In the second component of Acts thing 2, the apostle Peter exposes the good news of Jesus Christ. The exposes what we need to believe and what we should do to be reconciled come God with the sacrifice the His Son. In this article, I will certainly lay part details down to aid you to ~ reader solitary out the vital details of the gospel and of the Christian life.

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What we must know about JesusJesus the real man was crucified by the Jews follow to the plan of GodPeter’s Solution

Acts 2 – Peter’s first Sermon

At the start of the second chapter of Acts, we saw how the apostles received the promise that the divine Spirit the the lord Jesus sent out them after gift exalted to the appropriate hand the the Father. Peter described that the last age has begun due to the fact that of what the prophet Joel has prophesied. This age starts on the job of Pentecost wherein the heart started to it is in poured out on all flesh. This age will finish when the sun and also moon will be darkened prior to the job of the Lord. Throughout this critical age, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will certainly be saved.

But now we questioning what is the name of the Lord? Is that Jehovah or to be Peter speaking about another name?

Let’s look much more in information into the second part of chapter 2. 


What we should know about Jesus

The apostle Peter currently exposes who that name is: Jesus Christ. In his first sermon, that exposes the gospel totally to the Jewish people who gathered approximately the 120 disciples. This is a great opportunity to recognize what the gospel the Christ is about and what we should know around Him native the mouth that the an initial pastor. 


Jesus is a actual man: he is the carpenter from Nazareth

Peter made sure to remind his Jewish listeners about the male Jesus that walked amongst them. With the name Jesus being typical during that time, he reminds lock it was Jesus the carpenter native Nazareth. 

Acts 2:23 –  Ye males of Israel, hear this words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved that God amongst you by miracles and wonders and signs, i beg your pardon God walk by him in the middle of you, as ye yourselves additionally know


This guy Jesus to be attested through God by mythological miracles, signs and also wonders. He did points that just God have the right to do. The devout Jews that were listening to Peter knew who Jesus was, the did these things amongst them. 

We have to know this is part of the gospel, Jesus was a real man, He come on earth, He to be God v us, among us. This truth is something that is still challenged today with human being trying to make Him a myth. However Jesus has come and also He to be truly a man.


Jesus the real man was crucified by the Jews according to the arrangement of God

Peter go on to describe that it is they, his Jewish listeners, who have taken Jesus and delivered the to it is in crucified top top the overcome by the hands of the Romans. He want to permit them recognize that they were responsible because that His crucifixion. Peter likewise adds another important details by saying that this every was planned and preordained through God native the start of the world.

Therefore, as component of the gospel, we require to understand that Jesus to be truly crucified. It to be the Jewish world of His time that made decision to provide Him to be crucified follow to your Law. Yet was it just their decision that Jesus is crucified? No, it to be God who determined from the foundation of the world. 

This go not mean that over there is a contradiction in between divine Sovereignty and also human responsibility. There is no contradiction in between God’s cost-free will and also man’s cost-free will. Peter was saying the in the crucifixion the Jesus, males were act something evil but God to be doing something good. Worship the Lord!


Why walk the Jews want Jesus dead?

It is pertinent to remind you, too ~ reader, why the Jews wanted Jesus to be dead. 

Jesus asserted 2 points while on earth that the Jews did no accept. First, He declared that that is the Christ, that He to be the Jews’ Messiah prophesied native the Old testament scriptures. 2nd and more importantly, He claimed to be Lord. It was this second claim that acquired Him crucified by the Jews on the fee of blasphemy. 

We will view that this is precisely what Peter do the efforts to make them understand: the Jesus is both Christ and also Lord.


Jesus is Christ the Messiah the the Jews: Resurrected as prophesied

What we need to think is the Jesus is elevated from the dead as Christ. He was the Messiah prophesied to the Jews in the Old testimony scriptures. Peter is adamant to make that clear to his listeners.

He price quotes Psalm 16 the King David:

Acts 2:25-32 (KJV)

25 For David speaketh concerning him, ns foresaw the Lord constantly before my face, because that he is top top my appropriate hand, that I need to not it is in moved:

26 Therefore did my love rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover additionally my meat shall rest in hope:

27 Because thou wilt no leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.

28 Thou aside from that made well-known to me the ways of life; thou shalt do me full of joy with thy countenance.

29 Men and brethren, allow me easily speak depend you of the patriarch David, the he is both dead and also buried, and also his sepulchre is through us unto this day.

