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"Signs" is a track by the Canadian absent group five Man electrical Band. The was created by the band"s frontman, Les Emmerson and popularized the relatively unknown band, who tape-recorded it because that their 2nd album, Good-byes and Butterflies, in 1970. "Signs" was originally released the year together the B-side come the reasonably unsuccessful solitary "Hello Melinda Goodbye" (#55 Canada). Re-released in 1971 as the A-side, "Signs" got to No. 4 in Canada and also No. 3 on the united state Billboard warm 100 chart. Billboard ranked it together the No. 24 song for 1971. It came to be a yellow record.more »

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And the sign stated "Long-haired freaky civilization need not apply"So ns tucked mine hair up under mine hat and also I walk in to ask him whyHe said "You look like a good upstanding young man, ns think you"ll do"So i took off my hat, I claimed "Imagine that. Huh! Me workin" for you!"Whoa-oh-ohSign, sign, anywhere a signBlockin" out the scenery, breakin" my mindDo this, don"t carry out that, can"t you read the sign?And the sign said anybody recorded trespassin" would be shot on sightSo i jumped on the fence and-a yelled in ~ the house"Hey! What provides you the right?""To put up a fence to keep me the end or come keep mommy nature in""If God was right here he"d tell friend to your face, man, you"re some kinda sinner"Sign, sign, anywhere a signBlockin" out the scenery, breakin" my mindDo this, don"t execute that, can"t you review the sign?Now, hey you, mister, can"t girlfriend read?You"ve obtained to have a shirt and also tie to get a seatYou can"t also watch, no girlfriend can"t eatYou ain"t supposed to be hereThe sign claimed you acquired to have a membership card to obtain insideUgh!And the sign said, "Everybody welcome. Come in, kneel down and also pray"But once they passed around the plate at the end of it allI didn"t have actually a penny to paySo I obtained me a pen and a record and I made up my own little signI said, "Thank you, Lord, because that thinkin" "bout me. I"m alive and doin" fine"Wooo!Sign, sign, everywhere a signBlockin" out the scenery, breakin" mine mindDo this, don"t perform that, can"t you read the sign?Sign, sign, everywhere a signSignSign, sign

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5 Man electric Band The 5 Man electrical Band (originally known as The Staccatos native 1963-68) to be a Canadian rock group from Ottawa. Castle had many hits in their indigenous Canada, consisting of the optimal 10 entries "Half past Midnight" (1967) (as The Staccatos), "Signs" (1971), "Absolutely Right" (1971) and "I"m A Stranger Here" (1972).

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Internationally, lock are finest known for your 1971 hit solitary "Signs". More »