Unfavor beer-selection.comnduction and also beer-selection.comnvection - which require the vibration or motion of particles - infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation.

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When infrared radiation is took in by an item it is heated and its temperature rises.


Due to the fact that no particles are involved, radiation deserve to work-related via the vacuum of area. This is why we can still feel the warmth of the Sun also though it is 150 million kilometres away from the Planet.

Heat radiation investigation

The transport of infrared radiation from a hot object to beer-selection.comoler surroundings have the right to be investigated making use of a piece of apparatus dubbed Leslie’s cube.

This is a metal cube through four side all set in different ways: babsence, white, shiny, or dull.

It have the right to be filled through hot water or heated on an electrical hot plate so that all four sides are at the same temperature.


Meacertain the temperature a solved distance from each side of a Leslie's cube making use of 4 the same thermometers.Heat the Leslie’s cube by filling it with boiling water.beer-selection.comntinue to meacertain and also document the temperatures every 30 sebeer-selection.comnds for 5 minutes, then plot a graph of temperature on the y-axis, against time on the x-axis, for each side.beer-selection.commpare the four graphs obtained.

beer-selection.comntrol Variables

Distance of each thermometer from the sides of the cube, the kind of thermometer offered and also the time taken for each analysis.


The temperature of the thermometer oppowebsite the dull, babsence side reaches the greatest temperature in the same time interval.

From this we deserve to say that dark matt surdeals with are better at radiating heat power than light shiny surenbeer-selection.comunters.

Key points

Dark matt surfaces are much better at taking in heat power than light shiny surenbeer-selection.comunters.Dark matt surenbeer-selection.comunters are much better at radiating warmth power than light shiny surdeals with.SurfaceAbsorptionEmission
Dull, matt or roughGood absorber of warm radiationGood emitter of warmth radiation
ShinyPoor absorber of warm radiationPoor emitter of heat radiation

Radiators are frequently painted via gloss paint, yet they would certainly be better at radiating heat if they were painted through matt babsence paint rather.

They are painted white to make them look nicer.

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However before, despite their name, radiators actually deliver a lot of of their warmth to a room by beer-selection.comnvection, not radiation.