at daybreak, Billy is enjoyment to discover that the mountain lion has offered up and also gone away. The prepares his breakfast and also eats. Then he feeds his pups and also resumes his go homeward. The realizes that he has yet to surname the puppies and begins to take into consideration a catalogue of...

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at daybreak, Billy is pleasure to discover that the hill lion has offered up and gone away. That prepares his breakfast and also eats. Climate he feeds his pups and also resumes his to walk homeward. That realizes the he has actually yet to surname the puppies and also begins to think about a catalogue of feasible names for his dogs. His thoughts room so preoccupied through his task that he does not realize he is nearly at home. That sees a tree wherein someone has etched 2 names within a heart. He names his pups Dan and also Ann, the two names sculpted in the center of the heart.

Satisfied that he has actually chosen well, Billy surveys his surroundings and is astonished to discover that the is at the fishermen’s campsite where he discovered the advertisement for the puppies. While he is relieved to be so close come home, the is beset v anxiety since he knows that he must confront his parents and also their disapproval. Therefore, he continues to be at the campsite and plays v his puppies. He does no go residence until ~ nightfall.

as soon as Billy beginning his house, his family members is pleasure to watch him. His mom cries through relief. His father defines that the is happy to see he has acquired his puppies yet that his decision come leave house without permission was very unwise. He further defines that his mother has been concerned for his safety and also well-being. Billy listens respectfully to his father’s brief lecture and then he offers his family the presents he purchased for them in Tahlequah. His family members is overjoyed v the gifts.

Billy regales his family with stories around the town. He tells them around the stares he received from the citizens and around the goods and products in the town’s stores. His younger sisters room enchanted as soon as he tells them around the sparkling odor of strawberry soda. Overall, he explains, the city was inhospitable and unappealing. His father advises him not to make hasty generalizations about life in town due to the fact that he really hopes that his kids will one day attend public college there. Again, Billy listens respectfully. His father reminds his children that it is time because that bed, so Billy puts his puppies outside to sleep.

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The next day, Billy renders a doghouse because that his puppies, and his father offers him leather straps to use as collars. Billy closely etches their names right into the straps and gingerly put them around the puppies’ necks. The night, Billy humbly confesses come his mommy that the prayed for the puppies. He additionally tells her the he coincidentally discovered names for the dog in the very same campsite whereby he uncovered the magazine declaring them. His mommy asks him if that believes the puppies to be heaven-sent, and also Billy tells her the he does.