A fasciotomy is a surgical procedure whereby incisions, the is come say cuts, space made right into the fascia in order to relieve stress or pressure, and also a fascioplasty is the surgical repair the the fascia. A tenoplasty is the surgical repair of a tendon. A tenorrhaphy is the surgical darn of a tendon.

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Subsequently, concern is, i beg your pardon term way to suture a tendon to bone? fasciitis. Tenolysis way to suture the finish of a tendon to bone.

keeping this in view, which term way delayed relaxation of a muscle ~ a solid contraction?

Myotonia. Term means the delayed be safe of a muscle after a strong contraction. Tendodesis. Term means to suture a tendon come a bone. Paraplegia.

Which term way inflammation of several voluntary muscles?

adduction. which term means inflammation of several voluntary muscles. Polymyositis.

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What is the clinical term for lessened muscle tissue?

The term muscle atrophy describes the lose of muscle tissue. Atrophied muscles appear smaller than normal. Absence of physical activity due come an injury or illness, negative nutrition, genetics, and specific medical conditions can all contribute to muscle atrophy.
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What medical term means rupture of a muscle?

myorrhexis. The term meaning the rupture of muscle.
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Which term means abnormal tone?

dystonia. A problem of abnormal muscle tone that causes the special needs of spontaneous muscle movement. Electromyography. A diagnostic check that actions the electrical task within muscle fibers in an answer to nerve stimulation. Epicondylitis.
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Which term way the regular jerking of the limbs the occurs together a person is falling asleep?

Nocturnal myoclonus. Jerking of the limbs that deserve to occur normally together a person is fall asleep.
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What is the clinical term for incision right into the fibrous band roughly a muscle?

tendinitis. Definition. Inflammation the the band the fibrous connective organization that connect muscle come bone. Term.
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Which diagnostic test records the stamin of muscle contractions?

Electromyography (EMG
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What type of muscle is discovered in hollow frameworks such together those the the cradle system?

Smooth muscle
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Which term method pain in the foot muscles during exercise?

pain in the foot muscles the occurs during exercise and also is relieved by rest, Intermittent means coming and going in ~ intervals, and claudication means limping. This condition, which is due to poor circulation, is associatied with peripheral vascular disease.
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Which type of movement bends the knee and also brings the reduced leg backward?

Knee flexion is the bending of the knee to lug the foot toward the posterior thigh, and extension is the straightening of the knee.
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Which condition is also known as wryneck?

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Is the surgical fix of a fascia?

A fasciotomy is a surgical procedure wherein incisions, that is come say cuts, room made into the fascia in order to relieve stress or pressure, and a fascioplasty is the surgical repair of the fascia. A myotomy is the surgical incision, or cutting, that a muscle.
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What is Myoparesis?

(mī"ō-pă-rē"sis) slight muscular paralysis.
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Which medical term way incision right into and department of fascia?

fasciotomy. Operation incision that fascia. Hemiparesis. Slight paralysis that one next of the body.
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What is the distortion or special needs of voluntarily movement?

dyskinesia: is the distortion or special needs of voluntarily movement such together a tic or spasm. 14. Dystonia: is a condition of abnormal muscle ton that cause the impairment the voluntary muscle movement.
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Which condition is the paralysis that the love muscle?

Andersen-Tawil syndrome is a disorder that reasons episodes that muscle weakness (periodic paralysis), changes in heart valuation (arrhythmia), and developmental abnormalities.
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Is a debilitating chronic condition defined by exhaustion muscle share or bone pain?

Inflammation the the tissues bordering the elbow. Inflammation of a fascia. Fibromyalgia syndrome. A debilitating chronic condition defined by fatigue; diffuse or details muscle, joint, or bone pain; and also a wide variety of various other symptoms.
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What is the clinical term because that degeneration the muscle tissue?

Quadriplegia. The term meaning the degeneration that muscle tissue is_________________________. Myolysis.

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Which is one abnormal condition of muscle tone?

Spasticity is a condition in which particular muscles are repeatedly contracted. This contraction reasons stiffness or tightness of the muscles and also can interfere through normal movement, speech and gait. Spasticity is usually caused by damage to the part of the brain or spinal cord that controls voluntarily movement.
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