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DHomesb thing 7 – CCNA Discovery: Networking for house and tiny Businesses (Version 4.0)

1. What space two authentication approaches that an accessibility point might use? (Choose two.)





pre-shared keys


2. What term defines the encoding the wireless data to prevent intercepted data from being review by a hacker? address filtering




passphrase encoding 


3. A technician has actually been asked to administer wireless connectivity to the wired Ethernet network that a building. Which 3 factors affect the variety of access points needed? (Choose three.) the dimension of the structure

the number of solid internal walls in the structure

the visibility of microwave ovens in several workplaces

the encryption technique used ~ above the wireless network

the use of both Windows and also Appletalk operating solution

the usage of shortwave or infrared top top the AP


4. Why is security so necessary in wireless networks? Wireless networks are generally slower than wired networks.

Televisions and other devices can interfere through wireless signals.

Wireless networks transfer data over a medium that allows easy access.

Environmental determinants such as thunderstorms can influence wireless networks.


5. I m sorry WLAN ingredient is commonly referred to as an STA? cabinet


access allude

wireless leg

wireless client


6. What type of authentication does an access point use by default? open up





7. What is the difference in between using open up authentication and pre-shared keys? open up authentication needs a password. Pre-shared keys do not require a password.

Open authentication is offered with wireless networks. Pre-shared secrets are offered with wired networks.

Pre-shared keys require an encrypted an enig word. Open up authentication does not require a mystery word.

Pre-shared tricks require a MAC address programmed into the accessibility point. Open authentication does not require this programming.


8. What are three benefits of wireless end wired technology? (Choose three.) much more secure

longer range

anytime, almost everywhere connectivity

easy and also inexpensive to download

ease of making use of licensed air room

ease of adding additional devices


9. I m sorry statement is true worrying wireless bridges? connects 2 networks v a wireless connect

stationary device that connects come a wireless LAN

allows wireless client to attach to a wired network

increases the stamin of a wireless signal


10. Which statement is true worrying an ad-hoc wireless network? created by connecting wireless client in a peer-to-peer network

created by connecting wireless client to a single, centralized AP

created through connecting lot of wireless an easy service sets v a distribution system

created by connecting wireless clients to a wired network making use of an ISR


11. Which 2 statements about a service collection identifier (SSID) are true? (Choose two.) speak a wireless an equipment to i m sorry WLAN it belongs

consists the a 32-character string and also is not situation sensitive

responsible because that determining the signal strength

all wireless tools on the same WLAN must have actually the very same SSID

used to encrypt data sent across the wireless network


12. What access-point feature allows a network administrator to define what kind of data can enter the wireless network? encryption

hacking block

traffic filtering

MAC address filtering



13. What space the two WEP vital lengths? (Choose two.) 8 little bit

16 bit

32 little bit

64 bit

128 bit


14. Finish the complying with sentence: WEP is offered to ______ , and also EAP is provided to _____ wireless networks. Encrypt; authenticate individuals on

filter traffic; select the operating frequency for

identify the wireless network; compress data on

create the the smallest wireless network; limit the variety of users on


15. Why is IEEE 802.11 wireless modern technology able come transmit further ranges than Bluetooth technology? transmits at much reduced frequencies

has higher power calculation

transmits in ~ much higher frequencies

uses better encryption techniques


16. What space two services of wireless networking end wired networking? (Choose two.) rate



reduced surroundings time

allows individuals to share more resources

not at risk to interference native other tools


17. What does the Wi-Fi logo indicate about a wireless device? IEEE has approved the device.

The an equipment is interoperable through all other wireless standards.

The an equipment is interoperable with other tools of the very same standard that also display the Wi-Fi logo.

The device is backwards compatible with all previous wireless standards.




Refer come the graphic. In the Wireless food selection option the a Linksys integrated router, what go the Network setting option mixed mean?

The router supports encryption and authentication.

The router supports both wired and wireless connections.

The router support 802.11b, 802.11g, and also 802.11n devices.

The router supports connectivity through infrared and radio frequencies




Refer come the graphic. In the Wireless menu of a Linksys integrated router, what construction option allows the presence of the accessibility point come be well-known to nearby clients?

Network mode

Network name (SSID)

Radio band

Wide Channel

Standard Channel

SSID broadcast


20. Which 2 statements characterize wireless network security? (Choose two.) Wireless networks market the same security functions as wired networks.

Wardriving improves security that wireless networks.

With SSID transfer disabled, an attacker must recognize the SSID come connect.

Using the default IP deal with on an accessibility point provides hacking easier.

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An attacker needs physical accessibility to at the very least one network maker to launch an attack


21. I beg your pardon statement is true about open authentication as soon as it is permitted on an accessibility point? needs no authentication