Magic is everywhere. And also not simply in real life, yet in something stronger. People"s imagination. This days we have actually wizards, mermaids, but no one might ever get rid of the standard fairy.

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In this quiz you will certainly be tested because that 10 species of fairies to view which one you most relate with. There are, based o mine research, 12 types of fairies, but Royalty fairy and Library fairy didn"t seem together important, fine as long as we have actually our Queen, Lord, and also Keeper!

Created by: Kat Conner

What is your favorite season? Summer Winter spring FallWhat"s your idea of a perfect get-away? Why would i desire to leave? every little thing i require is at home! possibly somewhere with many snow and also ice... Lets go to the park, or somewhere yes, really sunny! The pond or coast sounds fun We deserve to visit the sweet furry pets at the pet shop! I can race v my friendsWhat"s your favorite thing to eat? i love cold food favor popsicles I"m a vegetarian sooo ok eat almost anything/Im seriously stroller, stick Meat A house cooked meal Im way to liven for a meal, probably just grab a snackWhat"s her favorite animal? i love all animals! Im typically to busy to worry about those ns love the cute ones ns adore the dangerous onesIn prior of you lies the fascinating mirror. One wish stays on it. What execute you do with it? make my wish immediately, ~ above something the benefits me. Make the wish for something an excellent for everyone bring it to Queen Clarion/Lord Milori of course!Which do you like the most? Nature animals Creating flying Helping others Snow and IceAre friend the type of fairy who... never ever runs out of dust always runs the end of dust Is constantly stealing part extra dust Doesn"t run out really oftenYou ran out of dust, and still have actually a week to go before your next amount! You... not worry, friend dont usage it much anyway spend the main walking and not making use of magic Ask friends to lug you about and/or execute magic for you.You acquired in trouble with Queen Clarion/Lord Milori since you... Met someone from the warm/winter season(s) Again? What did i carry out this time? Me? Trouble? No way! five no, among my inventions messed up again! it wasn"t my fault!What fairy carry out you think you will be? among the nature/animal fairies. A winter fairy. A fairy that makes stuff. Miscellaneous to aid others. Whichever is the finest one! Im not sure.

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Quiz topic: What Fairy Talent to be I? (Tinkerbell)

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