Does the believed of spending an hour comment multiple-choice concerns on complicated prose and also poetry i strike fear into your heart? The an obstacle of the AP literature multiple-choice is sufficient to give also the many adept leader hives, yet don"t stress! This fully-updated guide will offer as your finish roadmap come success on the AP English Literature and also Composition multiple-choice section.

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First, we"ll go over what the multiple-choice section looks like—the nuts and bolts. Then, I"ll disclose the eight species of multiple-choice inquiries you deserve to expect to encounter, and how to success on them. Following will come research tips, multiple-choice practice resources, and finally points to remember because that test-day success!


2021 AP Test changes Due come COVID-19

Due come the continuous COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, AP exam will currently be organized over three different sessions between May and June. your test dates, and whether or not your tests will certainly be online or on paper, will count on your school. Come learn an ext about how every one of this is going to work and also get the latest information on test dates, AP virtual review, and what this changes method for you, be sure to examine out our 2021 AP COVID-19 FAQ article.

AP literary works Multiple-Choice ar Overview

AP English Literature and also Composition section one is the multiple-choice section. You"ll have 60 minutes to price 55 questions about four to five literary prose and poetry passages.

The day of ingredient of AP Lit i could selection from the 16th to the 21st century, however, you generally won"t be detailed with the author, date, or title for any type of passages (poetry being an occasional exception with respect come title). Many passages come native works originally written in English, return there might occasionally it is in a analyzed passage native a significant literary job-related in a international language.

The multiple-choice ar is worth 45% of your complete exam score. You obtain a allude for each properly answered question. Due to the fact that there"s no penalty for guessing ~ above this exam, you have to answer every multiple-choice question, also if you need to guess. However, you have to only guess after friend eliminate any type of answers you know are wrong. That"s the basic overview. Yet what type of questions deserve to you suppose to see?

The 8 species of Multiple-Choice AP Lit Questions

There space eight question species you might encounter on the AP Lit exam. In this section, I"ll go over each question kind and how to price it. All inquiries are taken from the sample questions in the "AP Course and Exam Description." Passages for these concerns are obtainable there as well.

#1: analysis Comprehension

Reading comprehension questions check whether you construed what the passage was saying top top a literal, concrete level. Friend don"t must flex your interpretation or analysis muscles here—just report what the i is saying.

You have the right to spot this questions due to the fact that they generally use words and also phrases prefer "according to," "asserting," and "mentioned." The finest strategy because that these concerns is come go ago and re-read the section of the text linked with the concern to make absolutely certain that girlfriend are analysis it correctly. You may need to review a tiny before and/or after the moment pointed out to orient yourself and also find the many correct answer.




The present the i is referring to say, "Spare united state all word of the weapons, their force and selection / The long numbers that rocket the mental / our slow, unreckoning hearts will certainly be left behind, / can not to are afraid what is too strange."

This concern is asking why world won"t listen to the prophet as soon as he talks around the dangers of weapons. I beg your pardon of the answers makes the many sense?

Choice (A), "human beings space interested in weapons," can be a tempting choice simply because that"s a usual theme and also message of many works. However nowhere in the i does it speak that people are interested in weapons! eliminate it.

Choices (B) and (C) can likewise both be eliminated due to the fact that this component of the passage claims nothing about nature or love, even indirectly.

Choice (D) may additionally be tempting simply because it"s one more common design template in literature—that human being don"t listen to repetitive warnings. But again, there"s not really anything in the i to assistance that.

This leaves (E), "people cannot understand abstract decisions of power." This lines up nicely through the passage, which states that the "hearts" the the world are "unable to are afraid what is also strange." (E) is the correct answer.


The people in this poem have hearts of stone.

#2: Inference

These inquiries take friend one action beyond an easy reading comprehension and ask girlfriend to do an inference based upon the proof in the passage—you might be asked around a personality or narrator"s implied opinion, the author"s attitude, etc. This will be something the isn"t stated directly in the passage, yet that you deserve to assume based on what is actually claimed in the passage. These questions usually use words favor "infer" and "imply."

There space two secrets to answering these questions: first, as always, go earlier and review the component of the passage the inquiry is involved with. Second, don"t be tripped increase by the fact that you are making one inference—the ideal answer will be many supported by what is actually created in the passage. Inference questions are choose second-level reading comprehension questions—you need to know not simply what a passage says, however what that means.




The an initial sentence of the i reads, "Certainly the spiritual and moral principles of the Dodson and Tullivers to be of too details a type to be came down on deductively from the statement the they were part of the Protest population of an excellent Britain."

