Phrase definition: A expression is a grammatical term introduce to a team of words that does not include a subject and verb.

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What is a Phrase? Examples, Definitions

What are phrases? A expression is a team (or pairing) of indigenous in English. A phrase can be short or long, yet it does not include the subject-verb pairing essential to do a clause.

Some examples of phrases include:

after the meal (prepositional phrase)the quite neighbor (noun phrase)were waiting for the movie (verb phrase)

None of these examples consists of a subject doing an action (subject-verb). Therefore, each example is just a group of words dubbed a phrase.

A expression will always be an ext than one word.

Phrases vs. Clauses: a pecking order of word Units

A phrase is any kind of group that words that does not contain a subject completing an action.

When a group of words has a subject doing an action (subject-verb), it i do not care a clause.

Phrases have the right to be added to sentence to make them much more complex.

Concepts can begin with a solitary word and develop right into a compound sentence.


meal (word)after the meal (phrase)that mother prepared (clause)After the enjoy the meal that mom prepared ns felt full. (sentence)After the enjoy the meal that mom prepared, ns felt full because I ate also much. (complex sentence)After the meal that mother prepared ns felt full, however my brother was quiet hungry. (compound sentence)

More phrase Examples

Before we enter different varieties of grammar phrases, stop look at a few more instances of phrases.

In the wait (prepositional phrase)Beside the bed (prepositional phrase)Along the road (prepositional phrase)To live and also breathe (infinitive phrase)Looking stunning (participle phrase)

As you can see, English phrases deserve to be just around any combination of native so long as they carry out not save a subject-verb pairing.

Different species of Phrase

What is a noun phrase? Noun phrases covers a noun and also its modifiers.

the quite neighbora soft, comfortable bed

What is a verb phrase? Verb phrases consist of a verb and also its modifiers.

were waiting for the moviefelt a prick top top his arm

What is an adverb phrase? Adverbial phrases room phrases the act as adverbs. They change verbs, adverbs, or adjectives.

around the block (modifying where)after the meal (modifying when)in quiet (modifying how)

What is a gerund phrase? Gerund phrases are essentially noun phrases that start with a gerund.

running v the woodsjumping favor a kangaroo

What is an infinitive phrase? Infinitive phrases begin with a verb infinitive and also include any kind of modifiers. Infinitive phrases duty as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.

to operation out of foodto visit come the countryside

What is one appositive phrase? An appositive is basically a noun phrase yet one that renames another noun in the sentence.

The tree, a high redwood, was beautiful.The curtains to be made of lace, a beautiful and also delicate fabric.

What is a jet phrase? A jet phrase begins with a present (-ing) or past (-ed) participle. A participle phrase has the participle and also its modifiers. Jet phrases function as adjectives.

The girl giggling and also playing in the park never seemed to tire.Fatigued and dehydrated in the desert the males traveled on.

What is a prepositional phrase? A prepositional phrase is a team of words that contains a preposition and also a noun. A prepositional expression will duty as either an adjective or one adverb.

before churchunder the stairs

What is an pure phrase? An absolute phrase contains a noun and also a participle and any modifiers.

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the flag flying at half-masther hair streaked through sunlight

Summary: What room Phrases?

Define phrase: The meaning of phrase is any grouping that words the does no contain a subject and also a verb. A expression is a very straightforward word unit in English.