- Hello, grammarians. Hello, Rosie. - Hi, Paige. Therefore in this video clip we're gonnatalk about facility sentences. We've speak in another video about an easy and compound sentences, so, that is favor one independent i or 2 independent clauses. And with a complicated sentence, we're gonna present somethingcalled a dependent clause. So a sentence requirements atleast one independent i to role as a sentence. However with complex, we're gonnaadd this dependence clause. So, Rosie, what's an exampleof a facility sentence? - as soon as webuy his date of birth cake, we have to make sureit's lemon. (chuckles) - so this sentence, as soon as we purchase his date of birth cake, we need to make sure it's lemon, is made up of 2 clauses, and also I've composed them indifferent colors here. So, the second one, the pink one, have the right to stand top top its very own as a sentence. We can just say, us haveto make sure it's lemon. - the functionsas an live independence clause, as its very own sentence. We have some informationthat can be lacking from this sentence, becausewe don't necessarily know what it's is, however we dohave every the contents of an independent clause here. We've acquired a subject, we,and a verb, have, have actually to, and well we have multiple verbs. (laughs) - (laughs) Yeah, got a lot of need to make sure. - therefore the sentence is relying ~ above some details that's no provided, however it does quiet standas its own sentence. - Right, prefer wecan have a sentence before it that's like, we're gonnago to buy a date of birth cake, we need to make sure it's lemon, right, those have the right to be two different sentences. In this case we have actually this other clause, this what's dubbed a dependency clause. Us can't simply say whenwe buy his birthday cake together a sentence, that doesn'treally was standing on that own, it doesn't convey the details that a sentence requirements to convey. Therefore we can have one independentclause or a sentence that's simply we to buy his date of birth cake. It's type of a weird construction, i don't know that I would say that, you might maybe say, us arebuying his birthday cake. But we buy his birthday cakestill functions as a sentence. It has a subject we and also a verb buy, and it expresses a finish idea, it's an action that's happening and it tells you who's act it. However we add this thing calleda subordinating conjunction, that's this indigenous when, here, and also that renders thisinto a dependence clause, it can't be a sentence by itself, so it relies on the last clause, we have to make sure it'slemon, to be part of a sentence. Okay, so, Rosie, what's an additional example that a facility sentence. - Althoughour tent was zipped up, the sound of hyenas in thedistance still scared us. - for this reason again,this sentence starts through a dependent clause,although our time was zipped up. This would certainly be live independence ifit said our tent was zipped up, however again, we have actually thissubordinating conjunction, although, at the beginning. And also there's type of a whole bunch of different subordinating conjunctions. They're sort of simply somethingthat you have to remember, but essentially their project is to connect clauses and sentences, but likewise make thingsinto dependency clauses. - One otherthing, us were showing you two sentences where thedependent clause is coming before the independent clause,but that's no necessarily always gonna be the case. Choose for example, us could've said, the sound of hyenas inthe distance frightened us also though our tent was zipped up. - Right, the wouldstill be a complex sentence, it would certainly be an independentclause and also a dependency clause, however just in a various order, lock don't have to be in thisorder that we've done twice. Okay, for this reason Rosie, what ifI perform something favor this? Like, as soon as we to buy his birthday cake, we have to make sure it's lemon,because it's his favorite. Ns think since it's his favorite is a dependency clause, right? - That's right. And also this sentence still fully works together a complicated sentence,because girlfriend still just have this one elevation clause, we have to make sure it's lemon, however the thing around a complicated sentence is is you have the right to add more than onedependent i if girlfriend want and also it's still considereda facility sentence. - Okay, therefore it needs to have simply one elevation clause. - Right. - yet I guess, as countless dependent clauses together you want? - Yeah, you have the right to go crazy. - Okay, cool. So ns think that's complex sentences. It's an independent clause thatcan it is in a sentence by itself and also one or an ext dependent rule which can't be sentence by themself all put together in one big sentence. Does that sound right, Rosie? - Sounds great to me, Paige. - Cool.

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You deserve to learn anything, Paige out. - Rosie out.