John Bishop is the win writer because that He covers the black & gold hoping to sell a optimistic look in ~ the team, not only from the stands and the press box, but additionally from inside the locker room. A graduate the Boston U. And also Northeastern, "Bish" thrived up in Connecticut and moved come the Hub of Hockey in 1993. Since then he has made all 4 rinks at the Beanpot schools, as well as both Gardens, his icebound homes away from home. Prior to joining the TD Banknorth Garden staff in 2005, Bishop had written for numerous publications, v his primary emphasis being university hockey. The coauthored the publication Bygone Boston in 2003 and also hopes one day to pen a bio the Hobey Baker.

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everyone who ever before saw ex-Boston Bruin lyndon Byers play hockey or ever listened to him top top the radio ~ above WAAF"s Hill-man Morning present knows the he wears his big heart on his sleeve.
And after freshly listening to him gush around his daughter Kia Byers (for example, "I am simply really, really proud of mine daughter") and also her upcoming expedition to the Pan American gamings ("My heart"s the end of my chest"), you recognize that that couldn"t be more excited -- or more heartbroken the he can"t do it to Brazil to see her compete."Because the my job at WAAF, ns couldn"t totally free up the moment to fly down for every one of her events," stated LB via cell phone. "But I"ll absolutely be watching.""Thankfully, i am on vay-kay this mainly so ns am excited."She competes in her first event ~ above Thursday (July 26th)," that said.At 19, Kia has actually been competing in level water canoeing due to the fact that 2000, having actually picked increase the sport in 1998. "It was one of those things," stated the elder Byers. "She checked out a regatta and also she simply loved what they to be doing and she"s been doing it ever since."So it"s pretty cool." pretty cool is an understatement -- the Pan American Games can lead to Kia"s making a Canadian Olympic Team."That"s among the factors she"s for this reason fired up," stated an equally fired up LB. "This gives her the possibility to qualified and shot and complete for the Olympics."It"s pretty amazing…I"m type of swollen away."I check out her online and I watch her name up with every one of these athletes in a world-class event," the said.When asked around whether the two had contrasted athletic notes, the legendary LB self-deprecation gained pretty serious."Basically ns let her do what she go best," claimed Byers. "I don"t understand anything around canoeing -- and also not for nothing, but I wasn"t that an excellent at hockey."I don"t know if I would certainly be the best guy to ask advice of.

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Kia Byers
"If noþeles I would refer her to camer Neely or beam Bourque, maybe," that said, laughing. Many of new England is up in arms at this point, because every fan of the black & yellow knows that everything LB short in pure hockey skill, he comprised for in toughness and also determination.Obviously those room both traits the his daughter shares with her pop."She"s amazing," the said. "She"s about 5"10, 145 lbs -- shredded -- and also I"ve got to believe that simply the sports she"s contending in provides her tough."It"s one endurance type sport (and) ns compare it come boxing, because you actually have actually to acquire beat approximately become better at beating people up."In level water canoeing you need to beat you yourself up (training wise) to come to be better," LB explained.Her sports has additionally opened up Kia"s world."She"s been to Hungary and also Croatia," stated LB, incredulously. "She"s to be to Germany."She goes under to Florida and competes."
Lyndon Byers
Questioned, seriously, as to whether he was able to provide her any type of advice, Byers described that he retained it simple."You don"t know really know what to say," he said. "I told her to focus and that once she went under to Brazil -- if the doesn"t pertain to level water canoeing, then "x" it off of your points to do."I desire her to walk down and not obtain side tracked or worry around being a tourist, instead of gift an athlete."Judging through her list of accomplishments (plenty the top-three finishes and also a pair of nationwide records) over there is no chance of that, yet obviously, LB isn"t for this reason concerned around medals or records."I wished her well and also told her no matter what happens she"s awesome and it"s incredible."In the end, however, few of LB"s own competitive juices flood over, too."It"s always great to win, though," he said with his trademark snicker.----Beyond his daughter"s doings, the always-frenetic lindon Byers has a many things top top his very own plate.Besides his an extremely successful morning gig as the sports male on the Hill-Man show, the previous Bruins hard guy has likewise started his own company -- Live huge Productions, and also will quickly start a garments line.
LB in ~ the PMC
"I"ve to be super busy," claimed Byers. "We"ve to be meeting with stores and also hopefully that will occupational out great."It"s been crazy." Crazy additionally describes his training regimen because that his upcoming stint through the Boston Bruins Pan-Mass an obstacle team."I got to be affiliated with it last year," claimed Byers. "And I never ever had any concept about how large it was and what an exceptional weekend that is."The event itself is bigger than anybody that takes part in it."To think that 4000 riders can "git her done" -- I"ll never ever not execute it," the said.What around that cultivate program?"There is no training, sir. If i am going come hurt, i am only going to hurt for one day."
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