What is a fragment?

A fragment is one incomplete sentence.

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To it is in complete, a sentence demands three things:

A subjectA predicateA complete thought

If a phrase is missing one of those things, it's a fragment. Come learn much more about the components of a sentence, review our class on Sentences.

A sentence needs a subject

The topic of a sentence is who or what the sentence is mainly about. A team of words there is no a subject is a fragment. Because that example, take a look in ~ this phrase:


We understand someone or something went to the movies. But we don't recognize who or what went. Therefore this expression is a fragment.

Orders and commands (like Go clean her room! or Stand increase straight!) can look prefer fragments, due to the fact that they don't have subjects you have the right to see. However the topic of this sentences is actually words you. You have the right to learn why in ours lesson ~ above Sentences.

A sentence needs a predicate

The property of a sentence shows what's going on. If a expression doesn't have a predicate, it's a fragment. Let's take a look in ~ an example:


We recognize that Fred is the human this sentence is about, yet we have actually no idea what he's doing. Therefore this isn't a complete sentence.

our examples can make that seem choose all fragments are short, however that's not true. Here's an example of a long fragment: The girl with large hair that lives approximately the corner and also is allergy to shellfish, peanuts, and practically any type of ravioli. Can friend tell why that isn't a sentence?

A sentence needs to finish an idea

Let's look at this example: While the was using the stapler. Is this a sentence? It has a subject and a predicate, yet it's still not a finish thought. Us don't know what happened while that was utilizing the stapler.


You can recognize this type of fragment by paying attention to the very first word in the phrase. Sometimes this word provides you think there will be an ext to the sentence, prefer the indigenous while in our example. The tells you that you're looking at a fragment.

Here's an additional example of a fragment where there's some info missing: Because i was to run late come work and also didn't have actually time to drink mine usual three cups of coffee. We understand something happened due to the fact that this human was running late and didn't drink his or she coffee. But we don't understand what happened.

Is it OK to usage fragments?

We frequently use pieces when we speak, particularly when us answer questions:


It's fine come use pieces when you talk since everyone knows what friend mean. But what about when friend write? fragments are yes sir in some varieties of writing. Fiction writers and poets sometimes use lock to make their creating sound an ext like people talking. Also nonfiction authors use pieces to make particular ideas stand the end in their writing.

For example, here's a passage from an write-up on NPR's website. Click the yellow dots to discover out why the highlighted components are fragments.

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This is a fragment due to the fact that it starts with and, however doesn't tell united state what rather is going on. And what? we know because the last paragraph claims someone is checking the science on Breaking Bad. But the sentence by itself doesn't tell friend that.

This is a fragment due to the fact that it starts with the word but, yet doesn't offer us additional information. The previous paragraph tells you the the but is introduce to Walter White being a drug dealer. If you witnessed the sentence by itself, you wouldn't understand that.

Fragments space correct in part situations. Even professional writers use them. However fragments space usually taken into consideration incorrect in college papers, tests, and formal occupational e-mails or letters. In these situations, make certain to use complete sentences.

Nonfiction authors use pieces a lot, and that includes world who compose for this website. This lesson has nine fragments, no counting the examples. See how countless you deserve to find!