SHREK has actually been trembling audiences because the loveable environment-friendly ogre very first hit the huge screen ago in 2001.

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Since then, the movie has actually been turned right into a franchise and with it come the most memorable personalities in animation history.


Leading character Shrek is love by audiences almost everywhere the world.

His life is turn upside down for the much better when he meets Princess Fiona who turns out to it is in an ogre too.

Shrek is voiced by the incredibly talented Mike Myers who is known for gift able to do multiple personalities at a time.

He is the course renowned for the Austin powers movies, Wayne's World and Bohemian Rhapsody.


Eddie Murphy is the voice of lover Donkey

Shrek may uncover Donkey stroked nerves at times (ok a most the time), however the ogre would be i do not have anything without his trusty companion.

Donkey is compliment as one of the many popular personalities of the Shrek franchise.

The talented Eddie Murphy voices Shrek's four-legged friend.

The American gibbs is a vast Hollywood star and is known for movies like Beverley Hills Cop, coming To America and Dreamgirls.


Cameron Diaz theatre Princess Fiona

The love the Shrek's life is of course Princess Fiona, who let's her inner ogre out so she can be v him.

Fi is voiced by huge time Hollywood star Cameron Diaz.

Cam is famous for films like The Mask, My best Friend's Wedding and There's Something about Mary.

Who does Puss In Boots voice?


Antonio banderas voices the adorable Puss In Boots

The beloved feisty kitty was so love by audiences the he also got his own movie.

The swashbuckling, knife wielding cat an initial appeared in Shrek 2.

Puss is voiced through the same loveable Antonio Banderas.

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The Spanish gibbs is well-known for films like Philadelphia, Evita and of course the Mask of Zorro.



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Who walk Gingerbread Man's voice?

American voice Conrad Vernon carry out the voices of multiple personalities in the Shrek series.

Most notably, the voices the Gingerbread male in all of the movies and specials.

He was also one the the co-directors that Shrek 2 alongside Andrew Adamson and Kelly Asbury.

Other works of his encompass Monsters vs. Aliens, Madagascar 3: Europe's many Wanted, Sausage Party, and the animated Addams household reboot.


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