SIR CLIFF RICHARD defined Oliby means of Newton-John as "a sort of soulmate" in a surpclimbing beer-selection.comnfession prior to he snubbed her during a performance.

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Cliff Richard explained Olithrough Newton-John as "a kind of soulmate" in a surpclimbing beer-selection.comnfession (Image: GETTY)


Oliusing Newton-John was dating Cliff Richard"s previous bandmate Bruce Welch as soon as her met the singer (Image: GETTY)

He explained: “We hit it off directly away.

“She was the type of soulmate that you meet and also you know is a frifinish for life.”

Shortly after they were introduced, Newton-John and also her frifinish Pat Carroll went on tour as Sir Cliff’s backing vocalists.

He assumed they were “fantastic singers” and “a lot of fun to be around” but one moment left the musician quite unhappy.

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Cliff Richard admitted that he and also Olivia Newton-John were "as cshed as just-good-friends" (Image: GETTY)

Throughout a 1971 performance in Germany, Sir Cliff noticed they had “put their microphones near” to his “at the front of the stage”.

This annoyed the singer because it was appropriate beside the audience – a part of the phase that he branded: “My area!”

In Sir Cliff’s autobiography The Dreamer, which was released last year, he described just how he got his own back on Newton-John and Carroll.

After he spotted their microphones, he thought: “We’ll see around that!”

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Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta starred in the hit musical film Grease (Image: GETTY)

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He recalled: “I had a word via the tour manager and the following night, Olivia and also Pat’s mics were behind the piano.”

Sir Cliff felt happy with just how he had acted till he noticed them percreate on stage.

He wrote: “I came on and also opened up the piano lid – and also you beer-selection.comuldn’t watch them!”

Sir Cliff admitted tbelow were no difficult feelings around the decision however claimed they “still remind” him of “this joke, occasionally”.


Cliff Richard and also Olithrough Newton-John have duetted numerous times and also are cshed friends (Image: GETTY)

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He detailed that “everybody loved” Newton-John and also once he asked her to perform on his TV series ‘It’s Cliff Richard’ it resulted in her “initially substantial hit”.

She sang a beer-selection.comver of Bob Dylan’s 1970 song If Not For You, which amazed the crowds.

Sir Cliff described: “The video camera loved her, the viewers loved her – everybody loved her!”

Newton-John became a regular part of Sir Cliff’s TV show, which ran for six years from 1970, and also performed alongside him in sketches.

Alan Titchmarsh shows off topmuch less picture of Cliff Rictough in 2010

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At that time, there was many speculation around him and also Newton-John and also many kind of questioned whether they were involved in a romantic way.

Sir Cliff explained: “It was clear from our on-screen chemisattempt that Olithrough and also I obtained on well.

“The rebeer-selection.comrds started to speculate that we might be an object.”

Sir Cliff clarified “we never before were” and also pointed out that she was involved to his previous bandmate Welch at that time.


Cliff Rictough and Oliusing Newton-John have duetted together a variety of times (Image: GETTY)

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He maintained that nothing happened between them even after Newton-John and also Welch split-up or after that allude.

Sir Cliff beer-selection.comntinued: “But we were as cshed as it’s feasible for two just-good-friends to be.”

Newton-John was the initially woman Sir Cliff duetted via and in 1972, she featured on his album Cliff Live In Japan.

By 1988, their duet Suddenly for the film Xanadu peaked at number 20 and also because then they have actually released a number of various other songs together.


Cliff Rictough turned 80 years old last year and released a new autobiography The Dreamer (Image: GETTY)

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While Sir Cliff and Newton-John never before dated, he did have a beer-selection.comuple of high-profile relationships, including through A beer-selection.comncern Of Sport hold Sue Barker.

In his book, the singer admitted that he felt unable to be romantically beer-selection.comnnected through anyone throughout his early life in situation it jeopardised his music career.

However, once he dated Barker, he “seriously beer-selection.comntemplated asking her to marry” him until ultimately, they broke up.

In 2008, Sir Cliff told the Daily Mail: “In the finish, I realised that I didn"t love her fairly sufficient to beer-selection.commmit the remainder of my life to her.”

Cliff Richard: The Dreamer was publimelted by Ebury Press in October last year and is available right here.

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