Colombia is a common South American nation when it concerns sports. Their nationwide sport is referred to as Tejo i beg your pardon is basically a team sports that consists of launching projectiles to a target however they have actually a the majority of love because that football.

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In the 2001 Copa América tournament, Colombia collection a record of not simply being undefeated however not conceding any type of goal and also winning each and also every match. Roller skates are also quite huge in Colombia and also their nationwide team is the team to beat in the human being Roller rate Skating Championships. Baseball is another game wherein Colombians are well-known for through names prefer Edgar Renteria and Orlando Renteria. Your amateur team to be the people champions in 1947 and also 1965.

Colombians are likewise quite good at boxing, shooting sports, taekwondo, wrestling, cycyling, bowling, judo, athletics, weightlifting and motorsports. One of their greatest name in motorsport is Juan Pablo Montoya that won 7 Formula One races.

social tennis matches in Colombia

As far as the Olympics room concerned, they have actually been sending athletes due to the fact that 1932, missing only the 1952 Summer Games. They also have join the Winter Olympic gamings in 2010 i m sorry is quite unique considering the Colombia is a tropical country. They have actually won a total of 19 medals from eight sports. Their first gold to be by Maria Isabel Urrutia in weightlifting (75 kg) at Sydney, Australia. In the 2012 London Games, they had actually their best performance ever with a full of 8 Olympic medals (1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze).

Below room details of sports, sporting events and also sports human being related come Colombia.

Popular sporting activities of Colombia

Traditional or local sports

Colombia"s Sporting Success

In the 2001 Copa América tournament, Colombia set a record of not just being undefeated however not conceding any type of goal and winning each and also every match.

Athletes native Colombia

Juan Pablo Montoya (Formula 1)Radamel Falcao (football)James Rodríguez (football)Catherine Ibargüen (track & ar - jumps)Nairo Quintana (cycling)Rigoberto Uran (cycling)Mariana Pajón (BMX)

Colombia sporting activities trivia

Colombia"s an initial Olympic gold medal to be won by Maria Isabel Urrutia in weightlifting (75 kg) at Sydney, Australia in 2000.

Colombia at major events

Past sporting occasions hosted in Colombia

2018 central American and Caribbean Games, Barranquilla

Upcoming sporting occasions in Colombia

2021 co-host the the Copa América with Argentina

Annual sporting occasions held in Colombia

Sporting facilities in Colombia

Estadio Metropolitano Roberto MeléndezEstadio Deportivo Cali Édgar Rentería Stadium, Barranquilla

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