30 Therefore gift a prophet, and also knowing that God had actually sworn with an oath come him, the of the fruit that his loins, according to the flesh, he would certainly raise up Christ to sit top top his throne;

31 He see this prior to spake of the resurrection the Christ, that his heart was not left in hell, no his flesh did see corruption.

32 This Jesus on foot God increased up, whereof us all are witnesses.


The apostle Peter claims that King David to be speaking around Jesus Christ and also not about himself. It is Jesus’ soul that was no left in hell, that is He who is the divine One who will not view corruption in the grave. David was not the divine One. King David’s flesh experienced corruption and also his sepulchre to be there v the Jews the the day come go and visit.

Peter wanted them to understand Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah the the Jews. The is precisely this affirmation that made them desire to death Him.

We require to think that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah promised come the Jews


Jesus is Lord: Exalted to the best hand the God

The apostle Peter didn’t prevent by saying that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah of the Jewish people. He had an additional message around Jesus, that He is the Lord and the child of God. Not just He is the Messiah promised to the Jews, that is currently exalted high above every name.

Peter estimates David’s Psalm again:

Acts 2:33-36 (KJV)

33 Therefore being by the appropriate hand that God exalted, and also having received of the father the promise the the holy Ghost, the hath shed forth this, i m sorry ye now see and also hear.

34 For David is not ascended into the heavens: yet he saith himself, The Lord said unto mine Lord, Sit you on my best hand,

35 Until i make thy foes her footstool.

36 Therefore let all the home of Israel understand assuredly, that God hath made the exact same Jesus, whom ye have actually crucified, both Lord and Christ.


Peter was saying the this every was predicted by the mouth the the prophet and also King David. King David spoke around another lord the kid Jesus to whom the lord (the Father) stated to sit top top His appropriate hand.

David was not speaking about himself, David did not ascend to heaven. It was Jesus, the is the one who is LORD and also exalted! an alert how Peter summarizes by speak again in city 36 that Jesus is both Lord and also Christ, the two insurance claims that gained Jesus crucified by the Jews

Peter want them to know that they were the ones responsible because that His crucifixion. What castle denied about Jesus Christ, God has provided His last verdict and has proved them wrong.

We require to think that Jesus is Lord, kid of God and God Himself


The Jews reduced to the heart

After Peter exposes who Jesus is and what they should believe about Him, the Jews were reduced to the heart.

Acts 2:37 – Now when castle heard this, they to be pricked in your heart, and also said depend Peter and to the remainder of the apostles, Men and also brethren, what shall we do?


They knew the they did wrong, not just they eliminated all the prophets sent by God before, castle now also killed God’s anointed and Holy one, Jesus Christ, who is not only their Messiah but additionally the Lord. Imagine the guilt and how they felt, these same males who spat on His face, placed the crown of thorns on His head and also crucified Him, currently knew the they to be responsible for the fatality of their own Messiah and Lord.

But at hearing what Peter said, even though what lock did to be unforgivable, it to be an chance for them come make things right. They want to make things appropriate again. They asked Peter what they should do!


Peter’s Solution

This is now the chance for Peter to say what they should do so that they deserve to make be reconciled to God after lock crucified Jesus Christ. This is not just what they have to do but what we need to do too because it is additionally our guilty that placed Jesus there, that is our guilty which that is bearing ~ above the cross. God plan this ages ago from the structure of the world.


What they (and we) should do

Peter can have claimed a million various things at this point to prize the question: “what shall us do?“. 

He can have said:

“go home and pray”“come sign up with our group and also let’s start analysis the Old testimony together”“meet united state at the holy place every first day the the week therefore that us pray together and you will certainly be saved”“go give money to the poor and treat lock right and you will be saved”

But he said:

Acts 2:38 – Repent, and be i was baptized every among you in the surname of Jesus Christ because that the remission that sins, and ye shall get the gift the the holy Ghost.


In various other words, by words “Repent“, God is informing us through the apostle Peter to change our minds around sin, come think again and also to change direction.

