Usually right now of the year, I’d carry out a year-end blog post about my favorite things that I’ve read and watched and listened to. I might still do one of those, however I can’t overlook that this year wasn’t organization as usual because that me.

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As 2016 draws to a close, the feels prefer you can’t go all over or read anything without politics coming up these days. At first, i was worried that this would be off-putting for many, then i realized the ignoring the problems in our people might be what lugged us here. So, I’m dealing with it. I’m no going come talk about politics through every blog post, but I won’t shy far from the either.

It’s prefer the heat from Hamilton, “If you was standing for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”*

After looking into the quote, i think that is supposed to asking what you’ll die for, but I always thought it had a little of another an interpretation (probably since of the quote it’s based on*). If you don’t stand for noþeles or have any type of convictions, will certainly you simply be a monitor listening come the loudest voice at the time? will you loss for anything? i don’t want to just follow the crowd to the “safest” location I have the right to find. I want to create safe spaces. I want the whole world to be for sure for everyone.

Many human being are happy 2016 is coming to a close, yet I check out 2017 as an even bigger battle. I think it’s a worthwhile battle and perhaps 2016 ready us and also pointed united state in the ideal direction. However, currently we have to follow through and also fight because that what we was standing for.

And that brings me to an additional Hamilton quote, “Let’s take it a stand through the stamina God has actually granted us.”

While I’m healthy and also able, I desire to take it a was standing for what I believe in.

I think that my identity is not something to it is in hidden yet something to it is in proud the now more than ever. I think that there room more great people in this people than bad. I think that are afraid has won because that now, but it won’t success forever. I think that expect is stronger than the are afraid that has actually driven us here. I believe in #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #ownvoices. I believe that mine story matters even if just to a few. I believe in equality and I think that in bespeak to build a structure for equality we must very first look because that equity.

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* This line was motivated by the quote, “Those who stand because that nothing autumn for anything.” It’s regularly been attributed come Alexander Hamilton, despite I’ve discovered no concrete evidence of its origin.


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