1. What type of leader is Howard? Howard Wagner is the thirty-six year old child of open minded Wagner, Willy’s former boss, Howard currently occupies the same place as his so late father. Return Willy was the one who named Howard, Howard is compelled to fire Willy for his erratic behavior. He felt Willy to be a good sales guy in his time, however Willy’s desperation and decline in conventional of work lead to Howard finding that embracing and a liability and so he discovered himself having to fire him. Howard is preoccupied through technology.

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The recorder occurrence for example shows that Howard was mirroring off his family and purchases in an practically friendly way to Willy, however this could likewise be interpreted to it is in a flaunt that Howard’s wealth. But, when Howard verified Willy the ice cream recorder, he constantly ignored Willy. Willy did not acquire a opportunity to talk, his words were no respected, and also attention was no paid. Howard assumed the machine was more worth his time than Willy; this must have actually made Willy felt damaging he realized he was not wanted. This reflects Howard did not listen to and did no pay fist to his employees. Mangers and also leaders must listen to their employees.

It is really important at the decision making. Howard inherited his position from his father, who developed his firm in component on Willy’s labor. But Howard sees together outdated the device of loyalty and personal connections in i beg your pardon Willy has put complete faith. Transparent the conversation, Howard dropped evident hints that Willy was of no prestige to him; Willy was no treated prefer a male at all. Rejection was obvious when Willy was confronted with his boss, and the meeting in between them additionally represented the finish of Willy’s career. We also got a glimpse of just how harsh the organization world was, there was no place for sympathy.

Douglas McGregory’s theory X and theory Y managers charts describe well v Howard’s X theory management. In present, us all have the right to see 63 year old Willy has no future the sales in Howard’s firm. His desperation and aged reasoning Willy i will not ~ motivate into new sales or new sales exploring. However Howard might have appreciate and value him because that his service rather 보다 fire him unethical way. Howard can have administer him one award and also let him acquire retired or offer office work-related for much less salary. When other salesmen listen or see Willy’s situation, they i will not ~ happy around this firm. They would think lock will get treated same means as them.

On the other method Howard need to sell his products. The is his key accomplishment. He needs energetic salesmen choose young age Willy. As a leader Howard watch this. Meantime he sees old Willy is doing injury to his firm. Howard has the best vision. But he is not taking the best decision to fix the issue. 2. Just how is Willy his very own worst enemy? In the end, Willy commits suicide. He dies in a automobile “accident”, an attempt to leave his life insurance allowance money to his sons, so the they might succeed in life. That hoped that he could give something come them so the they would certainly not revolve out to be “failures” like him.

Willy is a merely a sad, pathetic man. Regardless of what is wrong and right, this male pursued what he believed was ideal till the very end, to me this is component of what a man is, if no a hero. Willy’s best character cons is his faulty watch of his over-inflated success. That spends too lot time pretending to it is in much more then he really is and ignoring the fact of his life. This i can not qualify to cope with the real people eventually leader to his death. Willy was the resource of his own depression and also ultimate end, a very important trait of a disastrous hero.

It to be his individual actions that lead to his downfall, and also his very own fault that his life obtained so twisted. We know Willy made an error of judgment by pursuing the idea the reputation is an ext relevant than expertise or education and learning in an ever before evolving, improving business world that has a high demand for occupational to obtain done efficiently. This could additionally be thought about his fatal defect if no his depression (living in the past). We know that his downfall to be provoked by an external force; success through reputation no longer hosted true because that a salesman because of the society of business transforming over the years, and also Howard fires Willy.

While the achieves a experienced understanding the himself and also the fundamental nature that the sales profession, Willy fails to realize his personal failure and also betrayal that his soul and family v the meticulously built artifice that his life. 3. What would certainly you perform if you to be Howard, and also had an employee choose Willy? We think the world is a rich and diverse place complete of amazing cultures and people, who have to be treated through respect and also from whom there is a an excellent deal come learn. We know that employing and also managing diverse civilization gives united state a much more rounded and balanced organisation and also makes us an ext adaptable to new situations.

This is no simply about gender, ethnicity, disability or age: the is about open mindedness, embracing non-conformity and creating balanced teams. Respect for individuals of all varieties will inspire commitment in both employees and customers, i m sorry will have a straight line of sight to the success of organization goals. We space a global organisation that understands our local populations and values the diversity the the sectors that we run in. We should reach the end to all parts of employment and also customer markets, existing and potential, for maximum productivity and value.

It is through going past matters the compliance the valuing and managing diversity i do not care a vain differentiator, allowing us to leverage the avenues that this have the right to offer. 4. Why does stress and anxiety develop in between Howard and also Willy? 5. Exactly how does Willy’s house life impact his work? This is exactly how Linda defines Willy to she sons when Biff referred to as Willy crazy “I don’t say he is a an excellent man. Willy Loman never ever made a lot of money; his surname was never ever in the paper; he’s no the finest character that ever lived. However he’s a human being being, and also a disastrous thing is happening to him. Therefore attention need to be paid.

He’s not to be allowed to loss into his grave favor an old dog. Attention, attention should be lastly paid to together a person. ” Willy’s actions space worse than his words. Throughout the play, Willy mentions his lonely life top top the road. To minimize his loneliness, he has actually an affair v a woman that works at one of his client’s offices. If Willy and also the nameless mrs rendezvous in a Boston hotel, Biff payment his father a surprised visit. Once Biff realizes the his father is a “phony small fake,” Willy’s kid becomes ashamed and distant. His dad is no much longer his hero.

After his function model falls from grace, Biff starts to drift from one job to the next, stealing petty things to rebel against authority figures. Willy Loman to be born in the late 1870s. (We learn that he is 63 in plot One). His nomadic father and family roamed throughout the country in a wagon. Follow to Ben, their father was a great inventor, however he doesn’t clues what type of devices he created, through the exception of his hand-crafted flutes. Willy’s at an early stage adulthood, that meets and marries Linda. They live in Brooklyn and also raise 2 sons, Biff and also Happy. As a father, Willy Loman offers his sons terrible advice.

For example, this is what the old salesman speak teenage Biff about women: WILLY: simply wanna be cautious with those girls, Biff, that’s all. Don’t make any type of promises. No guarantees of any kind of kind. Since a girl, y’know, they always believe what friend tell ’em. This attitude is embraced all too well by his sons. During her son’s teenager years, Linda notes that Biff is “too rough with the girls. ” Happy grows up to become a womanizer that sleeps with women who are involved to his managers. Numerous times throughout the play, Happy guarantees that the is going to acquire married – but it is a flimsy lie the no one bring away seriously. Willy also condones Biff’s theivery.

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Biff, that eventually establishes a obsession to steal things, swipes a football indigenous his coach’s locker room. Rather of disciplining his son around the theft, that laughs about the incident and says, “Coach’ll probably congratulate girlfriend on your initiative! ” over all things, Willy Loman believes that popularity and also charisma will certainly outdo hard work and innovation. It is additionally said that others often suffer once a disastrous hero messes up. In this case, Willy’s family members has endured a good deal. Linda, Biff, and also Happy all witness his insane behavior due come his good character fault, and also it drags and also destroyes your family.