10 Love interests Of stole Man, Ranked native Worst To ideal Tony distinct has had actually quite a couple of romantic partners end the years, consisting of the MCU"s Pepper Potts. Here are 10 of steel Man"s love interests, ranked.

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iron Man is one of the most renowned superheroes to come indigenous Marvel comics, v no small component being due to the movie portrayal by Robert Downey, Jr. The fan-favorite Avenger has actually only presented romance through Pepper Potts on the huge screen. If movie fans might be acquainted with that relationship, there is more to the story in the comics.

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Not to mention, Tony Stark has actually had many other romantic relationships, some worse than others. Many of them, however, are significant in Tony"s history. While Iron man is a good hero, the doesn"t always have a an excellent love life.

Kathy challenge was a fun-loving woman once she began a casual partnership with Tony Stark. However, she proved to be vulnerable to jealousy. She grew exceptionally jealous of other women in Tony"s life, also the ones through whom he had actually no romantic history. Tony would certainly break up v Kathy just for her to answer by shooting him.

Tony Starks"s death was faked while he recuperated from the gunshot, which left the paralyzed for part time. Kathy was get rid of with grief over what she had actually done to Tony and died by suicide.

Tony Stark dropped hard because that Indries Moomji. Little did he recognize that that was Obadiah Stane"s plan. Iron man villain Obadiah rental Indries come seduce Stark and also make certain he fell off the wagon. After posing together a bystander during a disaster the Iron male would save her from, she started using pheromones to increase his attraction come her. She had been trained to make herself appear as attractive to men as possible.

Indries would continuously tempt Tony to drink during their relationship. Once she eventually cruelly rejected him, he hit the bottle and completely fell turn off the wagon, leaving distinguishable Industries vulnerable to Obadiah Stane.

Tony Stark to be actually engaged to a woman named Joanna Nivena when he very first became iron Man. In ~ the beginning of his work as the hero, Tony kept it a an enig from Joanna and pushed her away. Eventually, he would certainly tell she the truth, however.

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Joanna would actually encourage Tony to usage the Iron male suit to become a hero. As he did, however, she realized that he couldn"t it is in Iron Man and also a great husband to her. Therefore, they finished their relationship.

7 Rumiko Fujikawa

Rumiko Fujikawa was the daughter that Kenjiro Fujikawa, who had taken end Stark sectors after Tony"s apparent death. However, the last would return and also begin dating Rumiko. Rumiko entered the connection in large part together a rebellion against her parents, who disapproved that Tony. Rumiko took pleasure in the relationship with Tony, other than for the fact that he to be so busy, he hardly paid attention to her.

They ended the relationship and Rumiko slept with Tony"s enemy, Tiberius Stone. She felt remorseful around sleeping with rock and aided Stark gain his agency back together a way to comprise for it.

madame Masque and Iron Man had quite a facility relationship. Your initial attraction came to an end when she revealed she had feelings for Jasper Sitwell. However, when she went back to Stark industries under the guise of Krissy Longfellow, they fell for each various other again. Unfortunately, she criminal father, count Nefaria, would return.

Masque tried to pressure Tony to conserve her ok father however he refused and they fought. Your encounter caused him accidentally destroying the equipment keeping counting Nefaria alive. Madame Masque would leave Tony and fully become a rogue after this disastrous loss.

5 Bethany Cabe

Bethany Cabe and Tony Stark came to be romantically involved shortly after she joined his protection team. Your relationship had a rough patch, together he began drinking heavily as she late husband had. However, unlike she late husband, Tony asked because that her assist and eventually ended up being sober.

When Cabe found her husband was certainly alive, she left Tony. She intentionally acquired herself arrested because that espionage in an effort to aid her husband. She said Tony the she knew he to be Iron Man and also needed his aid to rescue she husband.

Tony Stark fell for Natasha Romanov when she to be a spy because that the Russian government. After finding out she was a spy, they damaged things off. However, Natasha would certainly defect to the US and also join the Avengers. As black Widow, she ended up being a close comrade and friend for Tony Stark.

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The pair renewed your romantic attention in Russia, where they were battling Titanium Man. However, the relationship would continue no further after this trip. They remain close comrades and Black Widow backed Iron Man throughout the an initial Civil War. Despite the connection not going far, that is significant that the two Avengers had one at all.

3 She-Hulk

She-Hulk and also Iron Man had a casual relationship consisting the on-again-off-again hookups. They took pleasure in being with each other without being in a significant romantic relationship. What renders this connection so far-reaching is the parallels between the two and also the twin standard the forms.

Tony Stark was a womanizer and player who was well known for sleeping around. She-Hulk got around a many too yet she was much faster to be judged for it. This double-standard was thankfully acknowledged throughout their hookups, making it among Iron Man"s more far-ranging flings.

Tony Stark"s most recent partnership is through Janet van Dyne, likewise known as The Wasp. ~ her marriage with Hank Pym dropped apart, the two establishing Avengers easily got together. Captain America do the efforts to gain Tony stark to finish the relationship but he didn"t.

Their first affair dropped apart after ~ Janet uncovered that Tony to be Iron Man. This details did not keep them indigenous rekindling points after she filed for divorce from Hank Pym.

1 Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts is without a doubt the most well known of stole Man"s romantic partners. This is in no small component due to Gwyneth Paltrow"s portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What pan of the movies might not know, however, is that points didn"t occupational out because that Tony and Pepper in the comics.

Their romance to be limited, together Pepper Potts would finish up marrying Happy Hogan. Return Pepper had actually renewed feelings for Tony later, castle would store things platonic and continue working together.

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