In the energizing wake of national FFA Week, countless FFA members and chapters discovered a new found zeal because that the organization. The love and donations they received throughout the week have made a an excellent impact on their passion, but likewise their experience. Through donations gathered throughout the week, the local, state, and also national FFA levels are able to provide their members a better experience. Among the major tokens of the FFA experience is the FFA jacket. A part of the donations obtained this previous week will certainly go toward buying students their really own FFA jacket. 

Every FFA member remembers the an initial time they put on the blue corduroy jacket. Although a bit stiff in ~ first, after a couple of uses that becomes her pride and joy. The FFA coat is an ext than a piece of clothing — it is a lifestyle. The jacket represents a way of living of new opportunities, tradition, leadership, agriculture, commitment, pride, ar service, society responsibility, a sense of belonging, and also so much more. When an FFA member is wearing official dress, castle are organized to a greater standard — castle are held to the FFA standard. 

The blue corduroy jacket likewise represents the future and also past that agriculture. For countless FFA members their parents or grandparents might have been affiliated in FFA. They room upholding those household traditions by proceeding that legacy. However, for members there is no those family ties, they get to develop their own tradition — the future of possibilities in endless is in FFA and it all begins with the FFA jacket.

You never know what girlfriend will accomplish or who you might meet in the jacket. Because that example, this previous week top top Instagram, thegratefulfarmwife said, “Don’t issue America, these blue jackets have actually you covered. FFA provides the following generation that leaders that will change the world.” She walk on to tell the story of just how she met her husband with FFA and how they plan to progressive both the their children with the lesson the the FFA motto taught them: discovering to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning come Live, life to Serve.

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One of the best ways I have heard the FFA coat phenomenon explained is to think of the in a modern-day way. In the company industry, human being wear suits to stand out and show leadership. In the farming setting, the future leaders wear the blue corduroy jacket with pride. FFA members wear your jacket with an added confidence discovering they are a part of other bigger than themselves. 

However, the trip to obtain to the journey is not one that must be taken for granted. Over there is a the majority of work and also dedication the goes right into making that blue corduroy jacket. Cory Hoops, general Manager at universal Letting firm said, “One of the distinctive things ns think is how crucial that coat and also that heritage hasn’t changed since 1933 when we helped architecture that very first FFA jacket. That is just a really special symbol of the organization.”

Hoops takes us v the trip of producing one FFA jacket. Hoops says that among his favorite components of having actually FFA members visit their agency is to watch the excitement and also find out exactly how much their jacket way to them. Go you understand there room actually 35 separate sewing operations connected in making every blue corduroy FFA jacket?

While we can never imagine what the blue jacket has actually in keep for us, it can be perfectly be summarized by among the most well known price quotes in FFA: “You can grow out of the jacket, but not the experience.”