I believe it is B: Repeating Key Words for Emphasis. Gestures and Eye Contact are physical.

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However, it could be D, because it is also technically verbal.


Correct beer-selection.com is: D

Varying the rate at which you speak


Anything verbal refers to your voice, talking or sound. The only option that has anything to do with sound/talking is varying the pitch of your voice. The other options are nonverbal strategies because they do not involve the sound your voice makes. Maintaining eye contact, using gestures and facial expressions are all nonverbal strategies. Using notes subtly is also a nonverbal strategy to help the speaker make eye contact rather than read the speech of a piece of paper or prompter.

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Write a 16-line poem or a one-page essay describing what constitutes your American identity
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beer-selection.com: The term "constitution of identity" reflects how we see ourselves as a human being, through our perception of culture, family, relationships and experiences. We must always look for this constitution because it allows us to get to know ourselves better and understand what makes us unique and special.

Based on that, I took the liberty of reflecting on this concept, thinking about what constitutes my identity as an American, and I came to the conclusion that this identity is not linked specifically to the country where I was born, but to the culture that was built in those regions and in the United States. values that have been stimulated by my family for generations.

As we know the entire American continent was colonized and exploited, the Americans had to fight for their freedom and autonomy, as well as fight to establish a culture that reflected their own values and not European values, which did not fit our reality. This struggle in search of the goal, freedom and quality of life has always been very present in my family, from the parents of my grandparents until today, passing from generation to generation. I believe that this family "heritage" brings me closer to the American values that constitute my personality.

This taught me to be persevering, strong, to have confidence and above all to respect the struggle of other people, who have goals like mine, or even different, but who are all focused on always doing the best, like all American countries who do and have done the best for their people.

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In short, I came to the conclusion that our formation as Americans is more linked to the concepts that the existence of that continent created, than to geographic location. Our identity, like our continent, teaches us to be strong, sufficient, free and fair, with all those who need it.