from WhatsApp to Microsoft, offshoring has helped numerous businesses conserve costs and get access to expert talent from around the world.

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And while you can use offshoring to increase organization productivity and also growth, you require to recognize it plainly before girlfriend offshore your processes.

In this article, we’ll talk about ten successful offshoring examples and the distinctive benefits the the service practice. We’ll additionally share 3 no-nonsense tips to assist you and your team adapt to offshoring easily.

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Let’s go.

10 effective Offshoring Examples

Offshoring involves relocating a firm’s business processes come a remote location, usually a arising country. (More about offshoring later in the article.)

Popular suppliers from various industries have used offshoring to scale up and also increase profitability. Stop look in ~ a few of these giants and also their offshoring journeys:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger, popularly recognized as WhatsApp, is one American free messaging and VoIP (Voice-over-IP) company application — currently owned through Facebook.

In its early days, the founders of WhatsApp had offshored its services to developers in Russia to develop the application at a low cost. As the company grew, some of its Russian developers relocated to the USA.

Later, Facebook got the company for $16 billion as it thrived successful.

2. Google

Google is an American multinational tech company that provides internet services choose a find engine, cloud computing, etc.

In 2020, Google got CloudSimple, a Ukrainian company that provides a secure, high-performance, and also a committed environment to build a VMware migration (moving a virtual an equipment from one server come another) solution.

Google has likewise outsourced tasks related come software development to far employees across the world. According to a Bloomberg report, the total number of Google builders outnumbered your in-house employee in 2018.

Google claims outsourcing and offshoring aid them manage workload and also employ far better candidates.

3. Amazon

Amazon.com, Inc. Is a multinational American tech firm that focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, and also AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Amazon outsourced its call center services come South Africa, a nation with numerous talented customer company outsourcing companies. It later set up a customer service outsourcing basic in Cebu, the Philippines, in 2018.

Other than customer support, Amazon has likewise offshored R&D to a Ukrainian start-up specializing in developing home protection systems. By offshoring that R&D, Amazon can accessibility exceptional talents at a reasonable labor cost.

4. Way (formerly Transferwise)

Wise is a London-based financial technology company that helps the customers move money digital from various parts that the country.

The organization has actually offshored its advancement to talented professionals across the world.

Additionally, its remote advance team is primarily situated in Estonia and Ukraine.

Some developer who have actually been with the agency since the at an early stage days have even joined the main point team.

5. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a US-based e-commerce communication where business owners can set up their online stores and also sell your products.

At a phase of your development, BigCommerce couldn’t expand as result of the unavailability of that professionals. So they outsourced their IT jobs to an offshore company based in eastern Europe (Ukraine).

The firm also offshore outsources tasks like data entry, accounting, R&D, etc., come talented candidates or carriers in various countries.

6. Ford motor Company

Ford Motor firm is an American automobile production company.

Due to the high need for that vehicles and increasing production expenses in its domestic market, Ford offshored its production to China. The firm also has offshore manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Additionally, it has actually outsourced the back-office, software development, the services, and customer support to India and various other countries. It even has several production units in Thailand, Brazil, France, China, etc., whereby operations space cost-effective.

7. Samsung

Samsung electronic devices Co., Ltd. Is a South Korean multinational company that provides electronic and smart appliances.

It has actually offshored its production to countries like the USA, a large consumer of its products. It invest $500 million in the Austin semiconductor plant in Texas in 2005.

The organization also has a brand-new plant in India solely come manufacture smartphones. Additionally, it has actually offshored that is customer support for Australian Samsung mobile individuals to the Philippines.

8. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

TCS is an Indian multinational firm that uses information an innovation and consulting services.

The that company offshored operations produced 276 thousand brand-new jobs in 55 nations in 2013.

Moreover, TCS additionally recruits students directly from colleges in the USA, Canada, China, Uruguay, and Hungary. The IT agency has additionally made its visibility in China known by operation six global delivery centers in the country.

9. GE (General Electronics)

GE is an American multinational company that build digital solutions for aviation, healthcare, power, and also many other sectors.

The agency has offshored its solutions to India and also invested $120 million to construct a study and advancement center in Bangalore for new technologies and also solutions.

GE additionally has a technology center in Bangalore, i beg your pardon employs end 2000 engineers and scientists.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational company that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports computer software and also electronics. The known throughout the human being for offshoring and also outsourcing that is operations.

The company had signed a three-year commitment with Infosys (an Indian multinational it company), outsourcing work like technological assistance, administration of databases, and also software applications.

In 2007, it signed a seven-year BPO (Business process Outsourcing) agreement with Accenture (an Irish multinational consulting company), offshore outsourcing its finance and audit tasks for $185 million.

Microsoft had obtained a benefit of $108 million by offshore outsourcing its services in 2015.

What is Offshoring?

Offshoring is the relocation of business tasks (like production, client support, etc.) come a different country where the labor and other resources are cheap.

It’s a expense reduction an approach where friend usually move operations to nations where living prices are less. This provides companies a competitive advantage over their company competitors.

Another offshoring model is as soon as the organization owner rental a third-party offshore company provider to lug out a details job. This service model is called offshore outsourcing.

