The global superstar shares details on she upcoming las Vegas residency, her charitable partnership through Baby2Baby and also more.

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Katy Perry is welcoming winter v fleece and love in her new Gap campaign. The pop superstar consist of The Beatles’ “All You require Is Love” in a commercial helmed by Grammy-winning director mark Romanek.

The advertisement follows Perry as she rises from bed, heads to the gym and arrives on set to shooting the space commercial in i m sorry she performs the iconic Beatles hit surrounding by couples clad in vivid puffer vests, jackets, sweaters and denim.

“All that the gibbs in the commercial and the extras, they’re all real-life couples — i beg your pardon is great,” Perry called The Hollywood Reporter via phone front of the vacation ad’s debut. “These couples acquire paid to be with each other to be in warm in color-blocked sweats and also share the love. It was just so easy and effortless. And thank god, due to the fact that those aren’t really words the exist in our human being today.”

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Out this particular day (and ~ above its star’s 37th birthday, no less), the one-minute point out marks “a full-circle moment,” said Perry, who likewise has footwear and fragrance present under her belt. “When ns was 16, among my very very first jobs besides scrubbing a couple of toilets here and there was at gap in Santa Barbara, which tho exists. I was in charge the the fleece section. In the early on 2000s, they had actually these iconic void playlists wherein it was every one of these up-and-coming artists that would acquire on the playlist … my dream was always to do the playlist. But small did I know I was starring in a void commercial almost 20 years later. How crazy!”

She added, “It’s kind of a rite that passage, all of my heroes have done it. ‘All You need Is Love’ is together an top song and it’s the definition of life and also to job-related with such a legend , It to be such straightforward ‘yes.’ was world-class, all the world I gained to work with are simply pros and they cure me for this reason lovely.”

The American Idol judge, who invited her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, with fiancé Orlando Bloom last year, is also partnering with space on a philanthropic aspect. The clothing firm will donate one dollar (up to $100,000) for every present of Perry’s sheathe of “All You require of Love” on Spotify toBaby2Baby, a Los Angeles-based charitable company that provides new mothers in require with child essentials.

It’s no the first time that the businessman star has lent she time to the organization (which likewise counts Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, Kerry Washington and Ali Wong amongst its dozens of starry supporters). The singer previously this summer volunteered in ~ Baby2Baby’s back-to-school drive, i m sorry was complied with in July through a performance through John Legend at luxury retailer LuisaViaRoma’s UNICEF fundraiser.

“I hope I have the right to your Christmas drive,” stated Perry that Baby2Babt. “They really are impressive at giving all the demands that moms need, i m sorry sometimes can be yes, really overwhelming … for this reason it’s simply beautiful to be able to contribute come my favorite charity v doing what ns love, i m sorry is re-recording a Beatles song. It was simply an A-plus time.”

Perry will quickly make her las Vegas residency debut on Dec. 29, as soon as her Play show opens in ~ Resorts world Theatre, wherein it runs with March 2022. (Tickets room still obtainable online in ~ SeatGeek, StubHub, Ticketmaster and also Vivid Seats.)


“It’s really really exciting. V the holidays coming up, i am gearing increase — I absolutely need to start intermittently fasting or something,” she joked. “I’m earlier in the gym, I’m doing so lot production because that this larger-than-life, Honey i Shrunk the Kids on mushroom moment. It is going to be so fun and also so colorful, and Vegas feels choose it was always meant to be in the my grandma lived there and I psychic going to visit her every the time.”

Perry also called her Sin City debut yet one more full-circle moment, as her late aunt to be a showgirl in ~ the Sunset Strip’s legend Stardust Hotel, once located on the exact same grounds of the substantial Resorts people development, whereby mini-residencies additionally include Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. (Celine Dion canceled her show due to severe muscle spasms.)

“My aunt that I didn’t really acquire to understand — she passed before I was of age — she to be a showgirl … it feels kind of legendary. I’m excited to be able to do Play> shows and also still be able to take mine daughter to preschool. You just don’t gain those moments ago I hear, so I’m no going to miss them,” notes the star.

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In enhancement to toasting her gap commercial, Perry reveals much more details on this year’s birthday festivities, i beg your pardon she states will it is in decidedly an ext low-key than when she rotate 30 and 35 (which she fêted in Morocco and Egypt, respectively). In between the milestone years, “I desire to perform something an ext intimate v my family. Critical year, I also got to walk to Hawaii, just me and also Orlando and my baby, and also it’s favor a nice bonding time, that wasn’t as well raucous. But I’m absolutely going to enable myself a skinny margarita or three.”

See the full campaign above, and shop few of the warm pieces watched on Perry and an ext cold-weather essentials below.