Which friggin" Godzilla? either way, though, Thanos kills him. GFW Godzilla damaged a earth sized meteor flying over 400 mph with his thermonuclear breath v ease, which then resulted in a seismic boom on the A to H-Bomb scale of destruction, and survived it. Marvel Godzilla(listed together the second weakest variation of Godzilla to date) was able to fight the an excellent Four at only 15 feet and also win, and also swatted Thor away pretty well. Still, I will certainly say Thanos, because even despite the big G deserve to be all-powerful, Thanos IS all-powerful.

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He reduced Godzilla"s Achilles heel of something
Originally post by golem370 He reduced Godzilla"s Achilles heel of something Godzilla wouldn"t feeling it whatsoever. One blast and ANY Wolvie is toast ~ above the spot.
Godzilla wins!I can"t stomach the idea the him shedding to anyone, no matter if they really could or not

Originally post by Ultraman Baltan WHICH GODZILLA? different Zillas are various power levels. Oh, and also no Godzilla has ever before been 400 feet. Greatest is 300(GFW). Let"s see.......1954 to be too early on to referee in life power.Showa, at best, was a city leveler.Marvel"s to be actually one of the weaker Godzillas(did less damage, no as reliable blasts, didn"t take it on as many high end creatures), however did part absolutely incredible feats. When he to be 15 feet(size changing saga), he in reality pretty lot stopped the fantastic Four in your tracks. ~ above a common basis, that flicked away Thor. THOR! that is immensely amazing! while he to be tossed by Hercules(not the best showing), he conveniently came earlier and smacked the demigod away quickly. Any kind of beast able to take it on the Avengers(with Thor and also Ironman in ~ their ideal in it), wonderful Four as soon as he was mean sized, and every one of S.H.I.E.L.D is definately a scary SOB.Hanna Barbarra"s to be weak. His eyebeams were pathetic, that fire was also worse, and also he shed to a large catapiller(sp?).Heisie was extremely powerful. That swam in molten lava because that years and also broke with miles of rock easily.Meltdown was off the scale. His an extremely existence virtually destroyed the earth. Plus, he destroyed a living prompt kill weapon easily.Dark Horse"s Godzilla was much like Heisie Godzilla, just smarter, stronger, and much more manuverable. When the breath weapon calmed down a good bit, he to be still a difficult fighter. Not the best, however hey, he was still really dangerous(took ~ above a clan the cosmic hunters that destroyed EVERYTHING lock hunted and were all nearly Godzilla sized).USA Godzilla was the weakest. He take it a few missles and went down quickly. A dead to his bretherin.Cartoon Godzilla(1998) was much solid than his predesessor. His toughness was greater, he take it missles without any kind of harm, and also slayed tons of monsters. A much tougher Godzilla than most.2000 was likewise immensely powerful. Possibly a step down native Heisie however manuverable and also skilled.GXMegaguirus was slower than 200, but durable enough to make it through a black color hole unharmed countless times and also caught the more quickly Toho kaiju in his mouth(not to mention destroying the stinger in one chomp).GMK was solid as well. He resided in a radiation area because that over 40 years and also was in reality "The Apocalypse". GMK blew through mountainsides easily and survived city destroying assaults easily. It take it Ghidorah the "Dragon God" to fight him, and also HE lost.GXMechagodzilla/GMMG was no the most powerful, however one that the tougher and more impressive regenerating Godzillas. He was able to take top top a script Showa Godzilla can not(fighting two Mothra Larvae) and adding on to that, he battled plot device Kiryu v it.GFW may be the ultimate perfection the fighter. Powerful enough come blast among Toho"s biggest kaiju ever before into space, no to mention throwing him roughly like a ragdoll, chucking Kumonga end the horizon without a sweat, and also destroying a meteor the size of planet coming in ~ 400 mph, and then enduring a blast the cause much more damage than an atomic or Hydrogen bomb without a scratch. He can utterly damage Juggernaut, Hulk, and also Possibly SUPERMAN in ~ his best. An excellent information and also a good post,

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Originally post by MJOILNIR Great information and also a good post, Thanks.
Sorry for the typos, though.
but now that i think of it, I"m particular that Supes would shed to Heisie, Meltdown, and also GFW. Same with Juggernaut, Thor(since the Marvel one had actually no trouble with him), Hulk, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and many more. He might beat a great amount that cosmics, even(not a lot, though)! but here"s one who"s even more powerful 보다 GFW Godzilla: Spacegodzilla. HE"S a cosmic being. Seriously.