Offshoring have the right to be split into two species depending top top the services that room offshored:

1. Production Offshoring

The offshoring of the manufacturing procedure of a company to an additional country is dubbed production offshoring. In this offshoring, the finished assets are imported earlier to the home nation for selling.

For example, a firm manufacturing iron-rich machinery might offshore its manufacturing to a nation where steel is abundant and also labour cost is cheap.

2. Solutions Offshoring

The offshoring that services prefer customer support, accounting, finance, IT, marketing, etc., come a foreign country in a various time ar is dubbed services offshoring. Solutions are generally offshored to conserve money or as soon as the talent pool in the home nation is weak.

For example, an e-commerce platform might offshore its customer support services to a nation where agents room fluent in English, have solid communication skills, and are less expensive.

Key services of Offshoring

Offshoring tasks have actually been farming in demand as suppliers look for ways to expand.

Let’s look at a few offshoring services that tempt companies:

Concentrate ~ above core business: With work like accountancy and finances out of her way, you deserve to invest her time in a main point business role like strategy and also expansion.Cost saving: company owners generally offshore solutions to a nation with reduced labor wages and also cheaper real estate. You can additionally save on tax, electricity, and also other office supplies, as result of the lower price of living.Skilled human resources: your offshoring country may have much more talented professionals than your residence country.

Read much more about offshoring’s benefits.

Major restrictions of Offshoring

Before offshoring, you have to be aware of its obstacles as it’ll help you pick a perfect country come offshore.

Some that its defect are:

Language and social barrier: The social differences in between you and also your offshore team deserve to be daunting to overcome. Additionally, her offshoring worker may have a different native language, which have the right to disrupt communication.Time zone differences: the time difference between your in-house team and offshoring agency employees might make it hard for them to work together top top projects.Distance: The distance between your home and also offshore location have the right to discourage girlfriend from visiting the external team. Travel can also cost a lot of if your offshore nation is far.

Explore the disadvantages that offshoring in depth.

When need to You Offshore?

It’s vital that friend offshore services just after proper planning.

Watch out for these indicators that show that that time to offshore your business operations:

1. Skill Shortage

According come a inspection by SHRM (Society for Human resource Management), 75% that HR specialists say they face difficulty in recruiting because of the unavailability that talent. This way that you might not find suitable domestic workers.

In such a situation, you may have actually to consider offshoring or outsourcing to a foreign market whereby candidates have dedicated skills perfect for your occupational in such a situation.

You have the right to offshore come CPA (Certified publicly Accountant) that company or comparable core providers where employees might be an ext talented.

2. High operation Cost

According come the USPIRG (United states Public Interest study Group), happiness 500 companies have actually saved $2.6 trillion by offshoring to nations that space tax-havens.

These countries offer tax impetus programs the lead to little to no tax liability to foreign companies.

Additionally, offshoring destinations have lenient offshoring rules and regulations. Girlfriend can additionally benefit from the lower cost of resources choose office infrastructure, equipment, electricity, etc., — due to the low price of living.

This way, you can run your offshore procedure at a minimum cost.

3. Requirement for much better Services

Offshoring can ensure your business operates 24/7.

For example, let’s say friend offshored a component of your united state customer support to the Philippines (in a different time zone). Her in-house customer care team can engage customers during the day while her offshore agents have the right to answer their queries at night.

This way, friend can carry out 24/7 customer company — at a reduced cost.

4. Reduce Workload

You deserve to offshore your organization when your team’s workload increases.

By offshoring services throughout heavy workload, friend can:

minimize stress on employees and improve your engagement levels.Reduce room for human error together employees focus on fewer points at a time.Get more work done at a low price due to inexpensive labor.

This way, you can aid your agency become more efficient.

3 points To carry out for a Smoother Offshoring Transition

Offshoring deserve to be an overwhelming to regulate for you, your in-house team, and your offshore team.

However, there are a few ways to make the shift easy:

1. Begin With a small Team

Managing her offshore team have the right to become complicated if lock a large team — particularly when you have no prior suffer offshoring.

So it’s much better that you start offshoring with a small team that is less complicated to guide. You have the right to later broaden your offshore team according to your business demands.

2. Train Offshore Workers

Your offshore team might be unfamiliar v your brand, customers, and operation layout — which deserve to reduce their efficiency and influence the end result.

To stop this, you deserve to train her offshore team prior to they work. Familiarize them v their duties, talk about goals, and also create a plan. This way, girlfriend can assist them adapt to her company.

3. Usage the right Software

Suitable software application can aid you overcome offshoring obstacles by streamlining communication, regulating projects, save data top top the cloud, handling payroll automatically, etc.

Some that the tools that you can use are:

Storage: Google Drive, Dropbox.Payroll Processing: Xero, Zoro Payroll.

Time Doctor is another such software program that simplifies offshore team management.

It’s a powerful employee productivity and performance tracking software supplied by large corporations, choose Ericsson, and also by small businesses, like grow Market, to rise productivity.

With Time Doctor, girlfriend can:

Wrapping Up

For any company, offshoring is a major step the needs careful consideration and planning.

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You must think ahead around when and where to offshore business operations and also how to lug out the procedure economically.And for this, you have the right to learn from providers that have actually used the offshoring version to prosper their businesses. Girlfriend can additionally refer to the other tips in this short article for successful offshoring.