While the Egyptian Pharaohs would be buried wearing the ideal gold jewelry the existed at the time, with the extremely wealthy Egyptians also wearing the finest of gold jewelry, things have actually changed, and the finest of gold jewelry is no longer confined come the super-rich and wealthy. Anyone with the method can find and also buy the ideal of yellow jewelry. Now, if girlfriend are trying to find the finest of yellow jewelry, one of two people for personal or business purposes, you’d want to make sure that you are buying the gold jewelry indigenous a dependable seller and likewise from a nation that is famed for having the finest of gold jewelry.

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In this article, fine be sharing v you a perform of every the countries you should consider buying your gold jewelry from. These countries not just offer the ideal of gold jewelry but additionally boast the highest consumption of gold jewelry.

Keep in mind that once we talk about the best of yellow jewelry, we space referring come the ideal quality yellow jewelry. Essentially, fine jewelry or high/ high-end jewelry deserve to be identified as jewelry that is do from precious steels such together gold, sterling silver, or platinum. This sort of jewelry might additionally have precious stones as part of their design, and also they space all characterized by superior-quality metalwork, high-quality settings with gemstones and other precious metals, and an obvious artistic design of the jewelry. The use of high-quality precious metals is, however, the typical condition offered to identify and also characterize jewelry as fine jewelry or otherwise.


Gold is just one of these precious metals, and it’s recognized for the finest quality jewelry. As pointed out above, some nations offer the ideal of yellow jewelry, however not others. Below, us take a look in ~ the nations of the human being that sell the finest of gold jewelry.

So, let’s jump right into things!

Which nation has the ideal gold jewelry?


As the various other top-rated nation when it concerns the intake or acquisition of yellow jewelry, the other being China, as per a inspection that was carried out by Reuters because that the 4th Quarter that 2019, India is a leading global gold jewel consumer.

India is, therefore, related to as the worldwide leader once it pertains to its consumption of gold jewelry. This method that if you have actually been in search of the best place because that you to buy your gold jewel from, India could be a good place because that you to start your purchase journey. You will be great by the selection offered by the country, the great prices, and also the wide range of stylish yellow jewelry to enhance your distinct style and also personality preferences. The various other thing you must keep in mental is the fact that you deserve to easily discover genuine 22k and also 24k gold jewelry in India than in any type of other nation in the world.

To to buy the best gold jewel in India, follow this tips:


Quick Tips

Check the yellow jewelry’s purity by searching for the hallmark sign on the yellow jewelry. The hallmark speak you an ext about the ratio of gold provided in the jewelry together certified through the bureau of Indian standards or BIS. In various other words, make certain that the jewelry is BIS-Certified.You must understand the basics of yellow jewelry. In enhancement to the BIS certification, you should look for and understand what different karatage number mean. The K is representative of the karatage or the percentage purity that pure gold in the gold jewelry.Always cross-check prices. This is just as essential as hallmarking due to the fact that the purity of the yellow jewelry plays directly in the price that the yellow jewelry.Be prepared to negotiate the making charges since most of the jewelers will certainly pass this expense to buyers, and bargaining permits you the best deal possible.

Avoid typical gold-buying mistakes.

Don’t purchase gold-studded jewelry; buy plain gold jewelry insteadCheap is expensive and also oftentimes not the best there is ~ above the marketAvoid the temptation of purchase the yellow jewelry for resale to various other jewelersDo not ever buy your gold jewelry there is no the bill. Always ask for that bill come avoid problems with the tax authorities.



Second to India is China, a nation that comes in second when it involves their global consumption of (sales) of yellow jewelry. Despite a reported fall in sales and also demand because that gold jewel in China in 2019, China continues to be a big consumer of gold jewelry, even if it is the jewel is make of heavy gold, gold-filled, or gold-plated.

Quick Tip: If you choose to buy her gold jewel from China, you could want to first confer through the sellers around the kind of gold jewelry you room buying. The not sufficient to recognize that the yellow jewelry is 14k or 18k gold; it can be gold plated or gold-filled, for all you know. That said, take keep in mind of the pricing; cheaper gold jewelry is gold-plated, and often the jewel that falls in the fashion jewel category.

United States

You could also buy your best gold jewel from the US. This is thanks to the big number of gold jewelry manufacturers in the united state and additionally the climb in boutique gold jewelry setups that allow you access to the best of fine gold jewelry.

Quick Tip: Research, and know your choices and gold jewelry prior to spending her money.



Known as among the leading nations that renders the ideal of yellow jewelry, Germany could be a good country to get your fine jewel from. Germany is home to many of the leading deluxe jewelry brand of the world, and also with your adherence to the highest jewelry manufacturing standards, you deserve to find good gold jewelry from China.

Quick Tip: simply be careful to just buy the jewelry from dependable sellers/ jewel stores.


If you are searching for elegant yellow jewelry and also you have to buy native one country, and you don’t desire to overthink your options, Italy would certainly be the nation that you obtain the gold jewelry from. Italy is well-known for their manufacturing of yellow jewelry making use of the ideal quality gold, often 14k and also 18k Italian gold, and also as lengthy as you are buying the yellow from a reputable jeweler and also have shown that the gold jewelry has actually a real hallmark stamp, then you can comfortably buy your gold jewelry from Italy.

Quick Tip: save in mind the there are many jewelers that market gold-filled jewelry throughout Italy, and also this way that you should consider confirming the certain features of the gold jewelry before buying.



Last ~ above our perform is Dubai. This UAE state provides some the the best versions that high-quality yellow jewelry. Understanding the gold jewelry stampings, the definition of various kinds of terms offered to describe the gold, karatage, or purity levels, and the tax matters approximately the yellow jewelry will certainly ensure the you to buy the appropriate gold jewel for her money.

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Quick Tip:There also are multiple industries for you come buy the yellow jewelry from, and it is recipient to shop approximately before you settle on one seller. Nothing forget to bargain for a better deal, and you should receive certification for that gold item of jewelry.

Other nations to buy the gold jewelry indigenous include:

Geneva, SwitzerlandParis, FranceMarteen, CaribbeanMarrakech, MoroccoLas Vegas, Nevada


If girlfriend are trying to find the best gold jewelry throughout the world, climate the countries above are the finest places for you to walk shop because that jewelry. Read more useful tips right here or here!