Put Sofia Vergara and Cindy Crawford in the exact same room together and you have actually brains and also beauty combined.

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Yet when the two stars came together to shoot a commercial because that their corresponding Rooms To go furniture lines, both admit they feel a tiny trepidation. “I have great respect for the work-related she does. But to do a commercial with her, to it is in honest, ns was very nervous!” Crawford, 48, tells beer-selection.com. “I’m really comfortable modeling but when it involves a tiny acting, that’s not whereby my lull level is.”

Vergara, 42, was also anxious about working with the above model. “When I remained in Colombia in the 80s and also 90s, I never ever thought I would certainly be doing a commercial with Cindy Crawford,” she says. “I wish I had actually known, then i would have been functioning out every day of mine life!”



Crawford states the Modern Family star “made the so simple for me because she acquired to do the comedy and I acquired to pat the more straight guy. She’s really, yes, really funny. She goes every out, which ns really admire. Funny and beautiful is together a to win combination.” Vergara claims the feeling was mutual. “It to be amazing,” she adds. “Cindy is stunning and she’s super nice.”

As because that their own inspiration, Crawford says she draws top top travel and also fashion to incorporate principles into her Cindy Crawford house line. “I always say I’d desire a blind person to prefer my residence as lot as a seeing human so that it smells an excellent and the music is right and also the fabric is soft and there’s a location to placed your coffee cup. There’s function and that plays v all your senses,” she explains. “You never ever want it to be also precious. We always say we space a no coaster household.”

Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, is also a voice of “reason.” “We reap the procedure of doing tasks together. Us both have very strong opinions yet we respect every other and we’re ready to hear so usually the end result is better because we considered another suggest of view,” she says. “Sometimes there have the right to be a tiny tension till we get to the various other side of it. Rande is an extremely aesthetic and I am, too, but in different ways. Our styles enhance each other.”

For Vergara’s line, “I wanted to produce gorgeous furniture the is make well and also is quiet affordable,” says the actress, including that she has a chair and bedroom set in she house and also her mother has actually furniture from her repertoire as well. “Everyone should be able to make their residence look amazing and be proud of their home.”



As because that the actress’s style, Vergara prefers “contemporary furniture, however not too modern. And I personally favor rooms that are light so I have a the majority of whites and creams in my home,” she says. Her favorite room in her residence is the kitchen: “Whenever Manolo is house or we have actually beer-selection.com over, we constantly end up gathering in the kitchen.”

So how will she and fiancé Joe Manganiello best meld their tastes? “We aren’t living together yet,” Vergara admits. “So we haven’t really talked about it!”

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Cindy Crawford to be 'Very Nervous' to work-related with Sofia Vergara ~ above their new Commercial (PHOTOS)