cat owner are supplied to seeing their furry feline friend contorted whichever means when castle sleep. As if cat’s bones space made out of noodles. Among the most usual sleeping positions is when cat’s sleep v their heads upside down. However why, exactly, do cats choose placing their heads prefer that?

Why do cats sleep through their head upside down?

Cats sleep through their head upside down for the adhering to reasons:

To store themselves heat

Cat ears are really thin, so they feel the cold on their ears rather quickly. They tuck your ears and also nose in to maintain warmth. Usually as soon as a cat exposes his ears and also nose, they space comfortable sufficient with the temperature about them and also they room enjoying it.

To feeling calm and also safe

once cats sleep v their top upside down, they normally also cover your eyes and ears. This shows you the they feeling safe and also relaxed. Rarely have the right to you observe external cats sleep in this position. The is since this position makes them an extremely vulnerable. Exterior cats will favor sleeping positions whereby their ears and eyes space exposed and sensitive come the sights and also sounds of feasible predators or any kind of danger.

To feeling comfortable

Cats execute love your naps. Castle love this position since due come their inherent flexibility, their bodies feeling comfortable in this twisty and also bendy position. Your heads, which are light and also not hefty at all, i will not ~ feel any kind of pressure whatsoever. Us humans can also sleep ~ above our earlier but it won’t be a really restful nap.

Common cat sleeping positions

Before us dive right into the gist that the matter, let’s talk about some various other cat resting positions and what lock mean.

1. All curled up

A the majority of animals, also in the wild, sleep v this place to conserve warmth and also energy.

2. Belly-up

cats sleep like this as soon as they feel safe, due to the fact that they are exposing their stomachs, the most vulnerable component of the body.

3. Half-eye shut

Cats have the amazing ability to be both awake and also asleep. They fall asleep however keep one eye fifty percent open to still have the ability to detect the presence of predators or any kind of danger.

4. Bread

This is among the cutest resting positions to catch your cat doing. Lock look favor a beautiful baked bread of bread. This is a wanted position of a cat who simply needs to nod turn off for a pair of minutes but cannot dedicate one hour to nap. This cat is constantly on the go and just needs small micro naps here and there.

5. Party sleeper

Just prefer the belly-up, this is an indication that a contented kitty. They leaving their stomach exposed due to the fact that they feeling secure and also safe.

6. Paw across the challenge

This is an additional adorable position for cat to sleep in. Experts say the this isn’t really a conscious position yet something they finish up v while they are asleep. That is possibly them trying come block the end the sunlight from glaring on your eyes.

7. Cat in a crate

cats love cramming themselves right into tight spaces. This is residual instinct native their huge cat ancestors who chosen hiding in caves because that safety. Cats will certainly climb right into boxes for this reason they deserve to sleep safely in peace. If you notification a cat resting in hiding areas often, the usually means they are hiding from something, or someone.

Why is mine cat looking in ~ me upside down?

The exact same reasons regarding why our cats sleep v their heads upside down apply to why lock look at us v their top upside under while lying down. The only distinction is that they space not tired enough to actually fall asleep.

This is your cat showing you the it feels very secure and safe in her presence. This is the closest your cat is ever going to acquire to speak “I love you” without actually talking.

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If the cat’s human body is outstretched, that is warmth enough and also comfortable with the bordering temperature. Once the cat is curled up in a ball, the catt feels a small cold and may have to conserve his human body heat. Regardless of the cat’s human body position, if the head is upside down, and also his/her eyes are looking in ~ you v interest, that cat is 100% smitten.