He also says to united state to “be i was baptized every one of you“. In other words, acquire cleaned up from our sins by baptism in water. That must tell united state that baptism in water is no an option yet a command. 

Evidently, this is all done in faith. And these devout Jews believed what Peter stated to them, otherwise, lock would have actually never asked: “what shall us do”. 

So this is what us must also do:

RepentBelieveBe baptized


What God will certainly do

In return, God will perform for us something amazing and also beautiful. His grace will be poured the end on us. 

Acts 2:38 – Repent, and also be baptized every one of you in the surname of Jesus Christ for the remission that sins, and ye shall receive the gift the the divine Ghost.


God will execute this because that us, my friends:

He will forgive our sins and so deal with our past life: not just will our sins be forgiven however He will totally wipe lock clean, He will certainly forget them and also no much longer remember them;He will give us the gift the the holy Spirit to address our future life: with His soul in us, us are currently His adopted children and with the help of His Spirit, us will have the ability to live a Holy and also fruitful life follow to God’s plan.


This promise is not only for the Jews of the moment as Peter continues in the next verse:

Acts 2:39 – because that the promise is depend you, and also to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as plenty of as the Lord our God shall call


The promise is for them and their children (meaning descendants and also not babies) and to ANYONE, as countless as the mr shall call. If us repent, believe and are baptized, we will be forgiven and also we will receive the holy Spirit. 

Many church use words “children” to indicate that we have the right to baptize babies. Peter says that the promise is come anyone who the lord God will CALL. Babies can not hear the call. Babies additionally cannot repent and believe (Acts 2:38). Anyway, no from my suffer with the babies ns met. Don’t acquire me wrong, i don’t psychic if a baby is i was baptized as long as lock hear the gospel the Christ, repent and also believe in His sacrifice ~ above the cross. 


The brand-new Testament Church life

With today’s churches, we occasionally don’t recognize what lifestyle we should embrace in order to live a true Christian life. However glory come God, plot 2 even tells united state what they the new believers in Christ did.

Acts 2:41-47 (KJV)

41 Then they that gladly received his word were i was baptized (this is the way in into the faith) : and the exact same day over there were included unto them about three thousand souls.

42 And lock continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine (teaching, scriptures study and sound doctrine) and also fellowship (sharing the same things, love, Spirit and also possessions), and in breaking that bread (breaking bread and sharing food), and in prayers (building a real relationship with God with prayer).

43 And fear came upon every heart (healthy fear and also reverance of the Lord): and many wonders and also signs were excellent by the apostles.

44 And every that believed were together, and also had all points common (sharing in fellowship);

45 And sold your possessions and goods, and also parted lock to all men (sharing in fellowship), as every man had actually need.

46 And they, proceeding daily through one accord in the temple, and also breaking bread from house to house, did eat your meat through gladness and also singleness that heart,

47 Praising God (giving prayer to God), and also having favour through all the people. And also the Lord added to the church daily such as have to be saved.

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So real church and steadfast Christian life are summarized in this:

Learning, studying and also continuing in sound doctrineFellowship (sharing exact same things in one accord and also singleness that heart: sharing the Spirit, Love, Food and also possessions)Breaking bread (doing this in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice)Praying (continuing in prayer and also in a actual live relationship with God)Praising God



My friend, Peter’s very first sermon is a work of art. We can take the second part of action 2 and also call it the gospel according to Peter. We need to believe who Jesus is and what He pertained to do ~ above the cross. We must repent, believe and be baptized in the surname of the Father, the Son and the divine Spirit. If we space serious around God, we will certainly not have actually a trouble being i was baptized in water. If Jesus did it and also He had actually no sin, why wouldn’t we execute it? If Jesus was willing to walk to the cross because that us and die to conserve us and if we believe in Him, us would have actually no trouble going under water for 3 seconds for Him.

If we repent, believe and also are baptized in the surname of the lord Jesus, God will forgive ours sins and also will remember castle no more. He will erase our past sinful lifestyle and also will offer us a brand-new start through a clear conscience. The will also give united state His holy Spirit in united state to aid us v the future. We will be able to overcome through Him and live divine lives. 

My friend, concerned Jesus Christ in seriousness that heart, repent of her sins. The choice is her if girlfriend believe!