Which an option is the many reasonable inference around the Dodson and Tulliver religious ideas based upon the an initial sentence?

Choice (A) claims "the narrator is unable to define them with complete accuracy." This might be true, but there"s nothing in the first sentence to assistance this inference—the narrator states that their concepts are "too specific," not they the narrator can"t describe them accurately. Eliminate selection (A).

Choice (B), "they have actually no actual logical foundation" may additionally be true, however can"t be inferred native the sentence, which provides no clues of whether their beliefs are logical or not.

Choice (C) may be tempting—the idea that they can not be evaluate by anyone that doesn"t re-publishing them might seem to dovetail nicely v the reality that they are "too specific" for the tendency Protestant population. However is this the best an option that"s most supported through the passage? Let"s keep it in mind but consider the remaining answers.

Choice (D) posits the the beliefs of the Dodsons and Tullivers "spring native a basic lack the tolerance." This is a leap that is not supported by what the very first sentence in reality says; get rid of it.

Choice (E) says that their beliefs "are not typical of brother Protestants in general." The sentence claims that their ideas are "too specific" because that one to understand them simply because the Dodsons and Tullivers determine as brother Protestants, which implies that their ideas in truth do no "match up" with mainstream British protestant beliefs.

Choice (E) is the inference many supported by the passage, then—even an ext supported than choice (C). So, (E) is the answer. Remember, many answers may seem prefer they could be correct, but only the best answer is the exactly one.


Do girlfriend think accordingly ornate churches are additionally important come the Dodsons and also Tullivers?

#3: Interpreting Figurative Language

These inquiries ask girlfriend to translate what figurative language method in the paper definition of the passage. They"re are identifiable because they will either outright cite figurative language or a figurative device, or there will be a figurative language phrase in the inquiry itself.

Once again, the most necessary thing you have the right to do to be effective on these questions is come go earlier and re-read! for figurative language, the definition is an extremely much dependency on the phrase"s context in the passage. take into consideration what is said roughly the figurative phrase and what the expression is referring to.




This questions asks friend to interpret what the figurative phrase "that live tongue" means. Come orient girlfriend in the poem, these stanzas are advising the prophet come "speak that the world"s own change" (13).

The poem states, "What must we be there is no / The dolphin"s arc, the dove"s return, / these things in i m sorry we have actually seen ourselves and also spoken? ask us, prophet, how we shall contact / our nature forth once that live tongue is all / Dispelled, the glass hidden or broken."

In the paper definition of the poem, right the narrator asks what we are without "that live tongue," the city speaks of how we "see ourselves" in "the dolphin"s arc" and also "the dove"s return." this are photos of nature. The best interpretation that "that live tongue," then, is price (A), together a metaphor for nature. In essence, the stanza means, "Ask us, prophet, exactly how we shall know ourselves once nature is destroyed."


The dolphin"s arc.

#4: literature Technique

These inquiries ask why the writer uses particular words, phrases, or structures. Essentially, what purpose perform such choices serve in a literary sense? What effect is created? These inquiries often include words prefer "serves chiefly to," "effect," "evoke," and also "in stimulate to."

Of food to technique these questions, re-read the part of the passage referred to. But likewise ask yourself, why did the writer use these details words or this particular structure? What is being completed by this specific literary "move"?




This stanza include the repetition of "ask us" reads: "Ask us, ask us whether with the worldless increased / our hearts chandelier fail us; come demanding / Whether there shall it is in lofty or long-standing / as soon as the copper annals the the oak-tree close."

So what is the impact of repeating "ask us, asking us"? selection (A) says it says the prophet is bring about much that the world"s misery. There"s nothing in the stanza—or also the entire poem—to indicate this, so us can get rid of it.

Choice (B) claims it represents a sarcastic challenge. This stanza doesn"t check out as sarcastic, though, but really serious—eliminate (B).

Choice (C) says it suggests the speak is certain of the price the prophet will give. This doesn"t really do sense due to the fact that the speak isn"t actually asking the prophet questions, yet telling the prophet what questions to ask. Eliminate (C).

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Choice (D) states it renders the line into perfect iambic pentameter. Girlfriend can remove this one without also worrying about what syllables room emphasized because a perfect line of iambic pentameter has actually 10 syllables and also this line has actually 11. This leaves (E)—the effect is to carry out a "tone of imploring earnestness." offered that the speaker appears to it is in begging the prophet come ask particular questions, this fits. (E) is the exactly answer.