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TM 1-1500-204-23-6b.   Materials used in Fabrication.  Rivets supplied in aircraft construction are normally fabricated native aluminum alloyHowever,  in  special  cases,  Monel,  corrosion-resistant  steel,  mild  steel  or  iron,  and  copper  rivets  are  used.  Except  forunusual conditions, rivets have to be supplied only because that the functions intended This on purpose is usually suggested by rivet usagein the original fabrication of the aircraft.  The selection of rivet products for any application is dependent ~ above usage,corrosion resistance, and strength.c.    General Usage.  Aluminum, steel, and copper rivets are normally used on army aircraft.(1)Aluminum rivets.  There are assorted aluminum rivets offered for different applications.  Each is described inthe following paragraphs.(a)1110 rivet  Use 1100 rivet, make from pure aluminum, because that riveting nonstructural components fabricated native thesofter alloys (1100, 3003, and also 5052).(b)2117-T4 rivet.  This rivet is most typically used in aluminum alloy frameworks Its main benefit lies inthe fact that it might be offered in the condition received without any type of further treatment.(c)2017-T4 and also 2024-T4 rivets.  Use this rivets in aluminum alloy frameworks where strength higher thanthat the the 2117-T4 rivet is required.  These rivets are generally used in sizes 3/16-inch diameter and also larger.(d)5056  rivets.    Use  this  rivet  for  riveting  magnesium  alloy  structures  because  of  its  corrosion  resistantqualities No other rivets should be offered for this purpose, except under extreme conditions.(2)Steel rivets.    Mild steel rivets room used mainly in riveting steel components Do not use galvanized rivets onsteel parts subjected to high temperature Corrosion-resistant stole rivets are used mostly in riveting corrosion-resistantsteel parts such together firewalls, exhaust stack bracket attachments, and comparable structures.  Monel rivets are offered in specialcases for riveting high nickel-steel alloys.  Monel rivets might be provided interchangeably v corrosion-resistant stole rivets,and are easier to drive.  Corrosion-resistant steel rivets are preferable in corrosion-resistant stole parts.(3)Copper rivets.   Copper rivets are provided for riveting copper alloys, leather, and other nonmetallic materialsThis kind rivet has actually only minimal usage in aircraft.CAUTIONDangerous corrosion will an outcome with the use of dissimilar metals such assteel,   corrosion   resistant   steel,   monel,   copper   or   Iron,   in   rivetingaluminum    structures    Such    applications    will    only    be    made    underemergency conditions.  Rivets will certainly be coated v zinc chromate primerFederal Specification TT-P1757 before installation that rivet, an additional coatof  zinc  chromate  primer  will  be  applied.  Proper  replacement  will  bemade as soon as products are available.dCorrosion  Resistance.    Corrosion  resistance  is  generally  considered  adequate  when  the  rivet  material  is  thesame, or virtually the same type as that of the framework being riveted, noted the suitable anticorrosion surface treatmenthas  been  applied  An  example  of  this  is  the  use  of  anodized  2117-T4,  2017-T4  and  2024-T4  rivets  to  attach  anyaluminum alloy structure without creating adverse corrosion effects.e.   Strength.    For structure application, toughness of the replacement rivet is of major importance.  Do not makereplacements  with  rivets  of  lower  strength  material  unless  the  difference  in  strength  is  made  up  by  the  use  of  alarger rivet for example, a rivet the 2024-T4 aluminum alloy will certainly not be replaced by one make of 2117-T4 or 2017-T4aluminum alloy unless the next larger size is used.  Use next bigger size 2117-T4 rivet to replace a 2017-T4 rivetFactors which impact the interchangeability the rivets v respect to head styles are provided in i 2-8a.f.Heat Treatment..  For details details in the heat treatment of metals used in rivets, refer to MIL-H6875 and MIL-H-6088.    Do  not  drive  2024-T4  rivets  in  a  hardened  condition.    These  rivets  must  be  taken  within  20  minutes  afterquenching  to  avoid  cracking,  unless  they  are  held  at  low  temperatures  They  may  be  held  for  approximately  2  weekswhen  stored  in  dry  ice,  or  for  24  hours  when  stored  in  ordinary  ice.

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   They  may  also  be  reheated-treated  repeatedlywithout  injury,  provided  treatment  is  carefully  and  properly  performed.    The  number  of  reheat  treatments  should  becontrolled ~ above the communication of ideal workability after repetitive reheat treatments.2-46